Luna Will Appear It Will Still Be Cold

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It Will Set And It Will Get Very Cold As Always

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Strangest Thing, I Found It Laying On The Ground

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It was laying there on the ground. It seemed very strange to me.

I thought it was just misplaced and I was looking for an owner to left and right.

I could not see anyone, I shouted very softly, “have you lost a sign?” but, no one was to be heard. I could find/see anyone?

Overwhelmed by deep emotion and equally deep conviction I finally made the decided to take care of it, for safekeeping until the rightful owner can claim it.

It just happens that it also the solution to our eventual social problems, cameras I mean.

What a remarkable coincidence, don’t you think?

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Need To Go Back, Way Back…

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Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop – 1992

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Om Unit – Self – Cosmic Bridge – CBRLP 001D

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Related would you not say?

I haven’t not heard the album yet. But, since I really don’t like all caps (executive of

I’m just going to rewrite some of it. Oh, my this is good music. Contemporary and ancient at the same time. Is “Cold Love” that short? Mm, the 1:30 attention-span-shortage-mixing… it is a shame or is the idea that you extend on your own? In some nifty software?

A frighteningly good track and an equally talented performer.

“Cloudwerk”? The title alone is amusing.

“When you go outside, talking to your self you’ll be fine. …I get caught in the Matrix, I need beats for the heart talking Heads and they’re a falling apart. Wish you were here now. Tell me why do you not…”

Yes, I do believe that “Cosmic Bridge” is in fact Om Unit’s own label. I have not yet verified. I just got the damn thing. How, is that for QC/QA? There’s proper Quality Control/Quality Assurance for my peps!

There are problems. “No man/woman is an island kind of problems.” If you make great things you are standing on someone’s shoulders. 2017? It is not the first time it happens, but the pace is elevated. There could be one, two, three or five of generations’ shoulders you are standing on right now?

Why is that so hard? Why is it not the opposite? I heard it, I got inspired and I wanted to create something unique?

It has always been a (theoretical) problem to me. If there’s no history of there indeed is such a thing as “secret” history (I certainly do not believe so.) Actually there are large parts of drum’n’bass history lost already. Crucial parts. What will happen when 1st and 2nd gen/line disappears?

“What is this strange black circular thing he/she collected? Does it burn? These rubbish files? Delete, right? Mm.

What will happen to lineage?

I can say this much. Breaks never let me done, ever.

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I Simply Refuse To Believe That It Is A Single Man’s Work

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Proof? None, what so ever. Exerience? Some. Intution? Lot’s of that stuff.

Om Unit? I know that he can mix (I’ve heard it or “seen” him do it.). I know that he can produce.

And I don’t mind the pre-mix, eventhough I preferr the live version. It is generally so much more lively.
– Fine. get to the point. So, what exatky is you objection?
– I claim that there is no way a single/one human put this together.
– What do you mean by that?
– I mean that: there are tracks in this mix that are super old, possibly very well before birth, there are tracks that are super secret, some (must be from last week) stuff that is to new to make a weeends mix of, hidden tracks. Etc.

Can one indivudual really know all that and furthermore finding it all “super-mix” it for a two hour show?

– Maybe it is a very good collector?
– That is a valid question. I’m sure he is. It is not my point. Never said he is not more than qualified. However, no matter your internet. It takes time to collect and to find exactly what you are looking for? It used to take decades and in fact it still does take time.

I’m listening to the “Self” and ofcourse it would help if you’re actually playing your own music. That was not the asumption when I wrote this. Some of the really “new” stuff is self-produced. I’m still sticking to my guns.

I’m as old about that you can get. No, I’m not the oldeset one. I actually think that I know who the elder is the oldest now living. No, I will not tell you. A remix of a remix of a remix of a classic track. You need to get your hands on it though?

Again is not the mixing. No way, one person put this togheter. No. You can’t streatch that long. I have never ever seen a DJ do that. Ever. With breakbeats? I say multiple induviduals or a really freighting machine. I claim it can’t be done. There are to many hits, to many styles, to broad a time-span.

No one can play the hits fro everyone. It is impossible to play all hits…

Simply put, it is to perfect and too clean. You would have to all the DAT:s to begin with? And then get all of them remastered and leveled to perform the perfect mix? Is that possible? 1990’s sound I do know and I do know how it sounded a decade earlier…

The little one said amids my rant: “Om Unit” is that one person or several persons? A perfectly relevant question and a rather interesting idea (not new).

In my mind is clear. Rhe best/cleanst/energetic/bass-filled mix ever without any misstake? Even the titles? “Out Of The Shadows” give me a break!

Machines Are Taking Over

It must be a machine?

I will never be able to prove anything of it. It seems impossible to me. I’ve been listened carefully since early days, avid collector and drum’n’bass is a passion. I just can’t see it being done. Again not the technical stuff. I know. I’m saying that it impossible to construct a set from 1993 – 2017 on your own. It can’t be done by a single person. Not by one man.

I don’t know Om Unit the artist. But, if you want to make a bet. There are tracks and versions of tracks… it is unreasonable that he would not know them.

The americana bits? Brilliant and it could very be from the very former week. More than love for Om Unit, I just can’t really believe it.

Need to review this text. I never write and seldom make public something that I bitterly regret, but it has happened in the past.

*My main concern right now is that there is something hindering my typing. As far as I am concerned my machine could be set on fire. “Key-lag”? I will solve it or it goes out the window. Most important part according to me? The keyboard. An immidate reboot and investigation.

Don’t get me wrong I for one have never ever heard anything like this.

“It is too bad she won’t get to live, but then again who does?”

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A Social Experiment. You Do Really Not Have Clue Do You?

