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Inigo Kennedy, Walls Have Fears [Asymmetric – ASY MP3 021, 2012]

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

On ‘Walls Have Fears’ we hear Inigo Kennedy pursuing the path struck in his early 2011 ‘Distant Circles‘ release. As expected it’s well-produced, clever electronic music that is decidedly and firmly rooted in Techno. Very big drums, yet delicate and always with the unmistakable IK touch. ‘Cautum’, ‘Squirkle’, ‘Sentinel Four’, ‘Nocturnal’ and ‘Speechless (feat. Laska)’ all possess the aforementioned qualities. The big drums in ‘Cautum’, ‘Squirkle’, ‘Sentinel Four’, the distinct hand-clap in Nocturnal’ or the delicately constructed beats and accompanied vocals in the concluding and mellow ‘Speechless (feat. Laska)’. This is an excellent techno release complete with a funny title and a down-tempo number as conclusion. It is readily available in digital format at the Inigo Kennedy run Asymmetric label site.

Inigo Kennedy, Distant Circles [Asymmetric – ASY MP3 020, 2011]

February 22nd, 2011 Comments off

‘Distant Circles’ is the fresh start for the New Year on Inigo Kennedy’s Asymmetric label and the twentieth MP3 release (JAN 2011). And like it’s predecessor this EP consists of five exceedingly well-produced electronic pieces and once more epic techno tracks.

In sequential order; starting with ‘Albedo’, a big drum track with some subtleties, pure techno if that is even a valid term these days, a track that stretches back in time, with the big exception that the sound quality was very different at the time (no one would have known.) Tempo is most definitely up! (Maybe, just maybe drum’n’bass has something to do with that tempo change in music the past decade or so?)

‘Caverns’ has beautiful and classic build up (you need the time to play the intro though) and progresses along a pathway of good things, bass and added musical complexity and yes, the steppers can find their way as well, given they can survive the massive break! Rest assured the drum returns… in my inner vision I can see that build-up effect in all it’s beauty, the hesitation and I can also indeed see all the smiles! The drum is BIG, but so are the breaks. In one word sonic effectiveness!

This could very well be the most interesting track of them all, on Inigo Kennedy’s “Distant Circles” namely, ‘Skedaddle’ a hybrid of styles, but with a breakbeat focus that simply can’t be missed. And being produced by Inigo Kennedy there just has to be an individual twist and there most definitely is! It is a very effective track and in some senses a bridge between all the things that are well produced these days and that still remain in the up-tempo sphere (a lot of production excursions have taken the path down the BPM ladder rather than up). Kennedy, as renowned techno producer on the other hand has chosen, until now more or less unknown middle ground in ‘Skedaddle’ and it’s all to great effect! I really, really wish this track will crossover.

‘Jupiter’ is a techno banger with soul, BIG drums fused with sounds to keep you interested and most likely overwhelmed if on the floor (given the sound system is actually there). In my mind this is very close to the definition of ‘Techno’ music (whatever that may be). Finally I suspect that the title of the song doesn’t entirely reference the celestial body, but hey, it’s just my personal observation/suspicion.

The fifth and last track is entitled ‘Disorder’ and it concludes the ‘Distant Circles’ EP in an orderly way, and yet it is something different altogether. The setting is different and so is the track’s overall mood. Lushes of atmospheric sounds accompany the beats. Actually it is similar to the closing track on the previous release and it also stands as vivid reminder of just how good electronic music can be.

‘Distant Circles’ is available as free download from asymmetric and so are all of the previous releases.

Inigo Kennedy, Magnificent Spaces [Asymmetric – ASY MP3 019, 2010]

November 18th, 2010 Comments off

‘Magnificent Spaces’ is the nineteenth MP3 release on Inigo Kennedy’s Asymmetric label and the first to be written about here at resurface. The EP consists of five exceedingly well-produced electronic pieces and dear I say epic techno tracks.

In sequential order; starting with ‘Muck Shelf’, a real treat incorporating forward-moving (UK flavoured) beats, a dirty filtered bass and a lovely melody lingering in the background, simply put an excellent track.

‘Laconic’ steps closer to the purist techno realm with it’s big sounding drum and analogue haunting melody, it also contains some decidedly broken sounds all to great effect and all engineered to set the dance on fire.

‘Roundabound’ is broken; a relentless synthesised loop is fused with scattered beats and offbeat handclap creating a chaotic as well as hypnotising setting. What’s needed is an open-minded dance floor. ‘Roundabound’ ends as it starts, which makes perfect sense when you come to think about it.

‘Triangle’ brings things back on the techno track. It’s a beautiful, majestic and strongly built track with beats straight as autobahn, and yet still filled with groove and excellent chosen sounds. As good as they come.

The fifth and last track entitled ‘Mood’ concludes ‘Magnificent Spaces’, the beats are not as prominent and they are accompanied by warm lushes of atmospheric sounds. The Americana electronic legacy is clearly audible. ‘Mood’ is a perfect example of the emotional strength of repetition in music as well as a vivid reminder of just how good techno can be.

‘Magnificent Spaces’ is available as free download from asymmetric and so are the previous eighteen releases! The fact that music of this quality is available for free and the actual state of the post-digital World is something that will not be covered in this particular text.

Inigo Kennedy, Transaction [Rednetic – RN009, 2006]

August 19th, 2006 Comments off

inigo_kennedy_transactionA fluke encounter leading up to a brilliant release, this mini-album stretching seven tracks long is filled with superb production exemplifying: melodic electronic music with grit. The balance between the pure bliss of harmony, lovely constructed melodies and the straight-forward, as compelling as they are convincing beats all deeply rooted on the other side of the Atlantic ocean meaning the motor city! Don’t make the mistake, these seven tracks are as good as it gets, contemporary electronic music with warmth, bass and production reaching for the higher ground. In all honesty there’s only one criticism to put forward regarding this release and that is the actual count of tracks… seven tracks is far to few. It’s about five tracks short given the Compact Disc format, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if Inigo Kennedy returns to Rednetic in the near future. And I for one surely hope so and I might add the sooner the better. What ever you do get this release immediately and you will not be disappointed!

Inigo Kennedy, Digging Deeper [Cutting Pleasure – CP004, 2002]

November 26th, 2002 Comments off

cp_inigo_digging_deeperDeep, deeper, deepest, the fourth offering from Cutting Pleasure is a three track 12″ aptly named “Digging Deeper”. It features Inigo Kennedy and make no mistake about it we’re talking about techno here. “Momentum” is classic vein techno rewired with strings floating in the background coupled with relentlessly forward moving beats and bass stabs. “Together Apart” is the jewel of the crown. The tempo is high, nervous stabs and soundscapes in combination with a distorted single melody carries the track forward, you’ve been warned this is as deep as it gets! The second track on the b-side is entitled “Funny Things Happen (Zcistajasna)” consists of shuffled beats layered and fused with beats working against each other, accompanied with dashes of strings. The beats are completely dominating the sonic picture and intensity is the word.