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Something Happened II

November 15th, 2020 Comments off

The remains, but don’t worry there’s salvation minutes away… (8 to 12 mins according to the sign).

Please see: Something Happened

Left Behind X

November 14th, 2020 Comments off

All of them solitary and all with in the hour; one brand new, one beyond well-used, and one as brand new as tiny and obviously dropped. In the series…

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way?

Please see: Left Behind Series.

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Time [less]

November 11th, 2020 Comments off

Why does it matter?

It used too be/it is still is futuristic music?

Tracks that you will never know… from 1995 til’ 2020, but this is the culture. It is elite for everybody.

This is what you love and hate! The know and not know?

This is why we are different from the rest?

A tune is a tune! We live and die by that credo. We never fail or fall in daub. Ever!

And that is… Drum’n’bass. Fanaticism. That what it is basically. I do believe I’ve earned the right, musically.

Our radio station is: RINSE.FM 106.8FM on the dial.

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Left Behind IX

November 11th, 2020 Comments off

A single boot. At a crossing. In the series…

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way?

Please see: Left Behind Series.

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Tis’ Be Dat Bass Culture

November 7th, 2020 Comments off

It is simple in principle, yet so hard to explain.

– You can’t know that for sure?

– I’m pretty confident. It is a two hour set by Fabio & Grooverider on That would be 60 x 2 mins? 120 min right? So, why are six to nine minutes special?

– What separates them from the rest of the minutes? That would be culture or it’s a tune! Short mixing, just to make it more impossible.

– What is that track!? You mean like Super special nigga or It’s on the computa? Right. Supreme beats and breaks on this one. Production? My headphones are not up to the task.

It needs bigger sound/equipment/set-up, but I can hear it nevertheless… in my mind, I can hear it as brightly as the rising sun on a summer’s day, the bass.

– Oh, my Lord what a tune! I’m guessing that it was made specially for the big man. A bespoke production. All intensity. Drum’n’bass still holding strong. First love.

RINSE.FM is our radio station. 106.8 upon di’ dial…

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Guds Hus Var… Stängt?

November 6th, 2020 Comments off

Guds hus var… stängt? = The House of God was… closed?

God’s house was closed? The almighty´s house was closed?

I was riding my bike and I felt an strange urge to visit a place of worship, any place of worship.

– Are you a religious man?

– No, but I’m a believer, in a higher, omnipotent eternal principle/entity.

My father told me the following at a very young age:

– You know what? I don’t have any problems with God (there is one God) whatsoever.
– The problem is the återförsäljarna.

That is what he told me. The non-Swedish speaker African man told me?

– I’m telling you. I do not have a problem with God, however. I do have major problems with the återförsäljare.

Then, I tell you that you need to understand something. Den Svenska “Välhögfärden” and “fackförederiet”; it is clear to me that you would need to know several things in order to construct that. Language? That is something… it is my father.

And the elected pope in the Vatican is the stand in for God on Earth (if you are a Catholic). I tried to visit the house of the Lord and it was closed. I could not get in…

– Why?
– The universe is so ordered that there simply must be (logically) an underlying principle. There must be a plan and the conger of that plan is by definition “divine” to me.

The orderly universe is not and can not be a fluke or some random event. There must be an agent. And that is God.

I don’t like the anthropocentric perspective, never have. Man as it where is not the centre of the Universe.

Therefore, I’ve chosen “principle” rather than deity, it is the same thing (more or less): Leibniz, Newton, Darwin, Curie, Maxwell, Tesla, Ohm, field-theory? And: the stoics; Seneca and Epiktetos. Philosophers: Hume, Descartes, Kant, Russell, Carnap, Quine, Heidegger, Nietzche and countless others.

The house of God was closed. Come back on Sunday… that was not what I was looking for…

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If You Dance

November 5th, 2020 Comments off

I just realised something… that should have been more than obvious to me. If you dance you will probably listen differently to the music. I just heard it. Right now. Again. Listening to Fabio & Grooverider on: our radio station rinse.fm106.8 up on the dial. I never thought of it that way before, strange.

Some serious musical bizznizz. Core stuff. No, you can’t fool me with the hit. Always looking deeper. You can’t trick the old man. That’s what you need a DJ to begin with if you ever actually needed one. Play and… – What is this track?

Supa star…

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Left Behind VIII

November 1st, 2020 Comments off

The solitary looked brand new and what about the pairs?

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way?

They do not seem to have been “kicked-off”; on the contrary, they’re were (must have been) orderly removed and quite purposefully placed. What about the remaining journey?

Was it bear-feet or in socks: on bike, by car, being carried or dragged, on stretcher, the coroner, on electric scooter or maybe simply Au natural?

What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

Please see: Left Behind Series.

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Saving Face

October 29th, 2020 Comments off

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Non-functional Architecture?

October 29th, 2020 Comments off

This is intensely hard for me to comprehend. I need to take a pause to reflect a little while longer. I mean there’s no such thing right? There is no non-functional architecture?

So, what seems to be the problem if any? In the drawing above I have superimposed the layout of a two-room apartment on the three-room equivalent in the same building – there are four identical buildings and the floors are mirrored and more or less symmetrical as far as I can tell. The green-coulured part is the difference in liveable area between the two and according to the plans a two-room apartment has an area of 64m2 and a three-room has respectively 77m2.

Yes? So, the two-room apartment has a smaller liveable area? Well, that’s perfectly normal is it not! Why would that be problem and how is that non-functional? You need to look at the layout/footprint in combination with the facades of the buildings in question. That was what originally made me intrigued, because, when I first saw them I could not see any apparent reason what so ever for angling the structures to begin with – apart from possibly aesthetics?

In my mind this design choice poses a number of difficult questions:

  1. Light or lack thereof in the two-room apartments?
  2. How will anyone successfully furnish said apartments?
  3. Why would you remove 13m2 or more per floor in a nine story (or any) building?
  4. Would it have been possible to make one-room apartments out of a three-room apartment layout?
  5. The slanting of the roof? Why would you lower the ceiling height purposefully of the top floor?
  6. Was it a financially rooted decision? Did it lower the overall building cost or did it in fact add to final construction cost?
  7. Are these purely aesthetic considerations/decisions** in order to avoid symmetry completely? Void of any functionality what-so-ever and thereby some kind of non-functional architecture?
  8. I don’t know what to say/think. It congers an uncunning feeling. Maybe like the tenant seeing/feeling the presence of a drone from her bedroom window (one of two full sized windows exsiting in the two-room apartment) on the ninth floor.

Lingvägen 182-184 – Projekt
Byggnadsår: 2020
Arkitekt: DinellJohansson
Ägare: Primula Byggnads AB
Yta: 5546m2

** Other similar lines of thought; the curvature of the rear balconies (less area would be less desirable), the absence of an underground structure, i.e. a basement and/or garage. Cars (and bikes) like to be indoors as well, but I don’t think they object terribly not being on the ground/street level as such. The buildings are quite bottom heavy to my taste and it seems impossible to pass in between them. Standing four in a row makes for quite a stroll if you would like to access the back of the building complex. Maybe you happen to be an avid train-spotter?

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