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Where Is The Eagle?

February 4th, 2021 Comments off

– Did we just lose an entire Legion? Have we just lost 5000 strong? Some of our most experienced soldiers in the North?

– Yes.

– How is this even possible? This was supposed to be simple? Are you telling me that an entire, fully equipped Roman Legion just disappeared? The entire Legion, like in everyone? And that no one returned? Not even a cook, tailor or a blacksmith? Not even a donkey returned???!!!

– Proctor. I’m sorry to inform you that literally no one returned. Not even a single stray horse.

– And where is the location of the Eagle*? Where is the standard of the Legion? Where is the very symbol of our might; that is Rome? Where is the Golden Eagle?!!

– Proctor. It is lost…

That is your family’s name doomed. Forever, until you recuperate the symbol and restore your family’s name. You are doomed for an eternity in all the stories and in all the books. For ever. E.Snowden and Patria (for the record what E.Snowden did was beyond a patriotic act)?

* It is not the right one. I will find it, I think it was the 5th or 7th Legion that where lost in the north… and that they lost the Eagle (representing Rome and ultimate power). No one returned with the Eagle and after that fact Hadrian decided to build a wall: Vallum Aelium.

~ The Roman Empire (The World) ends here. Beyond this wall? There is nothing. If you venture beyond these walls (into the North ((w)hinterland), then none can help you.

~ I’m not going to be the one responsible for seeing our army or empire defeated, ever. Build a wall.

There are parts reaming of the wall until this day and I will see/touch them some day. It’s North of Londinium, as it where/is.

Ref. Vallum Aelium
Hadrian’s Wall (Latin: Vallum Aelium),

Construction started in AD 122. It needs rebuilding…

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February 4th, 2021 Comments off

German music.

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A Life-Time Spent

February 3rd, 2021 Comments off

I’ve discovered that there may be a discrepancy/misunderstanding in language.

So, “Destroying” or a “Dangerous”, “Lethal” hair-cut is a complement and not the opposite. A “frighteningly exact” look is a compliment and not an critique.

A “Wicked”, “Rude” or “Bad” sound is a good thing. A genuinely “Disturbed” bassline is a positive thing. This is where all the machines’ (and most peoples) will have troubles/problems. It’s all about context and language*.

– Are you out of your mind? That’s insanely good… it’s so good that it hurts.

– Your hair-cut is dangerously exact!

– What? Why would you say something so unkind? What on earth are you talking about?

– …It is a nice looking hair-cut, it suits you, it was meant as a compliment…?

* Natural language is far more complicated than you would first suspect.

Fighting a lonesome battle… my master’s masters (possibly): Principia Mathematica first published in 1910 by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell. And then: Word And Object published in 1960 by Willard Van Orman Quine.

By the way as far as I know Alfred North Whitehead was his doctoral advisor. Quine may very well be the hardest of the hardest ever!

They’re Destroying Everything (In A Good Way)

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

Yesterday it was 66 and now it is 86? I just got nice close shave. Push on! Max Kanding also deserves support. Tench himself just said so…

– How is this: Photograph, D.Angas, M.Kanding, A.Rother, VLC and C.Finlow remotely related? They’re not really are they? To my mind they most definitely are. Text is readily readable is not?

– Electro(nic)-beats tearing through everything. I’ve discovered that there may be a discrepancy/misunderstanding in language. So, “Destroying” or a “Dangerous”, “Lethal” hair-cut is a complement and not the opposite. An “Exact” look is a compliment and not an critique.

– Calm down, will you not?

My (musical) friends over-all in the World? UK, France, Scandinavia including Sweden that is Europe right(?), Asia and the US? The African continet? Stop being silly; World-wide/Global/Gaia. Destroyed. A good day. Superior Electro music and you just got served.

VLC => you can play 110% and over — sometimes you need to go past 120% — but that is beyond green an past yellow and red on the scale?

Weltmacht Digital.
Lost In The Moment.

Silicon Maxing Out.
Tro, Håb Og Techno.
Let Me Tell You A Story.

There Is A Reason…

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

That’s when I left my friends at the door…

On New Years’ Eve in London. The black stairs, the black painted club… – a legendary place. I needed to do it. I needed to go in. I left them on the stairs… it is not my proudest moment. I left my friends at the door… Bella.R, possible her cousin Anna.R and Helene.R-H among others on the stairs? I left them on New Year’s Eve and then I went on in my merry way alone?

– In my defence I did try my hardest. We are company, we have travelled far and we can all pay at the door?

