Funckarma, Smizm EP [DUB Recordings – DUB30, 2004]

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funckarma_smizmThe supreme masters’ are back on vinyl as well as on DUB recordings. Complex beats, plenty of bass, as you would expect from the outstanding and untouchable Funckarma. A bit darker sounding this time around, but as with all their previous releases it is simply brilliant and it doesn’t get any better than this (well that’s my opinion anyhow.) Funckarma have done it again. Know this, you can’t touch them!

Stendec, A study of ‘and’ [Expanding Records – ECD15:04, 2004]

July 12th, 2004 Comments off

stendec_a_studyFinally the long awaited Stendec album surfaces, and it was well worth the wait. On “A study of ‘and’” they sum up their production from the past four years. You’ll find their contribution to the first evs series, Static Caravan and our very own Electronic Desert Recordings too. You’ll find parts of their previous only ever heard live tracks reworked and perfected and last but not least you’ll find never before heard material. Common to all the tracks are the quality and attention to detail that is a trademark not only to Stendec but also to Expanding in general. Warm, beautiful forward moving tracks is the nature of the study of “and”.

Holkham, Komatta Saru [Expanding Records – ECD14:04, 2004]

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holkham_komattaAn album released by the label that is synonumous with quality, both in music and artwork: Expanding Records. After starting releasing the second single series and introducing new artists on their label, that is, the artist Praveen and his debut evs3:03, Expanding present yet another new artist to their label: Holkham. However, Holkham has extensive previous experience of recording music and is vividly interested in the structural aspects of sound. Both these pieces of information comes across very clearly on “Komatta Saru”, which is his debut album on Expanding. It’s a strikingly well-balanced and well-produced album, with definitive rhythmic qualities. Starting off with the soundscapes of “Holkham” serving as a perfect intro, and it is followed by “The Conversation” analogally tainted beats and strong melody. You could say that the album contains and is built by contrasting pairs, structure is confronted with formlessness acting as short interludes and tie the album’s tracks together. “Bose Bose” is a kind monster of a song, heartbreaking strings flows over heavy drums and in comes the right amount of distortion sounding as a gentle rain, digital rain that is. “Bose Bose” is clearly among my faviourites on this fine album. Moving on to “Juv3_1” that introduces some dubbier aspects to the album. No dub e or any other kind can exist without bass and there must be a lot of it too. “Juv3_1” is naturally not an exception and builds slowly adding element after element creating a really nice e-dub track. “Mice” has a lovely intro and beatless bliss with washes of carefully selected sonds slowly increasing in intensity. Top-class! “Tam” lovely subbass in this epic track, the played bassline is fused with featherlight percussion and they simply rolls along. The second layer of percussions is added and it keeps on building and building, in order to be deconstructed in the end. It’s excellent and easily one of this year’s best tracks “Scrophularia” goes for brute force and has got big drums the added glitch and premium crisp brokendness create a compelling track. It too is among the favourites. The album is concluded by an array of beautiful compositions that seem to be flowing into each other seamlessly creating the impressive outro that the album deserves. On “Komatta Saru” Holkham succeeds in making an album that sounds like it was specifically made for Expanding without sounding as anything previously released. It’s easy to see why Holkham was selected to release an album, because it’s a perfect macth if I ever saw one! Expanding’s on track.

Peekay Tayloh, Sofa O.D. [Poeta Negra – PN23, 2004]

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peekaySuperb stuff from Peekay Tayloh on Poeta Negra, however if you don’t care for rythmhic complexity you might as well stop reading now, because this is nothing but examples of the finest material in that area. Masterfully crafted beats and breaks with a touch of jazz with seriuos leverage and stopping power. To make the release completely irristable they’ve also thrown in a remix by no other than Beefcake! Ever heard of Poeta Negra? Lucky you! I sure hadn’t until I came across their latest relases (Summer 2004) and what a treat it has been. The releases featured in this latest batch of reviews (PN23-25) all have outstanding quality in music as well as packaging and they alone make this Greek label well worth the attention.

Dani Joss, Liquid Photography [Poeta Negra – PN24, 2004]

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dani_jossEpic and ambient soundscape stuff on Dani Joss’ debut on Poeta Negra that has definite film score qualities. The EP is ladden with heavy strings and other processed string elements all riding on top of continously flowing washes of sound. It’s quite beautiful, powerful and as the last echoe of a guitar, piano or string dies out, you’re left wanting more. Ever heard of Poeta Negra? Lucky you! I sure hadn’t until I came across their latest relases (Summer 2004) and what a treat it has been. The releases featured in this latest batch of reviews (PN23-25) all have outstanding quality in music as well as packaging and they alone make this Greek label well worth the attention.

