It Is Truly Indescribable / Unimaginable

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No, not even I will attempt trying that. However, if you happen to not know? You know nothing. This is the very source. The orgin of everything (musically at least). Seriously? 1962? Clearly it was made by people who believed in something? What happened I wonder. The push? Unreal music. You need to believe to be able to play like that? Either you know or you do not know. The man died 1965? I was not even born then. Denial? OK. But, I say music first. Again. Tributed to the one and only DJ Krazy. Damn.

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Closed The Shop

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Who closed the shop, exactly? Well, DJ Youngsta (don’t be lazy, you will find the set) closed the shop. Is it UK? Mm, yes naturally it is UK.

Is it excess? Yes. it is the definition of excess. There’s just no way around this set. I don’t know what to say. Shop closed.

“Dreader Than Dread” and “Digital Dread”?

However, that is not even funny. If you ask me. Not in my World it is not. Destroyed. Again.

And then there is the mighty “R”. The master. You know or you don’t…

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Wait, Hold Up, Honestly? What Did You Think Would Happen?

April 12th, 2017 Comments off

“You was much cooler back in the day…”. F & G 2017. For the record that’s more than likely the truth right there.

The “model”? Well that would be my absolute pride and joy!

And I am not going to comment the apparent triple irony (what the t-shirt actually reads), wait… I may have just have done so. If so my deepest apologises…

Is this not at all amusing? Again, I do apologise. The sensation? That uneasiness, that you may or may not be feeling?

That sensation (it is a rhetoric trick, repetition (it has been used for thousands of years and yes, it still works)) is called… life. Have you heard about it?

You know, the thing that we all do? The thing that is is not all that enjoyable at all times, but is at most instances thoroughly enjoyable most of the time.

You know? Ya’ll get me, right?


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It Was Known In 1997?

April 11th, 2017 Comments off

This is a totally unexpected scenario!

And I do mean completely unexpected. I have quite a vivid imagination, but this surpasses even that.

The stupid battery entities prove them selves at last.

In a non-related incident. I turned of the main power to my entire flat*. But my (battery-powered and at all times connected device is still functioning.

Yes, so what? But, I was listen and listening to a “Pod-cast”? It is all-is-cached and downloaded to my machine?. I’ve got an e-mail diploma (true story, I do have a diploma in using e-mail) from the nineties?

However, the little one? He barely flinched. The computer and game went down for sure, the phone was working for a couple of hours. The minimum is two screens at any time. You may want to think about that.

* I was aiming for a complete blackout, but did it work though? No, it did not.

So can it or can it not be done? Did tech stop that option? Hmm, I been there twice already in my life and that is in one lifetime…

Finally, why 1997? Is that significant? No, that’s is a completly randomly chosen year. It seemed fitting because the year of the Lord is 2017. An even number, no other reason really.

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Dreader Than Dread?

April 8th, 2017 Comments off

That is just so 2017.

Prepending, aspiring to or trying to be more, or overcoming or even surpassing the Dread? That is not possible. There is no “Dreader than Dread”. Dread is… Dread. I like the tune though. I really like “Digital Dread” too.

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People Come On!

April 8th, 2017 Comments off

What now? DJ Youngsta and again? Yes, again. Why? Well. the opening track of DJ Youngsta’s 17/03/20 set may very well be one of the best tracks ever produced in the entire history of music.

What do you mean? The “best track ever”, but are you serious? Do you really mean that? Hm, yes I am dead serious. Come on, just listen to it. I know that I do.

Bass trough and trough. UK-style. And it is not a question of geography… Best bass ever, but is it better than the Doctor? Helas, no no one is better than the Doctor. The “Doctor” would be Doc Scott. I am not talking about the bike riding fellow (7 titles?) and still riding.

The other doctor will you?

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To All My Fallen Heorins (And Heros)

April 7th, 2017 Comments off

Have faith!

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Så klart.

April 2nd, 2017 Comments off

No comment (belive it or not).

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Let’s stop this nonsense once and for all!

Londinium, the year was 43. No, not 1043, 1943 or 2043? The year was actually 43. You take 40 and then you add 3 (according to Western European calender 43 years from zero).

That’s when Claudius was Emperor of Rome. Londinium or London as it called nowadays was founded in 43 by the Romean Emperor Cladius according to the books we have.

That is a long time ago and that is still 75 years or so before Hadrian decided to build a wall because he got tired of the barbarian Northern tribes (I haven’t seen the wall with my own eyes, but the wall is still there… until this day. I know this to be true.).

The Empire ended there and beyond the wall there was (literally) nothing.

Honestly, how could there be something beoynd the Empire’s border? Don’t be ridiculous, will you!

Londinium is also apparently the sixth largest “French” city in the World (television station France 2 claims so)? Supposedly the equivalent of Bordeaux, the city? 300 000 French citizens in Londinium? Surprincing to me.

The Swedes? Yes, and many others, that is what cosmopolitan still means. Good news, if you are a cosmopolitan that is!

I’ve come to realise that we don’t value culture as we used to do, but the very best contemporary music emanates from this specific location and it has done so for decades. So, what is going on?

I urge you to claim your own republic or if Her Majesty the Queen wants to get onboard? That’s all fine and like a walk in the park and it will be a monarchy. You need to do this in a hurry, you need to do this now though! Article 50? You need to act now (Are you Scott or Irish? Well, it most certainly applies to you to)!

2000 years of history?

PS. UK’s moto is in French (I did not know this either) and it reads: “Dieu Et Mon Droit”. That would be: God and My Right or possibly God and My Law. I don’t know.

“If I don’t hear a DJ play this over the weekend. I’m going to start fighting in the club!”
(Fabio & Grooverider, 2017)

I would apply for citizenship a minute after the fact… SPQR.

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Enough Is Enough!

March 13th, 2017 Comments off

Fabio & Grooverider?

To me, in my World? Way, way, way larger than and much more significant than M. Jackson, E. Presley or any one I can think of (well not the Jazz and some other stuff naturally…).

The youngest individual nearest to me almost fainted at the suggestion… “larger” than Jackson or Presley?

Well, that is the one and only thing that “free will” and “I will let you decide for yourself” will ever do for you! A construct that is falling apart faster than you could ever ressurect it… ; ).

The quicker answer? Easy, at least in my world. I say like Public Enemy and Chuck P. once did: “Did not ever mean that much to me…” (freely quoted).

On the other hand if you remember or ever listened to any of all the (now sadly) fallen greats of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Reggae or Dub? If you didn’t, haven’t or don’t want to?. I am afraid I can’t help you.

Fabio & Grooverider make sense to me. It is nothing personal and I’m not going to argue about it… but it is 12/03/2017 right? The choice between: MJ, EP, JB (and no I am not referring to James Brown or Jason Button) or Fabio & Grooverider any given Sunday? It is not even a fair choice to be honest. Relentlessness pressure and absolute contemporaneity.

Where? Ah, that would be You may have read about it right here? Yes, it is the same station that hosts DJ Youngsta as resident. What a remarkable coincidence, don’t you all think?

DJ:s: K, Y, C, L, possibly J and even S? I think you need to listen to the 12/03/2017 podcast. It will by no means hurt you and since the dynamic duo seem to be very happy cats – it may make you as happy as me while listening.

“I love you, but don’t upset me right now and not today.” (I’m pretty sure it is a Lenzman Remix).