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They Say 14 to 16? I Have Never Seen A Brighter Light

November 17th, 2017 Comments off

OK. But is it necessary to light up my kitchen 24 hours a day?

I’ve never seen a stronger man made light in my entire life.

Currently it stands seven floors tall. The pace is quite impressive.

An outer wall for one floor takes one day to complete. Precast concrete partitions, stairs and floor/roof takes a bit longer. Basically they build one floor every 24 hours? That’s impressive!

It does make me wonder about the quality though or as my very first teacher used to say: “Fort och illa kan ingen gilla, sakta och väl kan ingen slå ihjäl.”.

Will these buildings last? Even 20 years? Bricks that are fake? Is that the architectural fashion these days? Bricks? And the actual roof that will eventually/possibly top it? Many questions. Few answers.

The light? 24/7. When I was young, when I was a boy? People did not work on Saturdays or Sundays and they did turn the lights off. That was when I was a young boy. Mind you.

Is it a beautiful building? No, I do not think so. Why? You’ll have to ask me why.

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My Family?

November 16th, 2017 Comments off

I say double R.

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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. II

November 14th, 2017 Comments off

My grandfather. (No, not the one that died from injuries in the second World War.). This is the other one.

I have a mother too, mind you. My mother’s father liked CPH (as any sensible and educated individual would do even if they happen to be Swedish) as much as I do.

However, the reasons may not have been quite the same.

In the early 1930’s he was a young chemist and then later on he became a brewer master.

I guess he became the first generation of the “Master’s of the Universe” in our century. He was a very stern, correct (as most in his generation I would imagine), but always a very fair man. He was an honest man, hard working and actually creating something during his lifetime. He gave many many good advices. He was a kind man.

Nothing like the “Masters of the Universe” of today. 55-85 year old men. Uneducated, no manners and way too much money. -Of course you don’t care where you park, if your car is worth 2 million SEK (200 000 EUR). Of course you will not care how you look or how you behave? You are the master of the Universe right?

It is simply put, disgusting.

The World of today? I imagine that it would be very hard to comprehend anything of it at all for my grandfather, as it would seem to be for anybody living today including myself.

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It’s 09:35 And It’s Somewhat Grey Today

November 12th, 2017 Comments off

However, it’s not unnormal for the season and no, no one will be seeing the sun here today.

It is cold normal.

I never liked it… I do like the metric system.

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Are You Sure That You Want To Shut Down Your Computer?

November 10th, 2017 Comments off

Yes, I’m sure/positive/confident that I want to shut down my compyter. A very bug thank you for asking.

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Afraid Of The Dark Are We?

November 10th, 2017 Comments off

In my vicinity. There are people (?) that never turn their lights of… ever.

Season doesn’t seem to matter either. Lights burning 24 hours a day and in the summer too.

Why would anyone do that?

If you’re terrified by darkness then maybe it would make sense. But, at daytime? At high noon in the middle of the short summer?

That’s just bizarre?

Or is as simple as: “It can be done. I have electric power and I can light it up, 24/7, 365 times a year every year?”

In any event it fascinates me.

47 vårar och inte mörkrädd = “Not, afraid of the dark” på ren svenska.

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The Little One Said To Me

November 9th, 2017 Comments off

– “När ‘någon’ säger vad något ‘består av’, så talar inte personen om dess yta/area utan det personen menar och talar om är dess massa.”

– “Jorden består inte av 75% vatten. Däremot är jordens yta täckt av 75% vatten. (Du betyder att du har helt fel.)”

– “OK”.

Va? Vad i helvete är det som pågår? Jag tror faktiskt inte att jag kommer att klara mig undan den här gången.

Herremingud, det är hårda “bjud”!

Jag nämnde att vi nu faktiskt vet när de tyngre grundämnena bildas.

Det periodiska systemet.

– “Vilket grundämne är vanligast förekommande i Universum?”
– “Väte”.
– “Vilket ämne är enklast? Vilket ämne har lägst nummer i det periodiska systemet?”
– “Väte”.

Poetiskt nog… så är det när stjärnorna dör som bl.a guld och platina skapas.

I sammanhanget, sade jag att jorden (Tellus) består av 75% vatten. Mm, det var ett fruktansvärt och tillika gigantiskt misstag jag begick…

“Everyday is a holiday.” eller som man bäddar får man ligga?

