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Liberté – Égalité – Fraternité

May 9th, 2017

So… we do no longer honour the difference between family, lovers and friends?

OK. Fine, I for one find that regrettable, but basically I just need to know.

I was under the impression or rather I was hoping that we were all about to become grown-ups? That’s it obviously not the case. I’m really sorry I missed that bit.

It is somewhat dependant on how the definition was formulated, that is. I do think that I have been pretty clear regarding that?

Well, well… what do I know? God’s speed!

The odd question still remains: Is my family, my loved one and my friends really the same thing and are the at all comparable in any sense? I would have to say no. That conclusion became easier, not so long ago.

The alternative would be? There is no difference what so ever? Is that the correct interpretation (and please do correct me if I am mistaken)? If that is indeed what is claimed? I think… No, that is not my position at all.

I could go so far as saying that it is an ridiculous claim and I for one will not change my position and for no one (living) person. I could never and I will never subscribe to the above.

How could it ever be the same thing? The family, lovers and friends? Equally important but dramatically different.

To begin with, a completely different time frame and the fact that they’re immensely complex social structures in themselves and belonging to completely different contexts.

Concrete examples? Grown-ups with or with-out siblings? History, current culture, upbringing (parental relations) and genus* (and that is not exclusive to the Western World or this millennium, mind you). Friends lost and found (finding the lost or finding them at all?). The lovers? I have no further comment on that particular subject.

Or do we all wake up on some random day and are radically transformed (sometimes I wish it could be like that, but I do not believe in “transformation” and I cannot see how I could ever do that)?

It is a rhetorical question: the simple answer is; no we do not. Is it gradual? “I would like to do this, but I have to this and I then I become this?” Or is it some mystical power from the deep realms of the “old” Universe that simply compels people to act in a specific way?

Mm, no, I honestly don’t think so. And I am pretty sure what I do believe and therefore my preferred explanation is altogether different.

Yes, that’s right! That is Jeanne d’Arc in a drawing from 1429…

* I thought it was complicated enough when it was binary… the hbtq + i (inter sexual?)? And then hbtq+i+geo or hbtq+i+geosoc or hbtq+i+geo+geosoc+wealth or hbtq+i+geo+geosoc+wealth-eyesight or hbtqigeosocwealth+weight… it is just that kind of thinking that ended extremely, and I do mean extremely badly the last time around.

Hey! I have an idea… Why can we not try, I mean just let us try and use this new and revolutionary concept: “All humans are equal”? And that everyone born has the same rights and responsibilities, simply by being human beings?

Yes, I’m aware that is a ridiculously radical idea and that “overdoing it” probably will not suffice and frankly it is just completely outrageous! I know… let’s go crazy, what about: “h”? It’s completely bonkers right? Why not try: “h”, you know like in human?

Joan of Arc in the protocol of the parliament of Paris (1429).
Drawing by Clément de Fauquembergue.

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