Exatly Who Is Holding The End Of The Shovel?

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If you are holding the end of the shovel and you are digging then you are going to end up in a deep hole?

You will not need any help ending up in that hole. You are the one doing the digging.

A completely “randomly” chosen picture from the grace of G**gle illustrates the heading.

The exact search phrase was: “muddy spade”. Yes?

It so happens that “spade” and “spade” is the exact same word in at least three languages. Even though, there must exist other muddy spades in the World besides the Danish ones?

I did mistake “spade” and “skovel”. I don’t do that much gardening, that I can confess. I did remember the difference between a spade and a shovel just now.

I suspect that most probably would not make that distinction today and not everyone would know what a “skovel” actually is. I’ll have to verify that, regardless it is not an excuse.

I personally would never say: “snöspade” or “strandskovel/strandskyffel”.

Words like: “spade”, “skovel”, “skyffel” have the same meaning. As any other words they are dependent on context (this is actually not an universally accepted truth, but bare with me on this one), so when the context disappear, so do their “meaning”.

Related: “- Såg du golfskottet? – Nej, jag missade det. Förövrigt, man skjuter inte i golf utan man slår (på bollen). I fotboll så kan man ha ett bra tillslag på bollen men man skjuter den i mål.” (I really don’t care for that sport, golf I mean.).

In 10 years’ time there will be no structured language to speak of at all. Fine. Maybe it does not matter and it may turn out to be of no importance, I still would like to say that common language is a well proven concept and that all known civilisations seem(ed) to depend on the very same thing.

Watch what will happen when there is no common language left.

Hey, this seems familiar and interesting. Could it be theory to practice? I did not think I would ever see that during my life-time (silly me), another time maybe?

Yet, I got a Danish photograph that I find really pretty. It is a lovely photograph (I like the shadow) and it is red and white to.

Picture: Adam Bindslev Fotograf

However, there is another Danish thing that I find prettier and more precious than anything else in the whole World and no it is not “Den lille havfrue” I’m referring too.

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Fiction Is So Powerful

July 24th, 2017 Comments off

Today, there are people that actually move like (programmed) game characters.

If they would only dress the part, then it could be interesting. Dressed as their favourite in-game characters?

Helas, no one of them do, they dress like everyone else, they just happen to move in a particularly strange way and I for one find that unsettling.

It is related to the immensely popular mass media stories. Living your life through fiction or living your life consuming a fiction.

For example two of them are located in NYC, with wardrobes that are ridiculously costly and groups of people that know each other.

They never seem to: work, hesitate, sleep, stress, clean, dust, make dishes, pay bills, taxes, wash their clothes or anything else? They never ever do anything?

Then there’re all the super naturals, the eternal zombie hunters and the million and one forensic scientists who surely do not do anything of that sort.

However, you are probably not the female nor the male lead character in any of these fictions? You know very few, I dear say none that could be any of them? Yet, somehow the fictional “lifestyle” presented has now become everyone’s norm and right?

I suggest that there are many too many people seemingly believing exactly that. In all honesty, how could anyone believe that? That would entail luxury for the majority or luxury for the common man? But, that’s simply ridiculous.

I may add that even suggesting how unreasonable the proposition is will cause you serious problems. So I advice not doing so. No, not really.

Why? Well, anything that is in principle accessible to all is by definition not luxurious. And that is really not a monetary question.

It may be something that not only the UAE, CN or US may want to consider, the rest of the World may want to consider that too. Example: the majority of Sweden’s (Europe’s) homeowners are “millionaires” except from the fact that their property is actually owned by a bank that has in turn loaned its funds.

The bank deals in virtual assets and those assets are funded by other banks much larger than themselves and they are in turn funded by much larger systems, like IMF and the so-called global market place.

The “global market place” is at best controlled by machines or by nothing at all. It is much harder to achieve true randomness than one would assume. Actually it is quite hard to achieve it in a mathematically sense, enter the human agent. I’m sad, I’m glad, I believe in or don’t believe in, it’s unusually warm/cold/normal for the season, etc.