Picture: Nasa. @ supernova = exploding star.

Approching 600 rather rapidly. This is post: 591.

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Winter Is Coming!

November 9th, 2017 Comments off

47th time?

I can and I did appreciate the different seasons.

I never ever cared much about autumn though. Actually I’ve never liked it. It is… just so depressing. ; ).

I do know some that really like it. Actually, I know (used to know) one who simply loved it.

It is not for me. It slows me down. I’m not made for the cold and being deprived of daylight.

And no, there is no beauty in it what so ever. The rapidly accelerating darkness, the cold and death (in any event hibernation) of nature?

15:38 my watch says, it is dark, cold (7 degrees Celsius*) and it started raining just now?

It will last for months and months. If I am lucky it may end in April, if I’m unlucky it will end in the end of May (it has happened before. I once saw snow falling the last of May…).

It is inhumane. No human should inhabit this place. It is not fit for humans.

Unforgiving and extremely brutal. No, it is not “exotic” in any way. It is extremely brutal. There is really nothing “nice” to say about it. It is terrifying. The sun disappears?

* Grad Celsius (°C) är en enhet för temperatur som har fått sitt namn efter sin uppfinnare, den svenske vetenskapsmannen och astronomen Anders Celsius. Den används för att uttrycka temperaturer på celsiusskalan.

Anders Celsius (27 November 1701 – 25 April 1744) was a Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician. He was professor of astronomy at Uppsala University from 1730 to 1744, but travelled from 1732 to 1735 visiting notable observatories in Germany, Italy and France.

He founded the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory in 1741, and in 1742 proposed the Celsius temperature scale which bears his name.

No, not Löfven, Åkesson, Lööf, Björkeson or the other clowns etc. “Anders Celsius”. He passed in 1744?


– “Vad? Var Celsius svensk?”
– “Ja, Anders Celsius var en svensk vetenskapsman och han dog 1744.”
– “Vad är 1744 minus 2017?”
– “Jag vet inte.”
– “Jo, det gör du visst. Räkna?”
– “273?”
– “Mm, ja (jag sade ju att du visste…).”

Unbelievably hard climate. The picture was taken exactly 15:38 UTC + 01:00, 2017-11-09, @ the 58th.

No edit. Looking at it? You would assume that the World is going to end? And in a sense it actually is. Every year. Five (5) months or more and it will get much darker.

It is harsh. Eventually even the rain falling from the skies will freeze. They say that Kung Bore will visit us this year.

The darkness or “You know nothing John Snow!”.

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It Is All Set

November 8th, 2017 Comments off

One and a half decade of wondering. It is all set now.

The little one answered me. He does not know that. However, it is settled now.

Peace at last. My Lord. I can finally rest. I don’t have to worry any more.

Picture: Tall tower crane, pretty lights.

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I Encounter The Little One

November 8th, 2017 Comments off

Randomly, among his boys (I did try to behave myslef). “Grabbarna” or “boysen” as the refer to themselves (no not the author, not Karin).

An increasingly gender specific interaction it would seem, you might want to ponder upon that fact.

Boys and girls. In all honesty, I would not really know (I’m out of age and have been for quite some time now), but somehow, it is how I imagine the 1950’s to have been.

If indeed that is the case then it’s a colossal set back and essentially something completely different compared to my own adolescence.

I mean radically different. So? “Börja om från början?” We’ll have to start all over, again? (How about establishing basic human rights and completely skip the gender part?)

According to my family “tales” my uncle was mocked when he walked my youngest aunt around in ap ram in public in the mid 50’s. You may want to ponder upon that fact as well.

Verdict? “Din Pappa?, …en skön och avslappnad snubbe…” That is the best I’ve heard ever! Ever in the entirety of my life.

Sure, I know why he told me that and smarter than me for sure, well behaved at that. So, it may or may not be true. However, it is what I wanted to hear and the child (my child) knows that perfectly well.

“Nice and relaxed.” the 14 years’ old verdict? Pride is what I feel. Genuinely. I’m lost for words. I just did not want to embarrass him and it was a completely random event/encounter.

I am “nice and relaxed”? That’s brilliant!

No one, that I’ve ever encountered said/believed that? Not the doctor, nor my little sister, the King, Jaques, the secret Rasta, the other giant or CPH?

That’s why it’s just… brilliant!

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