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To All The Girls And Boys In The World

June 21st, 2018 Comments off

The best drum’n’bass track ever produced?

Shockingly enough! It is still Doc Scott’s: “Shadow Boxing”*. And I have been looking for a very long time…

But, there are others… I mean come on, the History!

Danny Breaks and Droppin’ Science (defintely on par… either it is Doc or maybe it actually is Danny’s “Solar Jive”?), Reinforced, 4Hero = (Mm), Boymerang, PM Scientists, AI, Photek, Source Direct, J Majik, etc. (I cannot remeber them all. I’m aware of the label/artist mix-up).

That being said… Photek or Source? So What (It is actually a ref. look Horn-wise)? Just, try to listen. And that’s all really. As I was once thought (by many more than one).

Re. this though, you need to try to have an open mind. Always.

* And it is not a track by Photek? I forgot about Photek… 1997. Even worse. I did not even mention Digital, Klute, Teebee, Polar, Seba, Krazy or…

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Hail, The Haley Brothers!

February 2nd, 2018 Comments off

Somatic Responses. Consistency. Always so beautifully consequently distorted. Every time. And has been so for a very long time.

It used to be called “hardcore” and I for one think that it is still a deserved title. It is properly intense music, that I’ve come to understand over time. Rude soundin’ music.

The best kept secret. The reason why Hymen is and is not Ant-Zen. These are industrial breaks. The head shaking ones, but not necessarily in approval. The hardcore ones.

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