The global market place defines every aspect of your life from your birth to your death. The cost and labor involved in dying in dignity is quite high, in case you did not know that.

The current system is based on a fiction… it is make-believe, it is not real.

Most likely your: boy/girl/boy/girl/neutral/mother/father/friend will not be able to offer you an apartment in central NY with a walk-in-closet as a casual gift. And your shoes or handbag are not worth your monthly salary are they (it is a trick question), if they are can you truly afford them or do they actually belong to the bank?

Not now or ever. Why? Because it is all fictional, it is make-believe. It has nothing to do with reality. “You know? For kids?”

Picture: “It has to be the shoes right?” The shoe? Well, it’s right here, and yes, it is all about the shoes. For the record I’m not partial to this brand. It suited the narrrative of this text that’s all. A nice looking shoe nevertheless at least if you ask me.

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It Is A Disaster In Progress

July 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I’ve spent more than 45 years in this city and the majority of that time has been spent in a 3 km radius (or possibly less).

I’m very proud of and I have great love for my city. Why wouldn’t I? That which I am witnessing right now? The ongoing division and fracture? I always imagined that I would embrace the break up of normality in full? However, (to my big surprise) no, it is quite the opposite. It’s just simply horrifying and it undermines the very fabric of not only the city but our society as a whole.

What do you mean by that? I mean that religion and ancient ideas do not apply here. Ancient ideas concerning relations between men, women and children, ideas concerning the absolute equality between all humans, the democratic ideas that literally is the foundation of our civilisation.

Political religion is a major concern for democracy it maybe the biggest concern, since a true democracy adheres to freedom of speech and religion.

Not only religion this time around and it would seem that I was wrong again… more than anything it is a disaster in progress. “I landet utan frågor.” (quote by E. Lundin.)

I do believe it is going to end really badly (in any case for a majority of the people).

You can’t see it? I am sure that you are aware. Do you imagine that it does not concern you? I would have to disagree. Hence the title… actually it has already happened, so the “progress” part is somewhat misleading

The soundtrack could be: Rolaz’ “A Tale Of Two Cities” from the 2015 “Another Day EP”?

And yet, no one seems concerned or even slightly worried? Not even the ones with own offspring? I personally find that deeply disturbing… you honestly do not consider that it could pose a major problem to democracy and equality, in the city or the country? Seriously? Language, education, ability to support yourself? Human rights? No?

Theory first: democracy is a very fragile thing. History has thought us that at least twice in the past 100 years? The principle of separating the power of church (religion) from the state and having an independent judiciary system must surely be the foundation of any democratic system?

And the “One man’s ideas, one man’s rule” option on the other hand is the opposite of democracy? There’re actually words for those practises… many words.

You didn’t really think those ideas magically vanished 1945 or did you? Look-up the date of Spain’s first democratic election, Greece, Turkey, Hungary or what parts of Milano and Roma thinks? Or take any other of the defeated ones for that matter.

(I realise now that this is actually a separate topic. Because they (fascists) would probably agree with me on the necessity of having a secularised state, however as they don’t recognise democracy at all it gets a bit complicated, since I am advocating a secularised state which is in fact a democracy. See above.)

A democratic state has to be secularised. There is no such thing as a religiously based or religiously guided democracy. There is no such thing as “Civilsamhället” either. Can a state be built on those principles? Depending on what the definition of a “state” actually is, sure it can and it has been done many times.

However, they are not and will never be democratic states.

It is clear (to me) that secularism is a precondition. A democracy can not in any way be guided by religious rules. And if you do not have a truly secularised society you will never have democracy or if you ever had democracy you will inevitably loose it when your society no longer is secularised. When society is governed by unofficial religious rules/laws.

The two are incompatible and that is the reason why they; religion/state were separated in the first place. In Western Europe after 100’s of years of war and shedding of blood. Catholics and protestants fought for well over a 100 years in France alone, it is called “The 100 year war.” I assume they would have called them selves Christians?.

My assumption has always been that if religion has direct influence on the state and its affairs. An another level of hierarchy will be introduced and not only a level that supersedes the state, but a level that does not necessary applies to all citizens depending on their religious beliefs. Etc.

