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“If you can’t afford to keep your Rolls’ clean? Then, you can´t really afford to own one?”

2017 equivalent. “If can’t afford to park your car? Then, you can’t really afford to own one?”

My father never owned a Rolls’… neither do I for that matter and even if I did I would probably not tell you.

“Style can never be bought.” Actually he said: “La classe ça ne s’achète pas.”. I really miss my father.

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[Picture was pending 2017-10-31 and added 2017-11-02. NB: This text is based on an actual job application.].

Since everyone seem obsessed with quotes and allegations these days?

Given that this is the first page of Riksteaterns press page.

I may on own accord have made an error of judgement here? Maybe it has nothing to do with my age at all? Maybe this is something altogether different? A different subject? The original post just below (dates are above):

I’m feeling mistreated. I suspect that it may have to do with my age? I’m worried that I may in fact be discriminated against in this very moment! And I’m Swedish!

I want to mention that “#” actually means something very different. Nice people. And why would the not nice ones tell you? Would you? What is behind your social networks? Is it… code? Who writes the code? Do you know how too? Probably not. Have you ever encountered a “natural” coder? I have. Seldom. In work? It is pure beauty to watch. Line-by-line. Art.

What? I am telling you that you do not have any idea of what your are talkining about.

“Hej *****,

tack för ditt meddelande.

Vi på Riksteatern arbetar med kompetensbaserad rekrytering. Vi baserar alltså vårt urval av kandidater på hur väl de matchar mot den kravprofil som vi ställt upp för tjänsten.

Dessa krav framgår av annonsen:
Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare.

Då vi inte kan utläsa att du har de kunskaper och erfarenheter som vi efterfrågar, har du inte blivit kallad på intervju.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

The last straw… I would have, if given the opportunity. I’ve been to the venues many times and I do truly believe in the arts. Misspellings and poor grammar. The “angst” of going to school and perform always and beyond. Always excel? There is at least a “?” missing in this rather short text. I love Riksteatern or the idea in any case. Fine. That’s OK and basically my personal problem. The message has been received. That picture though?

Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare? Det räcker nu? Kan inte ens stava ordentligt? OK. “Kulturarbete?” “Utbildning?”. OK.

Contact me at: anytime you want. It would be as a consultant though. Different tarrif.

The current situation? It is just ridiculous.

Picture added. First page. Press page. Riksteatern press.

Det fick jag lära mig i skolan. Avgränsa dina ämnen. “Det är nya tider nu. Det är digitalt.”.

I was thought in school. Scope, don’t let the subject matter become to extended. “New times, it is digital.”

Minister: Peter Eriksson – Housing and Digital? Minister of Digitalisation in 2017? Stop it right now! OK. Nxt post.

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Another HW Failure And Another First

October 28th, 2017 Comments off

On interrupted boot: “Fan Error”.

That’s a first… BIOS says that there will not be a successful boot sequence because the fan is broken?

The Hardware Maintenance Manual reads:

Error messages
Table 3. Error messages
Symptom or error (beeps, if any) Fan error.

FRU* or action, in sequence:

1. Thermal-fan assembly.
2. Thermal grease.
3. System board.

* Field-replaceable unit (FRU)

In electronic hardware, particularly computer systems, a field-replaceable unit (FRU) is a circuit board or part that can be quickly and easily removed and replaced by the user or by a technician without having to send the entire product or system to a repair facility. The defective unit is found by standard troubleshooting procedures, removed, and either discarded or shipped back to the factory for repair. The new unit is installed directly in place of the defective one.

I would have guessed: Factury replacement unit…

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Om Unit Has Trancended

October 28th, 2017 Comments off

The way he is playing at His latest set?

It’s… simply put dangerous. And I did not even know until yesterday that he has “air-time” (mm, “Rinse” was an actual radio station… you know old-school in the air hence the trem “air-time”).

Brutal/leathal breaks. I’m almost a little afraid (no not really).

The breaks are infact eternal after all!

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Hold Up! My Brothers And Sisters!

October 28th, 2017 Comments off

What now? Have you listened to Are you really going to ignore what the hell is going on?

Fine, I can’t do that. I for one did not spend 30 years listening, to ignore it? Too me? That is impossible.

And I will not do it. Pretend that it does not exist? I don’t care, that is simply ridiculous.

Om Unit is playing some stuff that I can’t handle. That’s overstreatch and overstay at the same time. I can’t really comment on that. Honestly, I actually don’t know what to say.

Either you never knew or you don’t just don’t care any more. Murder. Killed me.

