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Zainetica, People More Fuel [ClickClickDrone – CLICK011, 2005]

August 26th, 2005 Comments off

click11_zainetica_more_fuel“People More Fuel” is the title of an EP that is to become the latest offering from Zainetica on ClickClickDrone or CCD for the regular readers of the ED reviews. The EP bears the same title as his contribution to the excellent and previously reviewed CCD compilation “Red Chair, Blue Chair”. As it happens, it is also one of the best tracks on the compilation. Zainetica’s “People More Fuel” EP is simply brilliant. There’re four well-produced and balanced tracks plentiful of complexity, forward movement and masterfully chosen sounds on this EP. “Where I am Now” displays some rather unique sounding sounds for melody and as it would seem the unintentional underlying sonic theme of insects and in particular crickets that several of the artists reviewed at this time (late summer 2005) seem to favour. That aside “Where I am Now” carries all the attributes of an excellent ambient stricken electronic track. This track also displays Zainetica with less focus on the beats then is normally the case and the end-result is quite beautiful. “From the Interview” brings the beats back and increases the tempo of the EP, but just a fraction and it’s a quite dubby and quite fabulous track at that. The third track out of four is entitled “To Study Anthropology” adds rhythmic complexity and leads directly onto the pièce de résistance “People More Fuel” a complex and delightful track. Indirectly it has already been reviewed, because it was included on the CCD compilation mentioned above and keeping it short: it’s brilliant! The “People More Fuel” and EP show Zainetica in what must surely be the musical form of his life. Where will it end? ClickClickDrone’s got another fine release and Zainetica dominates their field.

Lum, Glow [ClickClickDrone – CLICK010, 2005]

August 26th, 2005 Comments off

click10“Glow” is the title of an EP made by Lum a ClickClickDrone debutant. Lum’s not entirely new to ClickClickDrone since he contributed to the recently released compilation Red Chair, Blue Chair. Lum’s EP is decidedly ambient affair, and his contribution to the compilation is representative. The 6-track EP starts off with the “Ccel” a beatless and fairly short intro setting the mood of the rest of the EP. The aptly named “Glow fly” uses insect-like clicks, Lum’s not the only artist finding that particular sound source inspiring and interesting. The e-dub master Deatbeat is the artist that first comes into my mind, and Bushtech would be another. “Glow fly” slowly evolves as more elements are added to it, among them carefully treated guitars all to great effect. As it also happens it is the same track that is included on the compilation mentioned above. “Tep” continues the insect theme and is filled with atmosphere and minimalism. “Licheu” contains cunningly put together crystalline sounds creating an enjoyable piece of music, again with emphasis on atmospheric minimalism. “Kaebl” distorted and distant, reminiscent of a recorded eavesdrop of some unknown origin. “Niilon” concludes the EP and is on par with the other five tracks. Ambient and atmospheric music of highest order and therefore also another highly recommended ClickClickDrone release.

Various Artists, Blue Chair Red Chair [ClickClickDrone – CLICK08, 2005]

May 18th, 2005 Comments off

click08_red_blueA very good compilation released by ClickClickDrone and as any good label compilation this is a showcase of their artists and the different styles they represent. ClickClickDrone is one of many prolific so-called CDR labels (a distinction that becomes less clear by the minute) and “Blue Chair Red Chair” is their eight release. CCD was started and is maintained by recording artist: Boc Scadet. The ties to another quality label heavily featured here at the E-desert becomes apparent by a quick glance at some of the 14 contributing artists and that label would of course be the lovely Boltfish Recordings. Another liaison is the one to the newly started October Man Recordings, also incidentally reviewed here not long ago. It’s also nice to see that Gagarin has contributed with a track, if there’s not a double-ganger that would be the same Gagarin who released the nice sounding “Earthling” album on “Geo Records”. The “Blue Chair Red Chair” album weights in at 14 tracks all in all and everyone with their appeal dependent on personal taste. Z-arc’s “Field Lines”, Boc Scadet’s “Ibiil” and Mint’s “Shoes too Big for Her Feet” deliver warm sounds and healthy beats, well balanced and very enjoyable. Shirase opts for ambience and does so successfully in “Stellar Mapping”. October Man with Landis takes an acoustic detour in the friendly “”Fault Line”. Photobook’s “Casioland” is decidedly pop-influenced and comes with vocals to boot. The Ileons’ “The Foe has Mastered Sleep” features a piano intro and some jazzy feather light beat. Lum’s “Glowfly” returns to ambient territory and sets the mood with gentle guitars accompanied by atmospheric sound in a virtually beatless track. Gagarin offers “120cms” void of beats, plentiful of atmosphere and a subtle bassline framing the track. The Gosub Routine brings the beat back in the gritty “Routine 5” a really nice track with menacing setting and industrialised handclap and Cheju of Boltfish fame keeps the beats alive in “Datec” another great sounding effort by Cheju. The beats set in dance floor mode, excellent build-up and a bouncy bassline to keep things moving forward. Colamm’s “Relmm” a drum machine fuelled track with competent programming and a good selection of sounds and The Rumblist’s “Mxfrmlhg” is heavily cut-up, displaying beats trickery in a nice way. Last but by no means least is the fourteenth track Zainetica’s “People More Fuel” an excellent track by this productive and talented artist. Especially in light of him also more or less simultaneously releasing a full-length album on October Man Recordings (May 2005) reviewed here at E-Desert. This track is awesome, with a prolonged call and response intro, which really doesn’t give away where the track’s heading. Then slowly the track’s structure gets its form and the beats works like magic with the unusual choice of sound source. Excellent atmosphere, plenty of forward movement and really, really nice beats! In short a very good track ending a very good compilation. The recommendation is to track down CCD and buy the compilation now.

Boc Scadet, Vessel in June [ClickClickDrone – CLICK09, 2005]

May 18th, 2005 Comments off

click09_boc_scadet_vessel“Vessel in June” is the latest full-length album made by Boc Scadet and it’s out on his very own ClickClickDrone (CCD) label. It’s an accomplished album to say the least and it contains 11 strong tracks. The album has quite a sombre setting, great atmosphere, expertly chosen sounds, production, well crafted beats (where that apply) and in combination creating truly fantastic soundscapes. “Vessel in June” leans heavily towards the ambient side of things, but it’s not lacking a clear and distinct form on the contrary each track complements the other. A special note on “Ochre” the second track on the album and the masterful and minimal handling of beats and distorted bassline on it. And thereby intentionally or unintentionally making tribute to one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever made. Boc Scadet in a different mood is to be found on the recently reviewed CCD compilation “Red Chair Blue Chair” (May 2005), a compilation well worth investigating in the same way that “Vessel in June” is. In short the “Vessel in June” album is excellent and it comes highly recommended.

Boc Scadet, Yleptic [ClickClickDrone – CLICK01, 2005]

May 18th, 2005 Comments off

bocscadet_ylepticIn 2004 the very first ClickClickDrone release emerged and it was signed Boc Scadet, entitled “Yleptic” and it is simply delightful. It doesn’t have much in common with the latest offering by the same artist, the full-length album “Vessel in June” (May 2005) apart from the obvious fact that it is excellent as well. Boc Scadet clearly has the ability to encompass more than one musical style or orientation. The apt beats programming, bassfilled and lush forward moving tracks on his first CCD release are as mature and engaging as his droned out dystrophic ones on “Vessel in June”. The EP stands 6 tracks tall and is a great collection of contemporary electronic non-vocal music. You probably would have problems getting hold of one at this point, but I strongly suggest you try!