I Did Find Something…

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I did find something spectacular.

Avishai Cohen Trio – Gently Disturbed – 2008.

It is pure jazz science. Out of this World music… It is unbelievable good.

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Being An Adult

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Well, the reason why young children speak in a very loud voice is because they seek their parents attention.

If not their parents then basically anyone (living) larger than themselves. It is not that complicated.

If, however the parent (most likely male) mimic the child? It is an extremely bad idea (as is screaming in general), A grown-up? Why would you want to do that?

Do you really think that parenting is a question of mimicking a child? A grown man screaming at a small child and “connecting”. Well, that is simply terrifying.

If that is indeed the case. Let me ask this simple question. Where do parents/adults originate from?

“Vadå? Slappna av, men du vet inte allt eller varför bryr du dig så mycket?” They are all relevant questions.

The answer will remain the same. I do care, alot, if no other reason because I have a child of my own. And the future is (discutingly) dependent on everyones behaviour and of your very own actions.

“Climate” or Gaia’s temperament, is an excellent example according to me. Actions do have consequences even on a global scale. It has never been so cold as this summer on the 58, it has never been hotter in continental Europe, no one living has ever seen so vilolent storms, ever?

And yet there are quite a few talking back. Apparently two more hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic. That makes four in less than two months. Not counting the ones in Asia.

I could not care less about my own generation’s faith. The young ones? Well, I am confident that you can guess the rest of my argument.

Are there further questions?

No, my profession does not involve children in any way. I work with words and machines. Being a parent it is not that hard. Do you believe so? Maybe you your priorities are not correct?

No, there is no excuse in this World for bad parenting. None, not society nor self-upbringing. Honestly, no one wants to hear about it, failing to recognize the basic concept concerning children.

They (yes, I do believe they are a collective in a sense) are the only innocent beings in this World. Every child is pure and has the potential of becoming an extraordinary human being.

Unrelated: my kitchen fan is producing an unreasonably loud sound. It should be a fan revolving at a constant speed. It is not revolving at constant speed at the moment and it is producing loud recurring sounds. Not unpleasant, but not optimal for being a kitchen fan.

Picture: from the fridge, the child that I care for.

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The battle of the settling of being? “Well, why, do you even have to care about that?

Well, I can not just write/say “soul” can I? That’s simply not true. In modern terms since the 1500’s. Descartes and ongoing since then.

And I am not a man of the clerk am I? And I probably never will be. If you are religious well then it is very simply. And the rules are clear. So, I am clearly not addressing you.

The complexity and beauty of this uncomprehension of our World?

Most people believe in an immortal soul. Great news. Most of them believe in nothing or maybe in monetary things. That is just swell.

The discussion that has been taking place a couple of thousands of years or for ever if you prefer that…

If it is calculation then it can be reproduced. And then it will be reproduced. If it is not then is it something we can not do on purpose. Why is that important? It depends.

Are you are interested in the mind? Are you interested in how self-awareness emerges? Music, art or science? To me it is a fundamental question concerning humanity.

The maths genius ending up in prison, there are so many species on our earth very few compose, play piano, bass or any other instrument. And very few try to exterminate the other. Why is that?

Surpass. But, “Pinzin Kinzin” is made by humans. We still managed to kill 200 000 000 humans in 100 years? In wars. That is in Europe alone.

And now another religious war? Like 500 years in Europe was not enough. I am willing to fight. I have a child. Again? You must know about the wars in Europe. Please don’t.

Pick up a book or go to the library if you have one? I will fight till my dying day for democracy.

If my father was alive… He would have been horrified. You call yourself Africans and musulmans? You are a disgrace (Vous étés un Honte) and your mothers will never stop crying.

Technology will always be supreme (when everything burns, it was meant to be right. **** will).

Fine. So, technology is given to who by whom? Where does technology come from? It is destiny? Fire from the sky above? If kidnapping young girls is a plan. Well, then fire from the sky can be a plan?

Then, I say fire from the sky. You are supposed to ride or walk there if you can and be close to God. You have never been there. You have not even tried and you have never given a tenth. You have not even tried being a human. So you are condemned and you will be punished. Since you have not even tried you will be punched harder. Rightly so. You are worse than the non-believers. You desecrate the name of the Almighty.

My grand grand father erected the first Mosque ever (there is a reason why the other is called “Le Grande Mosque”) and now I have to experience this? You can go there, it is not that far? You want to make peace with the Almighty? You are welcome to confess in the Mosque that my ancestor built.

Please stop missuing the name of the Almighty.

Picture: It is a white square with a black frame. Black and white? Void. Fire from the sky? In the eye of the beholder, right? You know, freedom, you know freedom of speech and democracy and all that? Like jazz music? You remember?

I’m genuinely afraid that one of these days I’m going to wake up in a fascist state. Where I can’t express myself, read or write whatever I want. I wake up, I can’t speak and the text above is prosecutable. I worry. I worry about the of the future of coming generation.

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Come On!

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It is meant to be entertaining (even though and said with emphasis, try being my son or daughter). Father and uncle can scream that: “Cooome on!” Father/uncle does, to all daughters and sons. Let’s all move on forward!

