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Little Bear + Msg

It is a photo of my steel horse aka my Pieni musta Karhu, but I completely missed the message (msg) in the background until just now. And I do concur, fully with the msg.

Frankly the whole thing – the ASAP Rocky business is embarrassing and troublesome to the entire nation.

I’m again forced to be ashamed. Is this a legitimate legal action or is it yet another attempt by a Swedish prosecutor to (ever) get International attention and thereby enhance their legal career?

It is serious because it questions the legal system itself and the whole “All is equal in front of the law” concept? And what about the whole Assange debacle? Do we see any similarities?

– How many daily scuffles, altercations, beatings and shooting does not end up in a Swedish court? Guilty or not, do you have to be a globally know person in order to be detained or what? I feel deep insecurity and I’m not a globally know person mind you.

Evading the long arm of the law? May I suggest a quick glance at the current tour schedule or contact the record company/parents/legal guardians in the US?

Otherwise it is black-and-white and vice versa as it were – the bike and the poster.

Waiting to put new shoes on the little black bear and assemble the little golden puma aka Pieni kultainen Puuma. Please see: I Want To Ride My Bike and Project 7005.

* I can assure you that it is a purely coincidental composition. I did not see the poster when I parked/took the photo. It is what is know as chance or coincidence ie. it was and is non-intentional by all purposes.

Hardware Failure

There’s a point in holding on the discarded stuff at times (or should that be always?).

The fan failed and by pure chance I had an exact spare tucked away.

And after replacement it runs perfectly! Live to fight another day!

Project 7005

I’m looking for a front wheel with disc break and a fork; both in aluminum (the fork must be non-dampened obviously…).

I realized (late) that 26″ is a somewhat unusual rime size and it will not facilitate the overall assembly. But, then again we’re aiming for all-out aluminum.

I got handlebars including gear-leavers and calipers to operate the discs. I will need a saddle though but then I’m good to go.

The steel framed (the little black bear) will be fitted with new shoes. Michelin Protek 42-622 black (yes they’re French, indeed). I’m looking forward to the switch (not changing them because that is a complete drag).

Will have to disassemble the wheels and straighten the rims too.

We Who Are Not As Others

Hmm, the title says it all really. Yes, it is a track title (obviously) recently revisited, twice actually. I’m opposed naming/identifying “the best” or top-ten best or anything of the sort, however there are exceptions…

And in that category there’s no way of escaping 4 Hero’s Two Pages album. There’s simply no way (that I know of), and I mean that literally, there’s no possibility what so ever. Not in this existing or any other parallel universe.

Speaking of which, that would be the (the next in line, but in reality it turned out to be Icarus – Fijaka* – Recordings Of Substance ‎– HEMP 30 CD – 1999).

* I know the album is in all eventually called nothing else than “Fijaka”.

** The picture is completely unrelated by the way. It is: a die cast figurine of “Den lille havfrue” ontop of one of two Dali Ikon 1 speakers.The file name is: “two_danes_300” and the suffix is .jpg it should be .png but helas it is not.

When You Know That You Actually Don’t…

The genuinely friendly community. It applies to many different areas whether you are looking for a track/music, gear or are experiencing some kind of problem; hardware or whatnot you can always trust the friendly elite…

Sorry, but if you need to ask how to do that … just don’t. You are more than likely to hose your system. I see already 1 issue: the mesa version in your download is 18.0. Ubuntu 18 is on Mesa 18.1 so it is already a newer version than the one you will download. That might be a problem.

The original question posed (incidentally not by the author in this particular case)? “How to upgrade Intel Graphics driver?” Posted in the Ask Ubuntu forum. That would be: Ord och inga visor for real! Please note: there’s a cat in the picture.

Rebuilding But Slowly

The WP 5.2 update completely destroyed the previous setup (CSS3 and hence the appalling look of all things, I do apologies, sincerely!) However my intention is to rebuild, but it will take some time. Bare with me. Plz.

My Apologis

I installed the latest version 5.2 and this is the result… The update completely ruined my CSS tweaks, it made it look like this. I’m truly sorry. I will fix it, it will take some time, honestly at the moment I’m just gutted.