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Out Of Control, This Thing Is…

May 2nd, 2017


I personally never viewed it or will ever view it like that…

To me? It is a story that has to be told and retold. Why? Because that is the story to be told.

It is the same story that has been told for millennia? The story told by the “Griot”?

I am not one of them, but I am not the one? I know my history and it is not the one of stone and potato picking variability.

The bass being pushed from the UK now? It is similar to that story, just harder, better and more relentless than ever.

“Le tam-tam” or as it was retold by my father? He would have said: “***** **** ** ***** ****** ** ***-***.” and that is a story that is thousands of years old.

And that story progresses throughout, like a wave (physics say that a wave actually never “moves” and that would seem to be true if you have faith in modern (1900’s) physics.) If you think about it? If you do away with modern physics (my point being that “modern” started in the 1900’s…). Why the h**l is it so hard to appreciate the advances made in one hundred (100) years?

There are “people” not “believing” in vaccination? What the h**l is all that about? I mean, I thought that it was clear to everybody how many human beings that have died in viral deceases? The Black Plague? I will never understand that.

Please, I urge everybody. READ SOME HISTORY! Without proper vaccination and without efficient antibiotic? Do you understand how extremely dangerous that is?

Musically? I for one have never heard anything like it. It is crushing everything else. And I for one love it! As relentless as it is brilliant. It is pure bass music. I am so grateful. “You know what they call us?”.

Actually I don’t know (but I can guess). Bass? It is the definition of my life and till day it still is. When, I am truly happy.

It just never stops… it is a two hour show? It is 2017 and attack all the way? There is no paus? No breather? It is excellent, but the tempo is very aggressive? Then again tempo is not all. I still love the presentation. The mighty, mighty, rinse.fm from London city.

Well, I tried, but I can not object to anything… I just can not do it. Electronic Bass music? Has it ever sounded this good? No. I honestly don’t think so.

Technology on both sides? I am talking about the US. It is obvious (to me) that the one could not exist without the other. The bass, “drag” and the definition being pushed? Really? Impossible! Is the soul there? I know it is. “Black Star Liner” I say to you.

* Oh, yes, that is Swedish… Well, it literally means “nagging” and in French it would be “rab√Ęcher”.

You know, too speak of something endlessly and never stop?

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