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Lackluster, Wrapping [Defocus – FOC369, 2002]

March 14th, 2003

lackluster_wrappingSome beautiful pieces of music that the accomplished Lackluster has put together on “Wrapping” the latest full-length delivered by him. One of the last releases if not the very last release on the reportedly terminated defocus label, who brought us among other things last year’s brilliant “Enveloped” album by Esem, the awesome “Ikae” 12-inch by the same artist and last but not least numerous Lackluster releases. Lackluster displays a wide range of his production skills on this 14-track album, all, which are very warm, atmospheric and beautiful. At times some influences are more noticeable than others, the starting track “In Passing” is leaning strongly towards the special brand of Lackluster house-rewiring that is a integral part of his sonic signature. “Gid” starts off with nice echoed and slightly retro melody for intro and continues building up towards steady beats. “Close Enough” has a soothing melody and plenty of warmth a down-tempo piece. “Too Loose” is an extraordinary beautiful track, powered by simplicity and melancholy. “Flitter” is a beatless floating and atmospheric track and it is followed by “St-00” with more up-tempo beats and fantastic melodic elements and bassline and the intro! The list of good tracks just goes on and on and to say that this album is well balanced would be an understatement. Great gentle and warm stuff delivered by Lackluster!

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