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Inigo Kennedy, Digging Deeper [Cutting Pleasure – CP004, 2002]

November 26th, 2002

cp_inigo_digging_deeperDeep, deeper, deepest, the fourth offering from Cutting Pleasure is a three track 12″ aptly named “Digging Deeper”. It features Inigo Kennedy and make no mistake about it we’re talking about techno here. “Momentum” is classic vein techno rewired with strings floating in the background coupled with relentlessly forward moving beats and bass stabs. “Together Apart” is the jewel of the crown. The tempo is high, nervous stabs and soundscapes in combination with a distorted single melody carries the track forward, you’ve been warned this is as deep as it gets! The second track on the b-side is entitled “Funny Things Happen (Zcistajasna)” consists of shuffled beats layered and fused with beats working against each other, accompanied with dashes of strings. The beats are completely dominating the sonic picture and intensity is the word.

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