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I Encounter The Little One

November 8th, 2017

Randomly, among his boys (I did try to behave myslef). “Grabbarna” or “boysen” as the refer to themselves (no not the author, not Karin).

An increasingly gender specific interaction it would seem, you might want to ponder upon that fact.

Boys and girls. In all honesty, I would not really know (I’m out of age and have been for quite some time now), but somehow, it is how I imagine the 1950’s to have been.

If indeed that is the case then it’s a colossal set back and essentially something completely different compared to my own adolescence.

I mean radically different. So? “Börja om från början?” We’ll have to start all over, again? (How about establishing basic human rights and completely skip the gender part?)

According to my family “tales” my uncle was mocked when he walked my youngest aunt around in ap ram in public in the mid 50’s. You may want to ponder upon that fact as well.

Verdict? “Din Pappa?, …en skön och avslappnad snubbe…” That is the best I’ve heard ever! Ever in the entirety of my life.

Sure, I know why he told me that and smarter than me for sure, well behaved at that. So, it may or may not be true. However, it is what I wanted to hear and the child (my child) knows that perfectly well.

“Nice and relaxed.” the 14 years’ old verdict? Pride is what I feel. Genuinely. I’m lost for words. I just did not want to embarrass him and it was a completely random event/encounter.

I am “nice and relaxed”? That’s brilliant!

No one, that I’ve ever encountered said/believed that? Not the doctor, nor my little sister, the King, Jaques, the secret Rasta, the other giant or CPH?

That’s why it’s just… brilliant!

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