As a citizen in a democracy you have the freedom to believe, worship and basically say, write produce whatever you want. But, you don’t have the right to undermine the state. That is not one of your rights and speaking of rights, there’re are quite of civic responsibilities as well.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Finally: whatever you take for granted, you will inevitably loose.

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The Overstretch

July 21st, 2017 Comments off

I do know that I’ve been accused of overdoing things. Exaggerate and even possible more often than the other way around.

But, this is proper breaks. The new from the old, the ancient stuff, the good stuff. The eternal and all mighty bass, progressing through time, the one that captured me so many years ago more than …years ago.

The “Africa is a Road.” sample (I actually don’t know that one, I doesn’t sound ancient at all, but it doesn’t matter it still as brilliant). Drum’n’Bass if I ever heard it. The real breaks?

Excellent, as it ever was and as it always will be: Playing like that?

Why the obsession with the breaks? Well, this is one of the reasons. Time may be another.

The picture? Possible the “best” photograph I will ever take in my entire life. I don’t know the first thing about taking photographs. It is not the photograph in itself, it is the subject. Again, overstretch.

No, I Will Never…

July 19th, 2017 Comments off

Current politics?

The very old and bat-crazy Agent Orange, May or may I not, the young cookie Macron, Batra, Åkesson, Lööf and the rest?

They come and go but bass is eternal.

“Le tam-tam” has been here from the start, eternal and truly indestructible. It simply can not be destroyed.

Like Plastician: rinse.fm.

Does that sound like brexit music to you? Is that the brexit sound-score? Mistake.

No, I will never change. Rude as it ever was. Brilliant stuff. Now, don’t get upset. This be our war. Come on, son/sister/brother!

“- We do reloads or what?” No, please, just stop! “- Full mix-down, yes? – What do they call it these days? And it don’t get easier.”

A life-time spent. The programming and that bass, yet it was/is a reality somewhere? Clearly that is not here. Herreminjävlagud!

The Sounds of London. The sounds for the rude girls and boys. I can’t almost not believe it. Eternal Bass.

The religious fanatics? You will all be crushed, every single one of you. Trust me. I may not be here to see it happen but you will all be annihilated and when that happens you will have to deal with God. I say good luck with all of that.

One of my ancestors built the first mosque “Le petit mosquée” in Senegal, Dakar (more exactly in Medina, it is still there. I have seen it twice).

It is litterally a stone trow from the house where my father was born, Mm, yes naturally my ancestor was an Imam. You can visit it anytime if you want/dear. That would be Medina in Dakar, loud sounds, hot, really big rats and the “real” World.

Is it relevant? I do believe it is. Criticism must be founded in something. The Koran school that my father was supposed to attend is still there, 100 years later and it is still filled with shaved five year old boys.

My father left at his own will and to dismay to everyone at a very young age. Underline, don’t talk about things that you effectively don’t know anything about. Stop talking about things that you really don’t know anything about.

You are telling me what? You need to be very precise now. You are telling me what exactly? Did I not tell you? I never said that I did I? However, did you ever considering asking me?

And plese don’t ever tell me what to believe in or who I am. Ever. Just don’t do it. Don’t tell me how to live my life. Have I ever told you what to do or how you are supposed to live your lifes? I have never done that ever. I have never done that and I will never do that.

The brotherhood? How/what? My sisters/brothers? If I was in need and actually callin’ the soldiers?

Well? I needed to explain (parts of it) to the junior one. The grown-up stuff, talks about integrity, loyalty and passion. Mm, no I did not want to, I did have to.

So, are you going to step up? My girls/boys. Will you rise once more for the sake of the ancient and sacred brotherhood of bass?

The picture? I like the contrast.

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July 14th, 2017 Comments off

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Vive la République, vive la France!

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Men Det Fungerar Ju Inte Så?

July 8th, 2017 Comments off

The World does not really look or work like that does it?

Your actions will ultimately have consequences? However, it does not really matter if you actually know what you are doing or not.

The outcome will be more or less the same. Every time. It always is.

Your experience or lack thereof is not really a factor that matters and that is regardless of your age. You may be 15 or 75 years old it doesn’t really matter.

