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The Power Of UK Bass

May 6th, 2017

I have been telling you lot… that the source is the one and the same.

I have been telling you that it is probably an UK/EU business? Ant-zen business?

So, then an odd 25 years later, it is still the same thing aka UK?

Pushing musical stuff that is beyond, ruff and unforgiving. Culture.

Youngsta B2B Truth? That compression? That it is the end of the road for me…

I had to give up at some time? Subsidise to the bass stuff?

You don’t have to like or understand it, but you I do think you need to accept it. I for one do love it and I have spent a life time doing so..

But, you never really understood that… “You know what they call us?”

Well, at least for some of us, Europe is a very serious thing.

And I am surely too young to have been taken part in any of the wars. But, I am not young enough to understand that it can happen again at any time. And if you paid any attention at all in school?

There has been many wars in Europe the past 2000 years? There is even one called the “100 year war” and that was fought between “Christians” in Europe, what we would call France these days…

The first and second World Wars? 20 years seperated them? Perspective? If you were born in 1911, you would have been a small child and an then a young adult and still living through two World Wars? Like my grandmother.


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