The short mixing (I’ve never ever liked that. But, tracks are tracks though). I… there’s nothing I can say at the moment. The sound? The mix? The music? 01:50 min mixing?. That is less than 120 seconds, maybe ADHD does exist after all? 60 + 50 is 110 seconds? A new track every 110 seconds? That is insane.

Your decision. You can not have both.

That is 30 years’ of breaks… UK breaks. Come on? Get a grip? My entire life? I never said anything else? Few cared and now? It does not seem fair too me. I justed liked bass.

That’s it. Enough. “Om Unit” on, the set is days old. 30 years later? I never told you what to like?

No, it was DMX yesterday and Om Unit today. I can’t take it.

Picture: well it is Jeanne d’Arc, the saviour of France as it were and a woman indeed.

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UK Rules

October 27th, 2017 Comments off

What now? Are you serious? You can choose any show on

I have my favourites for sure. It is Friday night? My God. 2017? I’m telling you that you can select any show?

And you lot are leaving the Union? I can’t understand that. You can claim your own republic? Londonium together with the Scotts and the ones from Ireland (at last)?

Europe want and need you. Please stay.

The rest? Just listen to it? You don’t really want to loose it? Relentless beats? Hard work. Do you think that you can shop them anywhere?

No, I know for a fact that is not possible. The/that push? It really does not matter now if you believe me or not. I am too old and now I do know.

The R? And I am an European? If you don’t care about the beats? Another story altogheter.

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Neo-fascists And Neo-Nazis In The Goverment?

October 27th, 2017 Comments off

Come on man! What is your obsession with the subject? The answer is: +100 000 000 lives and it will happen again.

If they gain more power I’m the first to die. And it can happen at any time. There is one motivation for you.

You need to understand this. If the Nazis had won the war? I would never have existed. My father would have been killed instantly.

Then, my little sister, my little one and his cousin (that is French by the way) would not be in existence.

Most likely all of my friends would have been killed as well. Basically everyone I know would have been killed.

– Surely you have gone to far this time?

No. It is a historical fact. At least one hundred million people died. Very few of the ones that I know would have survived. My lifespan would most definitely have been extremely short. And no time for the little one to reply “42” to a question. You need to understand this. Never mind me or my persona. Basically, no one you know would exist. And it is not theory, it is a historical fact.

Bla, bla. It has already happened twice in Europe? Do you honestly believe that it could not happen again? Eradication? Twice? Have you heard about Cambodia (they killed everyone wearing glasses, dead again? Millions of people died.)

“Det får aldrig hända igen!” (Never again?) Yeah, right. I simply don’t trust you. Today Burma/Myanmar?

The second world war? Reminder: 100 000 000 or more lost their lives. Not only one but two atom bombs were dropped.

Why did they die? What cause did they die for?

The tired old and dirty men and women? It still seems misdirected to me. Let’s deal with the neo-fascists and neo-Nazis first. And then we can address the other issues. If they indeed are issues to be dealt with? I am not entirely convinced.

Just so I don’t get it wrong. You are willing to start a gender war (sorry if I offend anybody) at the same time that neo-facists occupy the government and young (men) get shot/stabbed every day?

I do know, that I really, really do not want a public tribunal, a mob condemning and chopping of heads left to right? In a civilised, in the civilised world you are/were considered innocent until convicted? Apparently we are going to fuck that basic principle as well?

Incomprehensible? I would want to think so. My grandfather died alongside 100 000 000 others. He fought for France, but he was from Senegal, Dakar. I know for a fact (I don’t think he ever) set foot in Europe. So… what did he fight for? What did my grandfather sacrifice his life for, exactly? An african fighting for “La Patrie”.

Fine. So, not much left of democracy is there?

You can be an adult an a child at the same time?
Regardless if you are in fact responsible and have indeed broken any of the many laws the mob will get to decide your faith?
You can hold one of the most prestigious titles (ambassador) and conduct treachery against you own country?
PRO (Pensionärernas riksorganisation) scammed the state = the people for… money?
Civil servants rob the state/people. Etc.

I guess I answered my inital title?

If my father would have been alive? Now?

Yours truly.

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That’s Well Over 30 Years Or More Of Hard Labour?

October 26th, 2017 Comments off

The ***** ******** R? Ruff Ryders?

Bass? So, now its popular?

What exactly are you telling me? The R? But, surely you know about the “R” right? Jada, Eve, Swizz, The Lox and DMX? They all belong to the “R”. Out of NY, Yonkers? You know that?

I was laughed at as a teen? What is that? Why do you dress like that? Why do you listen to that music? When I was a shorty and 15? It hurt then.

