July 4th, 2017

Resurface is essentially a collection of texts about electronic music. Many of the texts were originally posted on the Electronic Desert web site. Resurface was started to reflect the changes in the activities and to retain the more than 300 texts about music written since the start 2002.

The next logical step seemed to be to try to describe the ongoing transformation of music distribution and texts about music.

What validity does concepts such as album, mini-album or EP have today or live performances for that matter? When any distributed piece of music can contain any number of files and essentially be of any length? When a single musical composition may as well be 30 seconds as 300 hours long?

The first attempt using this line of thought is the release of the fittingly named ‘R1‘ a live-set performed by Ludvig Elblaus in late 2010.

The ambition is to post texts, contemporary music and to explore the audio and visual multifaceted World that is in so many words; ‘Les Arts Électroniques’.

Any questions or comments relating to resurface?

E-mail: wr@resurface.se.

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