– It’s like this, you can get in. But, that is you (alone). Look… mate, there’s a the cue, look at the stairs, it is New Year’s Eve? The one’s standing in cue? You do realise that all of them are prepaid at £13 for the night? And you do not even have a ticket? It’s 15 pound at the door? Do you have £15 or not?

– They’re my friends (and most of them are girls), we are from Sweden/Stockholm? We travelled far…

– I’ve already told you once. You can get in, no one else is entering and I mean no one else in your company is getting in tonight. So, you need to make a quick decision, because you’re holding up the cue. So, decide right now. Are you going in or not? No one, but you are getting in tonight… and it’s 15 at the door.

A really difficult decision.

– The rest are not getting in.

– I’m sorry?

– Yeah, right. You are so very sorry, Jonas.S.

– I am, but, I did tell you? It’s New Year’s Eve… and it is London and that was going to become extremely complicated. We’ll all need a plan?

– Did you loose/find the keys, the 00:01 champagne (included) and possible altering the internal balance somewhat? Maybe… Junas? Never ever do that again! We’re actually worried about you and your behaviour, you don’t seem to know what you’re doing (at the moment?)!

– I’m pretty confident that I actually do exactly that. I want to be free. I do appreciate the concern, though. I can take care of myself. It is New Year’s Eve and I left my friends at the door? I promise that I will not do that again. However, it is this New Year’s, right?

– I’m OK. Tottenham Court Rd, Manor House, SOHO, Sister Ray’s, Old Street, Metalheadz’ Sunday Sessions and possibly Reading?

– Mate? Look at the cue? They’re all prepaid for the night and it is New Year’s…

You Are Going To Break Any Second Now

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

My machine is going to break any second now. I know this. Salvaged and in service for a long time. I just felt it. You are going to break. We’re playing the mighty Rother, so it is a fitting end?

– My brother is living in the US and he is working for Hewlett-Packard. What have you done to your computer?

– I’ve sanded it down, to metal. Beneet the ruber , there’s actually metal, alu []. So, I sanded it down.

– What have you done?

…”Jaques is dead, Lueder have died…

– It’s not your call. You don’t get to decide that, ever. c0mmand, t3h 3l3ctr0 c0mmand says so… says no – it is not your decision to make. Jaques Lueder is… me?

– Not for you to decide.

VLC? How beautiful/fast is that install? That is pure science! That is code to the core. I’m humbled and many thanks too you!

It is spelled: 3L3CTR0 and this is the C0MMAND0! 13 yrs of age. Superior music.

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Why Can’t You Write An OS Working In Parallel?

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

– It is because of the multi-core processors. The machines doesn’t work that way and you know this… every bit counts.

– Why can’t we network it? The speed is there and it has been for quite some while. + Gbit Ethernets, that is as fast or faster than the discs?

– You need power and the processor’s core is split four or eight times…

– 10001001001001001.

– But, I want to run them parallel. Connect any motherboard and run them in unison. On the slowest clock?

– It can’t be done. For one thing you need the power/effect and the core is still split. Server farms working in parallel exist for a reason. It is off-set. They draw a lot of power. Like a small village. And you need cooling, a lot of it…

– And you know how much power you need to run the big machine?

– Mm, so you’re saying it is impossible? It can’t be done?

– No. The current architecture makes it a non-double. The power needed and the core-split…

– It’s about the ones and the zeros? You do know that?

Please see: Continuous Stream.
Please see: The Gitter.

It’s Bizarre

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

Most of the time it is quite practical, then again at times it is just bizarre. And I can’t really get used to it. I’ve been there once; it was in September the 28th, 2019. I still get recognized and greeted like I’m a regular visitor. The reality however is that I’ve been there once and it was 16 month(s) and 1 day(s) ago. I did write: The Address Is [Almost] Impossible.

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Ni Ska Hitta Stör

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

– Uppdraget är att läsa kartan och hitta Stör i terrängen – i deras bandvagn; Hägglunds BV 206 (den bästa i Världen) med masten uppe eller inte.

– Får jag fråga varför?

– Nej, det får du inte men vi måste ju veta vart vi är eller hur?

– “Utan samband ingen seger“? Ok. Så, det här är koordinaterna och Stör är här (på kartan), då hittar vi dem. Mitt i natten.

– Ser lite kallt ut? Fryser ni grabbar? Vi dricker kaffe, i vår 206 bandvagn, det är varmt och skönt här och nu har masten uppe… med rött ljus i kabinen.

– Ni är… Stör; signaltrupperna? Vi kopplar koppar och vi kopplar till staben och ni kan inte störa ut oss. Därför vi kopplar koppar (Cu).

– Så, hej då! Vi hittade er men nu måste vi vidare i den kalla natten. …ni sitter stilla men det gör inte vi?

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