Deadbeat, Something Borrowed, Something Blue [~scape – SC21, 2004]

July 12th, 2004 Comments off

sc021_deadbeat_something_boJust like on Deadbeat’s previous album on ~scape “Wild Life Documentaires” we’re talking of e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. Some like and some don’t. I still think it’s simply masterful!

Harpagès, Simple Visions [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN004, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

simples_visionSimple Visions is the name of the latest release on the Adim label, it’s moulin 004 produced by Harpagès. They deliver a single track stretching some 28 minutes creating an amazing atmosphere with clearly cinematic characteristics. The visual associations are direct and enter as soon as you start playing the track, so its title “Simple Visions” is very fitting indeed. However don’t be misled and assume that this is simple music, nothing could be further from the truth. Because even if the visions summoned by the music may or may not be simple the same cannot be said about the music itself. It’s an intriguing piece of work that really fits on the Adim label as well. As it turns out after reading the accompanied information this piece was originally ordered in connection with a festival taking place in Lille, France and resulted in a short film. The music was made before the film and should not be regarded as a soundtrack as such it’s more than that. As usual the track and artwork (not the film though) is available for download at the Adim site or purchasable as CDR for 5 euros. Go and get it now!

Quench, Dyn [U-cover – U-COVER16, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

quench_dynR&D Funcken have done it again! And what is that you may ask and the natural answer is: produced and recorded another epic mile-stone-esque full-length album! “Dyn” is released by quality label U-cover, it’s their 16th release and it features the one-of-a-kind masters R&D Funcken under their Quench moniker. You get 11 tracks of the finest electronic music available. You get to hear Funcken re-invent, re-define and re-edit themselves. There’s just no relevant comparison possible. This release comes with the highest possible recommendations. Get it now and your life will improve all you have to do is to embrace the complexity and discover the beauty!

Deru, Pushing Soil [Delikatessen Records – PLATE8, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

delikatessen_plate8_2002Another fine release on Delikatessen Records, this time around it’s Deru getting the remix treatment on the “Pushing Soil” EP. And as usual with Delikatessen it’s all rather tasty, a 10″ vinyl with strikingly good-looking artwork, top-class packaging and four strong tracks. The remixes are done by two household names and two soon-to-be household names. First up is Lusine who also has his very own release on Delikatessen, actually the very first release on Delikatessen, the first plate served. His “Soulik_Remixed” carries all his trademarks from the warm rich basslines down to the clear and precise production. Lo Grey Beam’s contribution “Din_remixed” is clearly on a hip-hop tip with solid beats alongside nice sonic textures. Flip the record and you get Xela’s version of things, slow moving, slightly dub-influenced atmosphere filled layered bliss with a dose of melancholy. Excellent stuff indeed. The most intriguing remix is delivered by the to me previously unknown talent Ginormous. It’s an excellent track, which slowly builds and has a surprise or two in store. The beatless intro leads onto an interesting choice of sounds for melody fused with an ultra deep bassline resounding and progressing throughout the track some beats are added as well as a dramatic break. The “Flux_of_Humor_Remixed” ends the “Pushing Soil” EP. It’ll be interesting to see what the two fairly unknown remixers will concoct in the future and that applies to the remixee too, that is Deru. I must admit I haven’t heard the original release, which forms the basis for this release, but after hearing Deru remixed I suppose I’ll have to investigate the sonic source as well.

Gridlock, Formless [Hymen – ¥736, 2003]

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gridlock_formlessTougher than though Gridlock delivers a fantastic album entitled “Formless” is quality music through and through, make no mistake about it. Gridlock chooses to focus on the less furious side of things and have managed to compose an album that is intense, beautiful and filled with atmosphere. “Formless” is yet another great album out on Hymen.

Somatic Responses, Adverts [Component – COM112, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

somatic_advertsIt is all about dirty breaks and heavily distorted soundscapes what did you expect? It’s Somatic Responses we’re talking about after all! “Adverts” is a double CD out on the hard-hitting Component Records packed to the brim with Somatic Responses and may I add not for the fainthearted. As is often the case for me, mixed emotions are evoked by music with these characteristics. At times the sheer ruthlessness of the music is both compelling and enjoyable in it’s own right and at times it is not. Somatic Responses have a tendency to make, a maybe to thorough job of tearing apart their own musical constructions and literally crush the sonic picture and drench it in distortion. It’s their insignia, but at times the brokenness completely takes over the tracks. On the other hand in the right amount and with a bit more coherence then it’s just excellent disjointed break beats with a very hard edge. If you like your breaks industrial strength graded and dirty sounding and you don’t mind distorted soundscapes, then be sure to investigate Somatic Responses’ “Adverts” and you’re in for a 140+ minutes onslaught. And while you’re at it take a close look at the entire component label.

Various Artists, Jip2 [Jiprecords!/Eat This Records – JIP03/ETR7.2, 2003]

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jip_records_jip03_etr7_2_mIt’s the third release on the excellent Jip, a sub label to Eat This and also reportedly own by the world’s youngest label manager three year old Jip. You get five great tracks of electronic music delivered by Koolfunk, Loess, Loden, Mitchell Akiyama and Slemper. I guess we all have to wait patiently for her next birthday and the next release. In the meanwhile get your copy of Jip2!

Loden, A better landing [Eat This Records – ETR13.1, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

loden_better_landingA lovely 7-inch by Loden out on Eat This, Dutch electronics in force and at it’s finest. Loden recently contributed to the latest Jip release. It’s an Eat This release, it’s got to be good, right? And it is just that.

Endorphins, Discipline [Eat This Records – ETR11, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

endorphines_disiplineFinally, after what seemed an eternity, the long, long wait for Endorphins album on Eat This surfaces. You get 8 tracks of beautifully constructed nostalgic beats, warm basslines and if you’re lucky a 3,5-inch floppy disk or if you’re even luckier an insanely limited 3-inch CDR… So was it worth the wait? There’s no doubt in my mind that it was. “Discipline” may not be as musically revolutionary as one would perhaps be hoping for, but it has other qualities and that’s the timelessness of quality electronic sounds and production. And why should it not be the case? Good beats are good beats and solid basslines are solid basslines. And there’re some harsher sounding elements as well. Maybe not what you would expect, but definitely not out of place, as in the track bearing the same title as the album “Discipline”. In short this album contains a great collection of electronic music and together with the “extras” it is a release that you want. Actually the fact that it is released on Eat This should make this decision an easy one.

AMBit3, Enwrapped [Nature Records – NAT2122MCD, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

ambit3_enwrappedThe opening track “A.M.beat” sets the mood for this mini-album entitled “Enwrapped” its produced by AMBit3 and released by Nature Records. Nature is home to number of celebrated artists among them the illustrious Passarani. “A.M.beat” is a fine tuned piece of melancholic electronic music containing feather light beats, understated yet with a lot of forward movement. There are seven songs in total: “T.S.L”, “Scrape-box”, “Fault-resistant”, “Electromotive” and “Blue Chill” are all examples of quality songs leaning toward understated electro. Wrapping it up with the seventh and last track “Ambientre”. Its beatless sound structures serves as a perfect ending to this nice and accomplished release. AMBit3 are apparently working on a full-length release, which is due this year (2004) and I for one is looking forward to that release.