I did not really care then either. Music is culture (it is true I did not want to be like the others. True it made me even more convinced, to never follow the “others”.

True, I was raised that way.) However, it was a very long-time ago and even I has indeed been a teen. As I reminded (myself) and the little one today.

I’m not a teen any more. I got nowhere, I’m not going anywhere but now I have experience.

I am trying to raise a teenager by my self (that is ridiculous). It is too late now, either I did or I did not succeed.

My mentor from the Uni. answered my message? An huge event. I do got the thesis in print. But I have not read it. Frankly? The subject alone intimidates me. My mentor (he was a Doctor then…), wrote his thesis on Bohr (the Danish physicist) at Oxford. He was my teacher.

What? Well, we are talking about quantum physics in the 1920’s. It does not get more theoretical. No? OK. Saying that, Newton, Leibniz or Einstein did it not get it completely right?

Well, we know now that is actually correct, but 50 years later or so?

1970? You/we need to shape up? Read a book or better write a book.

Wait, hold up, what? That it is… Jadakiss (misspell it and I am a dead man for sure.) and Eve? NY (New York) I am listening to?

PS. I did visit Poincaré’s final resting place in Montmartre in Paris a long time ago. Funny thing is that I did not know that at the time, nor did I know that Paul and Simone rest there as well, side by side at the very same place.

I did not know that and that was not the reason why I attended the place to begin with.

I have been to Kierkegaard’s in Denmark as well, but that was intentional.


October 26th, 2017 Comments off

What? Did you really do that? Why did you do that? Why did you have to say 42?

You are/were a child? Saying “42” in a concussions state of mind?

The consequences will be immediate. No, there is no smarty-pants way out of this one.

You did reply “42”?

If you have ever read the book and you answer “42” to any question?

The consequences? They will be very serious my little one.

So you actually know the fictional charcter named Ford Prefect? The alien?

So, you my little one… have read the book? Not some stupid meme or a Youtube clip? You have read the book that I gave/presented to you?

Men nu överdriver du väl? Du kan ju inte mena det på riktigt? Eler?

– Watch me! Tro mig.

– “42”? Men vissa saker betyder mer än andra. You don’t want to monkey about with this stuff.

– But, it’s just a child? And you may have told the little one?

– That may very well be true. However, I do have reasons to believe that the “child” in question is conscious by now.

– What does that mean?

– Responsibility. Your age may not be the defining factor. “Age” is a legal construction? As I was once told. Apparently some are born and a they are already one hundred years old. I have meet one (1) such a individual. An unfortunate encounter.

– There are some things that you don’t never ever joke about. And if you choose to do so there will be consequences.

– How would I know that?

– You would know. For example you just don’t make jokes about 42. And you do know. The little one knew exactly what he was referring to and had an expectation of possible reaction. The little one could not never anticipated the reaction. That is time = experience.

I am experiencing it right now [sic!]. Do I like it? No, not particularity. The suffering that will follow from having a free mind? Generation after generation after generation. You don’t have to tell the young one what’s in store. Then again, I suspect that the young one is already well aware…

That may be so. But, did I just not tell you? You do not play with “42”. If I am telling you now, why do you assume that I have not informed the young one about the rules?

You do not EVER talk about “42” unless you know the answer. Never.

This is post: 555.

What is the deal with all numbers? Are you some kind of numerologist?

No, I’m most certainly not! Pattern recognition. I am and I have always been a positivist. I believe in science, hardcore logics and formalisation. By the way no God does not exist. Upsetting both my dear mother and my little sister in one sentence? Plz forgive me.

Push forward!

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Avskaffa demokratin?

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

Eh, det kanske inte var den bästa idén.

Maybe… it has to do with something else. Conformity of society? Did yoo just abolish our judiciary system? Why would you want to do that? Why?

No, do carry on. I, a dark old imbecille?

You were young? Wanting to make a carerr… and then a f***** old pervo put his hand down your trowaers? But, you may have been having a agenda then? Wrong? Puclic tribunals? They all ends badly. “Innocent until charged?” What is the next step? Are we going to burn/drown people like we used too?

Are we going to burn people again?

Rember we still love in a cvil state. We have laws and it it is not judgjement bu public tribunal. Personally? I have always dispasied the man. But we ised to live ona democract? Thne man is not even charged with aby crime? Barbaric! Democract died. A man/woman condemd. No trial. no jury. The last pillar of democracy.

I spent to many years in school. Ah, salary souldier? PRO fitgiting over the discarted cans? Din mormor/farmor samlar burkar? Pensionen räcker inte? Worked your entire life?

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