Coti, Lido Lato [Poeta Negra – PN25, 2004]

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cotiDecidedly ambient and minimal first disc in a set of two on this beautifully packaged double CD. Soundscapes and glitches fused with with fragments of sounds, the experience of incompleteness of these fragments gives the composition an overall sinsiter feeling. The distinct feeling that something bad has happened… This music requires your complete attention. If the mood is right, it’s compelling, however I very much doubt that my sister would approve. Second CD offers more structure as sound pieces of piano are looped, layered and combined, but the terrible event has already occurred and no one can change that, so the sinister feelings linger close by even in “Beben P” with its happy children voices vocal base. It is like an old family movie spinning on a DVD-player, it’s on repeat and playing for itself without (human) audience whatsoever. It’s extremely melancholic and also very beautiful music. Coti’s Lato/Lido is an excellent piece of work and I complement Poeta Negra for such an ambitious and fine release. Ever heard of Poeta Negra? Lucky you! I sure hadn’t until I came across their latest relases (Summer 2004) and what a treat it has been. The releases featured in this latest batch of reviews (PN23-25) all have outstanding quality in music as well as packaging and they alone make this Greek label well worth the attention.

Dirge, Fountain EP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN005, 2004]

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moulin005There’s a decidedly analogue feeling to the start of Dirge’s Fountain EP the fifth offering on Adim – Moulin005. In the “Hidden Track” the feeling is enhanced by the live sounding drums, guitars and unprocessed vocal, however there’s a lonely sounding violin involved as well in this melancholic track. “Casio (Early Version)” is a minute long interlude. “Phone” uses guitar, sampled busy-tone and conversation to great effect and you simply can’t get lonelier than you are in “Phone”. “Lois” contains more vocals, beautiful guitars, lonely sounding violins and timid beats. “Sympathetic Bar” with guitars, vocals and strings ends the “Fountain EP” and somehow this is exactly how you would imagine that the analogue/vocal sound of Adim (Autres Directions In Music) would be.

Atone, Un Jour EP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN006, 2004]

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atone_un_jour_epUn Jour EP is the name of Moulin 006 and that would be the sixth release on Adim. Atone delivers 5 tracks of high-quality electronic music stretching from dreamesque soundscapes to rhythmic complexity. The EP opens up with “Partir” with a sparkling melody reminiscent of the rising sun a beautiful summer’s day just after you’ve opened your eyes, for a new day and a new start. It is followed by the harmonica-filled “Two Marimbas” the hesitant melody in combination with the gentlest beats is trotting forward in a steady pace. “Balneaire” sets a calmer ambiance and would be the lazy afternoon in extreme heat and all blue skies. Very nice choices of sounds in this beatless track. “C’est Fini” has an understated bassline and some crisp beats, the sprinkled melody works beautifully as it is contrasted with the harsher sounds of the composition. Quite excellent. The EP is closed by the fifth and last song “Qobac Sine”. An atmospheric piece with heartbreaking melancholic sounds suspended mid-air in this the sonic picture of nightfall. To sum up it’s another nice EP from those Adim (Autres Directions In Music) people!

Propergol y Colargol, Charly Roger. Charly Roger. Songs for Fuzzycandy LP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN007, 2004]

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charly_rogerThe seventh release on Adim is brought to you by Propergol y Colargol. Their album entitled “Charly Roger. Songs for fuzzycandy LP” is Moulin007 it’s great. “No Particular Destination” sets of in a beatless and dark direction. “Il Covo Club” adds some structure to the sonic picture and its understated beats are decidedly glitchy. “Aunties Annies” contains echoed and layered disharmonic sounds fused with straight-forward yet feather-light beats creating a haunting effect and it’s quite nice at that. “Ass.Music.Etna.Zö Club” keeps the dark atmosphere with its beatless and desolate soundscapes. And it continues in “Benjamine’s Spasm” sounding like a recording of an alien radio transmission slowly being transformed into a slightly more earthly sounding song. “Café Trauma” if not feeling all that well maybe you shouldn’t go? In “-22-” there’s a catch, it’s reversed and watch those speakers/headphones when the treble onslaught sets in, intriguing. In “Forum Stadpark” Propergol y Colargol show a friendlier side with a sounding-like-harmonica-melody, distinct beats and a lot of atmosphere, but the question is can you trust them? “Hitchhicking Non-stop” is also treading on the gentler side of things and is virtually beatless. “Nordstern” and “O’fantasmo” conclude the album. The sound is very individual and maybe not on a beginners level, I for one find the “Charly Roger. Songs for Fuzzycandy LP” thoroughly enjoyable in some strange mysterious way. Adim full speed ahead, never mind the icebergs!

Deadbeat, Wild Life Documentaires [~scape – SC15, 2002]

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sc015_deadbeat_wild_life_doIt’s e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. Some like and some don’t. I think it’s simply masterful!