There is a category named “uncategorized” here on WordPress. Mm, that does not really make any sense to me. I have not given it that much thought. Until now.

What does that mean, I get confused, there is a default category that is defined as: “Uncategorized”? It is not “None”. So, what is the category of (all) “uncategorized” things and why is not “None”?

What is it? Semantics? The category of all uncategorized things? It does not mean anything. It is void of meaning. It is far from trivial too me and I was wrong again.

Language? The question is not if Orwell or Bradury got it right. (They both did). So did Transtömer.

We live in: “A Brave New World” and not “1984”. We do not live in a totalitarian state (1984).
We live in a state of personal pleasure (A Brave New World). The confusion lies in: “New Speak” (1984), a very powerful concept that has manifested itself many times.

But the missuse of language is not the central theme, alfa and beta people says Raybrady (if I can remember correctly) and indivudual pleasure/selection…

The stark distinction has been pointed out to me by a dear friend. A friend with a sense of detail that is unlike any other.

The short story? Everybody says “1984” but it is not. “Now”, is not “1984”, it is “A Brave New World”. Is that important? Yes, I think that it is extremly important.

I assume that it muche easier to handle a pure totalitarian system.

The distinction between “1984” and “A Brave New World”. Is important to me. The outcome may be same but we do not live in a totalirian state as depicted in the novell 1984. We live in another novell. Always all boys and men… Let’s include Boye’s “Kallocain” and Lessing’s work. Mm, at least one of the had political convictions… and they all originate 40’s to early 50’s it may tell you something?

The reading made the world look different to me… it litteraly changed my perspective and has done so through out my entire life.

I did read Asimov and I wanted to beleive him then. And actually I still do. The machines will rectify everything.

Picture: This is a view of the North looking from the South, Årstaberg. Looking at Södersjukhuset (no, not the trains not interessted at all…) where I and many others were born. Stockholm.

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Ghost Town

September 3rd, 2017 Comments off

I was a Saturday night (yesterday) in the very center of the city (I rarely visit the center nowadays) and it was bizarre.

Such a strong and strange void of human activity. Something must have changed in the city… that change scares me.

It is like a nuclear winter and/or pure fright. An unusually cold and extremely unpleasant feeling.

It is my birthplace and my patria? It is basically all I know. Yet, now I am confused and freezing again.

It is so cold and in such lack of animation that it actually terrifies me.

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The Other One Or Why Less Is Actually Always More

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

It was pure co-incidence…

Watching television (France 2). I Went Looking For Avishai Cohen? And I found two?

Concerning the references (“the other one”, for the record, I am really not partial to that head practice…) they are just that, references, not more or less.

In this particular case I am bit confused. This is the “other” Avishai Cohen, the bass player…

In all honesty I don’t know what to say. A trio lead by a bass player rather than an pianist or any other instrumentalist it is not uncommon.

It is the music, so technical and refined beyond reason.

The drummer… “Pinzin Kinzin” is playing like… I mean is that even humanly possible? It is insane. The intensity and ride on the drums in combination with… the as always “other-side” studio production. Three people? Impossibilities. It is as upsetting as it is good, again.

And if you happen to like/live/experience the Scandinavian perspective? Then there are enough references to keep you more than happy. The music is perfect, strangely perfect, almost too perfect to be jazz. Massive brute technical force and machinelike. Is it jazz? Of course it is. It is exceptionally good jazz.

As indicated in earlier posts this is/was actually a complete random event. I heard one of them, I looked for one of then “Avishai Cohen” and I found two? The whole thing is bizarre.

I do know this. There is nothing in this World that beats a tight jazz trio. No way and never (that would be the “Less is more” part in the heading).

It is always as brilliant, so many decades later. My father used to say that “Le tam-tam” will always reveal. That is a somehat differetn context. Let the bass lead and stack the complexity on top. And you are free to stack as much complexity on top as you feel is needed.

Example/question? “Pinzin Kinzin”, again the drums on that thing? Are you familiar with the overstretch concept? This is that very same thing or in any event very similar.

Wow, that is no joke bizzniz right here. 35 consecutive plays later? The tempo shifts? I mean… have some mercy upon my ancient non-existing soul. And then directly after follow “Puncha Puncha” and “Eleven Wives” sensory overload and complete shutdown (the mixing of the drums on “Eleven Wives”? Is that even legal?).

To top it all off. The album is called “Gently Disturbed”… I mean come on, give me a break? Just 1 (one)?

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I Need To Re-brand Myself II

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

Picture by: Jonas Stellemark, Tjernobyl/Pripjat April 2016.

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What Happened?

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

That is the question and this is dedicated to those who (may) know.

Picure: PrtSc.

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I Need To Re-brand Myself

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

Blir du lönsam, lille vän?
Will You Be Profitable, My Friend?

Artist: Peter Tillberg | 1972

Photo: Åsa Lundén | Moderna Museet

* The picture has been cropped.

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Raise At Least Two Hands

August 31st, 2017 Comments off

If you a wearing a Roel Funcken Balaklavskiy Prospex’ t-shirt right now!

Picture: my very own in all senses of the word.

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