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I Actually Thought It Was A Helicopter

September 22nd, 2017

Honestly, I did think it was a flying machine. And I do really like flying machines.

In fact it is a crane, outside my kitchen window. It is the tallest free-standing crane I have seen in my entire life.

They are constructing not one but indeed three 14 story buildings. Awful looking buildings. Who puts a non-flat roof on a 14 story building? That is… insane? Three in line?

It is going to sickening me every morning when I look out my kitchen window from now and there on. 14 and non-flat roofs? What the hell? Is this Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong? Is this not the birthplace of functionalism?

The whole crane assembly thing is really impressive though. The assembly of a tower crane? You need a really tall crane to begin with. It is awesome engineering. The height of the assembly crane? Incredible.

They already built on the hill and with three at 14? Add the largest school ever built in Stockholm (+1200 pupils), two or three 24 story buildings (I live top-floor in a three story building). My skyline is already compromised and it will be lost forever. Did I mention the two story kindergarten? Another building that only a mother could love.

They cut down 10 trees. I talked to the ones tearing down the building (jr. attended it). The demolisher asked me.

– Why are they tearing down this building? Should they not extend it?
– I don’t know. How many trees will be left?
– Are you a “tree huger?”
– I guess I am.
– I don’t know. But we get fined, heavily if we take down the wrong tree.
– OK. But you can not go to the shopping center an buy a 70 year old tree can you?
– No. You can’t.

They kept one. One tree. Ten big trees destroyed, 70 years old, Older than I am. They existed long before when this whole area was constructed. Actually many of the trees were decades older than the building the demolished. In order to do what? Arrange another catastrophic construction, another architectural disaster.

The man that was tearing it down was asking why? The blasting and the rock? Progress? Sure, that is fine. What about aesthetics?

Many lights in the sky now. Tower cranes like mushrooms in the South.

“Promenadstaden” (Stroll town… or something like that)

Have you ever considered that living in the suburb is an active choice? Have you ever considered that some people like trees, grass and parks? Have you ever considered that there are people that actually grew up in the suburbs? Have you ever considered that there are people that does not want to live in the inner city?

The irony is that you are not even from the city… You are peasants, you came here and now you are destroying the city. Please stop doing that.

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