It may be something to be learned here, a possible lesson. No one really cares about anything that you do, ever.

Except your mother and father (or your mothers and fathers depending on set-up. I once met a young boy that had no less than four mothers…).

Regardless, in all honesty they may be the only ones that actually do care what you eventually/ever try to do and if you don’t/didn’t get along with them? Then, I’m quite confident that you will be in somewhat of a turmoil.

Ah, the title? Approx. translation would be: “Well, but it doesn’t work that way?”. Why is the title in Swedish?

Because the writer has own interests. And the choice of the picture? Is there a reason for that as well?

Yes and it is known to no more than two persons in the entire World and it would be extremely strange and quite frightening if at least not one of them knew why it was chosen.

Note: This title and many others on this site, do not apply to the rules, as such they are not completely correct… “Men det fungerar ju inte så?” Notice the lack of capital letters? That is one broken rule appearing in the title and therefore it is not a correct Swedish sentence.

All the words exists and are spelled correctly (as far as I can tell), but it still nothing you would write, rather it is something you could say. Let’s not dwell (such a funny word) more on that subject.

Most or none of the titles you will find here are grammatically correct, so… please don’t copy-and-paste them, you may get in unnecessary trouble.

It is called: freedom. But, you would need to know the rules to begin with right? Before you attempt breaking them you would have to have tried to know them? You wouldn’t want to try breaking rules you do not know, right?

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Wish You Where Here

July 8th, 2017 Comments off

This album cover has always intrigued me.

I first saw it when I was a very young boy. Admittedly, I am not a young boy any more, but it still intrigues me.

The picture’s symbolism seems even more powerful to me today. I always found it peculiar and like a rather ill-conceived strategy.

I mean if you are literally on fire? Either you are not aware of the fact that you are burning or you don’t mind being on fire?

However, if you don’t mind burning what does that tell you?

I have heard this album more times than I can count. I could not name a single song by title and I certainly don’t own this album.

I was reminded of the cover just hours ago and I realised that the title is provokingly apt in this exact moment or have been for some time now. I do believe it was originally released in 1975.

As I said, that was at a time when I was still a very young boy.

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180 Tracks And 14 Hours?

July 8th, 2017 Comments off

“The Isotope Cobalt Full Mix” by the one and only Roel Funcken.

It is so typical of my/our time. Always the sensory overload. A fourteen hour mix?

Talk about flooding the system… 14 hrs?

I am not adding 180 tracks to discogs.com manually, but I think there is an API, so maybe I could try to write a script…

I used to sit patiently by the radio and wait for something interesting to be played, then press record on my cassette deck.

Armed with C-90 cassettes (45 minutes on each side or C-60 then it would be 30 mins) most likely manufactured by TDK, Maxwell or possibly Sony. A selected few were metallic and much heavier than the ordinary ones (and they were evidently substantially more costly as well).

I actually ended up with a double-deck, so I can still copy how many cassettes I want!

On a good night the DJ would tell you what track was playing and if you missed out, then you waited until next week hoping that it would be played and ID:ed.

Of course this was not randomly performed and the analogue radio stations had musical direction/preferences and DJ:s playing accordingly.

Not all things have not changed and some things probably never will. For example commercials, they are as stupid as they’ve ever been, politics and money are exactly the same.

I have been warned by authority about the dangers of nostalgia and I do take the warnings seriously, however I don’t think it is nostalgia.

I looked for those tracks in so many years… and the fact that the compilation “Best Of Electro Volume 1” exists and that I managed to find it was incredible.

I can still remember the first time I heard Cybotron’s “Clear” and it has been my absolute favourite since then (naturally I did not know what it was at the time), Egyptian Lover and Hashim’s – Al Naafyish (The Soul) are as inescapable.

Actually, I probably prefer Egyptian Lover today if I had too choose (no, that’s clearly not true…):

Egypt is the place to be. Egypt, Egypt.
Pyramids are all so shiny. Egypt, Egypt.
The women here are all so cute. Egypt, Egypt.
The freaks are on the floor now. Egypt, Egypt.
Dancing to beats that I compute. Egypt, Egypt.

