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While, Haze [Chocolate Ind. – CHLT009CD, 2000]

March 14th, 2003 Comments off

while_hazeTerrific six-track EP from While on Chocolate Ind. “Haze” contains all his trademarks, but has an overall more sinister feeling to it. Tempo is lower, hip hop influenced beats and tremendous bass, fills the sonic picture, somewhat reminiscent of Scorn’s work, but not as slow or minimal and less sinister. The six tracks on the EP are all pieces of great music and “Haze” comes highly recommended. Apparently these tracks were originally released as two 12-inch singles with spectacular artwork. It doesn’t matter if you get the singles or the CD, the music on either of them will sound as good, that much I’m sure of. I say well done While!

While, Even [Chocolate Ind. – CHLT021CD, 2000]

March 9th, 2003 Comments off

while_evenWhat an excellent album this is! On “Even” While continues the sound developped on the equal excellent Lock EP also on Chocolate Industries. You get nice beats programming, beautiful melodies and rather interesting choices of sounds together creating simply brilliant tracks with just a hint of melancholy. It’s reminiscent of the musical ideas of the now long discontinued duo called “Spooky” (no I’m not talking about DJ Spooky) as well as the grossly underrated M-Tec. Starting off with “Gate2” a very short and beatless intro leading on to “Bin” with the characteristic bell like sounds of While’s productions. “Chase” moves on the same lines with nice beats and played basslines, fragile melodies creating atmosphere. The entire album continues in this vein, strong tracks, lush beats and magical melodies. There’re eleven tracks in total, “Else”, “Temp”, “Hive”, “Level”, “Fault”, “Lost4” and “Moth” are all equally well-composed tracks and together as a totality they make up this delightful “While” production entitled “Even”. And the American Chocolate Industries imprint were the ones who had the good taste of releasing the album. The artwork is really nice too, so you get visuals as well albeit them being motionless. One can’t but take a while and wonder what ever happened to this talented artist?

While, Slip [Chocolate Ind. – CHLT019CD, 2000]

March 9th, 2003 Comments off

while_slipAnother nice offering from Chocolate Industries and While is the mini-album “Slip”. Cant’ really get my head around the catalogue numbers, because this release is supposed to have been released after the excellent “Even” album, but it has the catalogue number 019 whereas the Even album got 021. Never mind that out of the eight tracks contained on the CD four are remixes and they are made by: “Savath + Savalas”, “Fennesz”, Agrape Dope and the fourth is by “While” remixing himself. Noticeable as always are the unusual and brilliant choices in melodic elements that enhances the unique lush soundings of the artist in question. And on top of that you’ve got artwork, which is simply stunning. In other words yet another great “While” release on Chocolate Industries.

Sierra Romeo, Nevel [FWD – FWD2001, 2000]

July 23rd, 2002 Comments off

fwd_fwd2001_2000The first release on the Dutch [FWD label was honored to Arovane and this the second, to Sierra Romeo and the result was this four-track 12″. First up is “nevel” a sweet sounding track with sounds reminiscent of early tupilaq recordings. Which naturally is a good thing! It is followed by “carcass” a minimal, slightly more somber track with floating eerie sounds – it falls into the more ambient side of things. The b-side features “c-en” with nice sound textures and suggestion of throbbing bassline alongside percussions light as air. This is a really beautiful piece of music – which also falls into the more ambient side of things. Last and fourth track “drant” delivers a solid bassline with a joyful melody, the kind of track you’re compelled to play at least twice in a row. Quite uncomplicated but the melody is very effective.