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AI? Machines that are manipulating you right now? – “No I will always be smarter…” No, it will happen soon in a grander scale.

I mean? Do honestly believe that the stock market is controlled by actual people? Wake up! Now! Is there anything more important than economics in our World? Think about it,

Challenge: will I be able to find my little one’s alt. account on social media before he can find mine? *** I had to add without cheating.

Discussion. (The little one slipped and let that the cat out of the bag.. rule/agreement was no social accounts without explicit permission from Control.)

So, we have made a pedagogical bet. Who will find the other’s alt. account first? If even possible? I say Yes, the little one says no.

That is the social experiment part. Can I identify the “little one’s” account among + 1 000 000 000. I think I can… this idea has to do with DJ/Artist Om Unit. I do need to extend this text…

Anyhow, any reader is invited. Can you find my alt. account on so called social media? I could give you a clue, but that would spoil the fun. OK. Can you find it on, non-twitter, non-linked-in, non-instagram and none of the online dating sites. No, I don’t invite/want anyone to go looking for the little one’s.

*** The little one said, instantly: – “Ha ha, that is impossible! Unless you don’t IP-track me.” True. But, if I look in the router’s log past 24 hours it would take me 30 seconds or so. Damn kids. So, no IP-tracking. Information based challenge.

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Claim Your Own State? What Then?

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Ridiculous. All you have is politicians? That is not a state/nation?

UK the one nation with the most extreme exceptions of all members?

Own currency, hence not in EMU, not a member of Schengen etc.? And they vote to leave? Fine. There must be consequences.

London? Claim your own state/region now? I am a devoted European. London City can become a Republic, Ireland and Scotland? You are more than welcome. It will be complicated and you will have to make sacrifices.

You made a referendum based on populism and you ended up destroying United Kingdom? The UK? What?

CALLING LONDON! UK does not exist any-more? What will you do?
CALLING SCOTLAND! You always talk about independence? This is your chance.
CALLING IRELAND! All the wars, starvation in the past? Is this not the opportunity that you all have waiting for?


No. Free trade. You leave? You are in par or worse than North Korea. Don’t be stupid.

Sudan? Spain is even more stupid. OK.

And I do love Katalonien = but your currency is?
You are a sovereign nation right? An European nation?
Police, army, borders or judiciary system?
The simple idea of a united Evropa created your whole country? And now?
Can you keep the promise to the people?
A state? A sovereign nation? You used to be a member of NATO and now you are a state without defence? Good luck with whole that thing. Madrid sent the Police to beat you up. There are other means of force.
Who is going to represent you in the UN? No, I need a name. Ambassadors in 200 countries? Translators?

“Nationalism” will not solve Evropas problems. Never have and never have will.

Can you keep the promise to the people?

We have other issues/problems. We do not need another populist. First regular election in 1979? And causing trouble now? Maybe not a true candidate to EEC/EU? Maybe need to read up on democracy. EU is not a national bank. EU safeguardes democracy.

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Mon Père

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“If you can’t afford to keep your Rolls’ clean? Then, you can´t really afford to own one?”

2017 equivalent. “If can’t afford to park your car? Then, you can’t really afford to own one?”

My father never owned a Rolls’… neither do I for that matter and even if I did I would probably not tell you.

“Style can never be bought.” Actually he said: “La classe ça ne s’achète pas.”. I really miss my father.

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[Picture was pending 2017-10-31 and added 2017-11-02. NB: This text is based on an actual job application.].

Since everyone seem obsessed with quotes and allegations these days?

Given that this is the first page of Riksteaterns press page.

I may on own accord have made an error of judgement here? Maybe it has nothing to do with my age at all? Maybe this is something altogether different? A different subject? The original post just below (dates are above):

I’m feeling mistreated. I suspect that it may have to do with my age? I’m worried that I may in fact be discriminated against in this very moment! And I’m Swedish!

I want to mention that “#” actually means something very different. Nice people. And why would the not nice ones tell you? Would you? What is behind your social networks? Is it… code? Who writes the code? Do you know how too? Probably not. Have you ever encountered a “natural” coder? I have. Seldom. In work? It is pure beauty to watch. Line-by-line. Art.

What? I am telling you that you do not have any idea of what your are talkining about.

“Hej *****,

tack för ditt meddelande.

Vi på Riksteatern arbetar med kompetensbaserad rekrytering. Vi baserar alltså vårt urval av kandidater på hur väl de matchar mot den kravprofil som vi ställt upp för tjänsten.

Dessa krav framgår av annonsen:
Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare.

Då vi inte kan utläsa att du har de kunskaper och erfarenheter som vi efterfrågar, har du inte blivit kallad på intervju.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

The last straw… I would have, if given the opportunity. I’ve been to the venues many times and I do truly believe in the arts. Misspellings and poor grammar. The “angst” of going to school and perform always and beyond. Always excel? There is at least a “?” missing in this rather short text. I love Riksteatern or the idea in any case. Fine. That’s OK and basically my personal problem. The message has been received. That picture though?

Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare? Det räcker nu? Kan inte ens stava ordentligt? OK. “Kulturarbete?” “Utbildning?”. OK.

Contact me at: anytime you want. It would be as a consultant though. Different tarrif.

The current situation? It is just ridiculous.

Picture added. First page. Press page. Riksteatern press.

Det fick jag lära mig i skolan. Avgränsa dina ämnen. “Det är nya tider nu. Det är digitalt.”.

I was thought in school. Scope, don’t let the subject matter become to extended. “New times, it is digital.”

Minister: Peter Eriksson – Housing and Digital? Minister of Digitalisation in 2017? Stop it right now! OK. Nxt post.

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