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Trans Europa Express

May 10th, 2017

Plastician on DJ Youngsta’s rinse.fm spot 09/05/17?

Plastician is rippin’ it up (I would have written rinsin’, but that would have been quite silly and now it is…?).

Jokes aside, a terrific show, of course ”deep south” would bounce back, but there is so much more.

A hybrid is born (again!) it is from the US to begin with (or is it really?), but at the same time definitely and unmistakeably UK business.

Breaks born in the UK that returned home, slighty transformed and slowed downed by cough-syrup?

However, then again they all boarded the Trans Europa Express in the opposite direction?

Or, was that all a part of that ”Globalism” guy (surely a guy, upsetting that many people and behaving like that? It must be a guy, no?) everyone is talking about?

Nevermind, the upside is; I don’t have to ask anybody what to think about it (I never have done so in the past and I probably never will do so in the future, and it is a hugely successful strategy I might add…) and no one else should feel uneasy.

Because this is excellent bass music (I really do not like genres, so the one who cornered this “one”, may bask in all their glory)!

I can say that it is electronic bass music at its finest so would more could you ask for? I can hear a murmur (not mine though) it is ”soft”. Sure, the tempo is lower auto-magically making it ”warmer” but the bass is not lacking?

Hey, that’s a lot like those Americans? They do many things right (not knowing anything about that really, I have never set foot there. My father told me specifically to never go there) and we are heavily influenced by them in many ways?

It is not necessarily a bad thing (in all other senses it is extremely bad; “Agent Orange”. It is as bad as it was unavoidable, but let’s keep it music first) musically and culturally (within limits ; )).

Perspective: “I haven’t played this in a long time… taking it back to… 2015, I think, yes 2015”

Conclusion: That is a really nice track, simply lovely track! And the same can be said about the show: Plastician at rinse.fm.

PS. I just realised that a key figure or piece is missing. Yes, it would be the originator from Rotterdam… I was so happy to hear it that I forgot about the originator: Roel Funcken. He invented this style. That is: Rotterdam, Clone, DUB, and many others of course. Rotterdam? That would be the Dutch harbour, you know in Holland.

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