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It Is Emitting Photons

March 24th, 2020 Comments off

Q01: Why would you throw away a fully functioning thing to begin with?

Q02: Why would throw away anything that has not been used ever?

Q03: Why would you throw an unused LED light bulb*, in its original packaging, in the trash**?

* It is emitting photons and making light and that is the sole function of this artefact. Please see the picture above. In the trash. The waste upsets me.

** The lack of light for reading is hampering the education of millions of children in the World. Why? well, very few people or none can read in complete darkness – apart from those who know Braille… The only thing they rest of us need is a light bulb and some power.

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Prata Med MIn Advokat

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

– If that would be the case I would simply say. ‘Prata Med Min Advokat’.
– Here is the business card, just call the number and state your concern.

That’s the original quote and it is decidedly much more amusing in Swedish* than it is in English (it translates to: ‘Talk to my lawyer’). Which in turn would entail: call my Lawyer. The rest? I for sure am not telling anything about anything. Call my Lawyer?

* I changed the title from English to Swedish. You simply would not say that in Swedish or in any event you did not use to say something like that. I kind of like it.

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Vart Är Den Andra Fjärrkontrollen (För I Helvete)? Eller Bara Riktiga Män Sitter Med Benen I Kors

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

Impossible musicality man. Any day and every day. There’s just nothing like it, there’s R.Funcken and there’s…Roel Funcken. It is just unbelievable. Texture and layers upon layers, upon lsyers that is more than 20 years of listening. I was supposed to do something important? Time stopped, again? Accio Niffler is running away! And now I’m crying?! Again… I was supposed to do something important…

“- It is construed. The musique.”
“- You don not honestly believe/mean that?”
“- It is the work of a genius and it doesn’t get better than this. You know that right?”

It’s even better than ever… better than 2000. FUNCKARMA. God damn it!

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A Gift

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

I’m not 100% sure, but I do (strongly) believe that it is the largest most comprehensive private collection of Moog synthesizers in Europe, and it may very well be the largest private modular synth collection in the entire World. A private collection of analogue modular synthesizers. Go figure.

A peculiar and kind man. Picture? He was nuff’ trilled at the time. It is a Moog key-chain… I saw it and I had two of them. It was not not a complicated decision. Not then and not now. It was easy. The happiness! Somewhat unusual artefact and given to the right person. It was a gift.

I’ve been told not to tell and I will not..

“- It’s a mini Mini Moog?!”
“- But, it is so tiny, it’s a wee’ one? 55 by 25 mm? Can I play it?”
“- I don’t think so. It is a key chain.”
“- I thought of you and your collection, you collect them right?”
“- So, it is a gift. It’s for you, I want you to have this. It’s yours.”

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De La Conjugaison

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

Comment c’est dur. What a hard language it is to master. It is impossible. Larousse. That is 10000 verbes and 115 conjugaisons… and my head teacher in French? Would just not let go.

The punishment? It was relentless. Everyday, all day when I went to school.

English was OK. French? My Lord, I got beaten to death every day. My little sister left the school together with her best friend. I stayed and experienced… the abuse.

My History teacher, my Social science teacher, my Physics and Chemistry teacher, my French and Swedish teacher (beaten to death every singe class), my gGeography teacher (was a kind msn and so was the vice principle) and my English teacher (that we used to make fun of…).

The thing is that my mother went to the very same school and her little sister (my aunt) did so as well, we the same school and the same mad teachers.

*- Is he/she still alive?*
“- Retirement?”
“- No, they are my head teachers.”
“- Is W**** still around? That is completely bonkers. He/she is crazy”
“- Yes, and I know that for a fact. One of my head teachers. Completely mad.”
“- What about her? Surely, I don’t think so…”
“- Mm.”
“- Why?”
“- In 1983 I would have been in 7th grade or 8th and I would have known. The antisemitism aka Nazism, chocked me then and it as shocking to me know. I can never understand that. As my father could never understand it. I know for a fact that she is lying.”

“- I went to the school and I know the ones that were bullied at the time. I’m not telling. But she was not one of them. I tried to protect them as best as I could. She is not telling the truth. Anna is lying.”

“- You can jump of any bridge at any time. But, you are not being truthful and I know this for a fact. I’m not telling. However, I was there.”

“- It is just sad.”

Balkan gymnastics teachers? From Jugoslavia? An elite gymnast (6 foot tall, 180 cm or more, at least or an even taller women. Dressed in adidas three stripes red/white) and a handball professional?

Russian style gymnastic education? There was the punishment, every single day.

“- You need to go to school.”
“- Nu har vi gymnastik!”

Varenda dag?

“- This does not seem right?” “- Boys, you go shower now!”
“- You will all take a cold shower, now!”

“- Larousse!”

Heter Enskedeskolan fortfarande. Det var 9:an och året var 1985. Jag vet det… därför jag var där, då.

Det är 176 sido verb och böjnigar på vreb. Merde que c’est dur. Larousse de la conjugaison.

“- Nos ancêtres, les Gaulois avec les yeux bleus et les barbes longe et blanc…”


“- C’est ne peut pas être correct?”
“- On été battu, quand on parle pas le français.”
“- Je connais le français maintenant.”

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Melankoli Definierad?

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

Ingen kommentar eller?

En liten flicka som tittar ut över havet och betraktar oändligheten, på riktigt och sedan en liten pojke som inte ser någonting överhuvudtaget mer än det som en liten pojke ser.

Djupt, djupt koncentrerad med systembygget – pattern recognition; och det är maskinerna, skivorna, musiken, filmerna, konsten, kläderna och/eller sanden? Men titta på bilden… länge sedan.

En kall dag, en grå dag men det är S0S0 Perspective. I Norr… för nu är det sommar! Det är en brutal hardcore sommar för di stora som di små.

De fyller 17 år i år… 2020. So young and small/little/fragile.

“- Men vad håller du på med?”

DELL LATITUDE E6420? Uppdaterade BIOS från 01A till 25A (många reitireringar i BIOS blev det dår då)?

Den eviga frågan…

“- Men vad håller du på med, egentligen?”

Is it justified? What do you think?

“- Men vad fort du kan skriva!”
“- Jag har övat, länge.”

Men titta på bilden… vart är horisonten någonstans?

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Angels + Angels V?

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

Till min/To my.

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Can You Feel It?

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

The one and only.

Not my discovery…

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Va É Klockan Nu?

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

23:52. Nästan tolv? Mm.

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No Joke Business

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Lemond D. Oh my God! This is no joke business!

Mark Fisher would know…that is bass bin trough and through. DJ Krazy, JD, little T, Norman, maybe Adam and Seba would known; fo’su’! J? He would know, It is just like that. Hard like Roger.

Breaks? Dropping hard. No mercy. Destroying my headphones as we speak. Ruthless UK sounds, again? UK bass! There is nothing like it in the entire World.

The bass pressure? My friends? Making/collecting? + Mary J Blige = the Queen sample?

I cannot begin to explain the bass? I can’t explain…

“- How can you explain if the bassline moves you?”

Because, you cannot. Action, not words.

* The title is also the motto of the artist Scorn. It’s well fitting to my mind and I’m still til’ this day unsure that I would feel welcome to Birmingham. It does seem like a pretty harsh place, but you never know, until you’ve actually visited terra firma right?

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