One word: Kraftwerk and then any number of words… (Tyrone Brunso’s “The Smurf”, Minneapolis anyone? I haven’t heard it in such a long time. But hearing it today it surprises me that I’ve actually never heard/thought about it before. It is such a a shameless Prince cover/rip-off. It is pre-sampling era or near-by if such a thing exists.)

Rewired my brain… forever. The future manifested itself to me in my own current time, trough my cassette player and projecting itself via sound?

There’s a very, very concrete reason why the mid 80’s breaking crew that I proudly belonged to was named: “Cybotronics” , I can assure you that it was not accidental. Electro.

Looking for that perfect beat.

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Everyday A Holiday And Africa Is A Road?

July 5th, 2017 Comments off

No, I’m destroyed again, I got trashed, again? By a opening track of a two hour set? Are you serious?

Oh, my lord that is rough bass music! Would have killed half or more of the crowd playing that. The rest would be in need of medical attention and then some.

I am in need of medical attention. What the h*ll is going on? I can’t even talk about it.

It is DJ Youngsta on rinse.fm (copy and paste it… or click the at the bottom.).

No comment and no ID. The first track and you are not going to tell me what it is?

Many thanks: wr (it looks like the items at the bakery I call it “kanelbulle” you may call it “cinnamon-bun”) resurface.se. Mm, that time will come. My AI is better than yours or vice versa.

Obviously the track is an instant classic and most would not give that away… leading with that track? Even if you had the strongest bag and then mixing like that? It may sound like a breeze.

“I can do that! I can play music”. I can assure you that it is not as easy as it may sound. It is like every other trade. I will never understand that.

You would not go to your neighbour for dentistry or advanced neurosurgery? Please respect the DJ. For the record I have never called myself a DJ and there is a very good and simple reason. I am not one. I do collect music and I have played some.

DJ-ing is pure craftsmanship. I might have mentioned that I am in fact an avid drum’n’bass fan or most likely fan-boy (and people say I’m lacking self-distance… ha ha ; ) ).

I have one thing to say: “Africa is a road.” It is a do or die deal. No in between, always been like that. Either you like the way or you don’t. The ones that do? They all much or less agree, the ones that don’t? They stand firm like the great wall of China. No worries, The Black Star Liner will take you where you need to go.

Again… DJ Youngsta’s mixing is on a want to cry level (I might do that and for all you know even if I did cry I would not tell you). Proper skills right there! Actually there is more than that. You need to select as well and you need something to select from. To always be in the front-line?

Start trying playing at your own party or to your parents? Decide what to play. Then play to your peers. Your history is what will count and it will be more important than ever. Judged by your peers that is selection.

If I would have heard this out and about? Then my little sister would had been forced to go to the hospital (thankfully I don’t spend much time there, last time was about 25 years ago my own fault…).

It is that good. I’m close to not believing. The sound, the mixing, the selection and the musical switch mid-way. The opening track and mid-way drum’n’bass? Someone may die (literately), you do understand that?

I… do not… know what to say. Finished. Wait I remember it all now. This is how it used to sound. This is what my boys and girls used to play! The no nonsense stuff. When we scared the sound guy off, when we demanded more bass every time. “This is enough.” No, we will be needing more…

True bass? It can not be expressed in text. It is more like a colour or a smell from your childhood. I have something negative to say. Heavy sampling and robbery? The tracks before? The originators? As it was said you need to respect the past in order to respect yourself.

A long time ago (it do believe it was 1996) “The One 31” said to me that the only worry he had was that: “(sample) cannibalism” would ruin it. It did not but don’t say that you invented/found it if you in fact did not do so. Respect the past and respect yourself.

Closing words. The London state idea seems like a good one. I know you all like the queen I like her too! Sweden is monarchy. London a sovereign state? That would be the coolest thing ever!!!!

I would apply for citizenship directly, I would apply and trade my current one and I do mean directly.

London would become the coolest nation ever in history. It’s now or like my lil’ sis’ likes to quote: “If you don’t start something… there’ll be…”

//Bell 03

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