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Bass And The Ultimate Sound Boy Killer?

May 16th, 2017

I have seen speakers literally burn, once.

I’ve seen amplifiers failing, power cuts, fuses burn, turntables, numerous headphones and needles failing.

But, only once in my life have I ever seen speakers pouring smoke and dying.

Surely the set up was wrong to begin with. (It is basically impossible to set up any system like that, but it can be done.)

However, I have never ever seen anything like that before or after… It is not supposed to happen theoretically.

I did see it happen. Smoke and silence. A plume of smoke from the speakers and they all went dead silent.

It was (surprisingly) a very long time ago.

Actually there is another episode of bass exercise. It did not result in catastrophic failure, but it was really close. I could see and feel the floor boards move… again long time ago and another DJ.

Current affairs? DJ Youngsta pushing UK? And Plastician is… disturbing, all are things from London on rinse.fm. It is unfair, it has always been unfair. The ultra cool stuff the ultra ruff stuff! The London sounds. The direction is always forward, Swamp 81? Biznizz. It is a fast forward moving World.

Music beyond, as always.

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