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What Is That? The Brightly Shining Thing In The Sky?

September 30th, 2017

The only functioning fusion reactor in our solar system?

Helios? It is our own sun? Old. Merging hydrogen atoms into Helium ones. They say that Gaia is 4 000 000 000 years old.

Helios is much older. Physics? If it is correct? Then time is affected by gravity? OK. That is a really strange concept. I’m not disputing it, far from. The consequences though… we basically do not know anything about physical reality (most don’t care, I do know that, but I do care.)

They are number one and two in the periodic table? The process produces insanely much energy? If merged they release extra electrons. Another thing that is not linear. Why is the World not linear?

8 light minutes away? You can feel the power. A sunny day you can feel the power in your face? Do you understand how powerful our sun is?

And they are almost countless (“almost”, I would not want to offend infinity). When I realised that every visible star in the night sky is in fact a sun (it could be a galaxy, that is not very likely they are generally faint and a lot fuzzier and since I live in the city I’ve never really seen that many stars/suns)?

That was… memorable.

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