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Transfolmer, Electric Air [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 10, 2006]

May 24th, 2006

transfolmer_el_airIn Transfolmer’s “Electric Air” the acoustic outings of October Man Recordings gets stretched to the limit and most likely well beyond my personal taste. But all is not lost there’re are some surprises in store and a healthy dose of beats, breaks, bass and electronics can be detected in quite a few of the compositions. It’s a nine-track album that has an ending swaying between a vocal/electronic adventure and an in-depth electronic excursion. I guess you could say the vocal elements on “Electric Air” simply could cater for a different audience, all depending on the given listener’s personal preferences (hey, isn’t that quite a generic statement?). And let it be said that the vocal efforts by “Transfolmer” are far from being bad sounding in themselves they’re just not my cup of tea. The enjoyable tracks (in my mind) would be the opening “Morning”, “Electric Air”, “Sybelius”, “Xylofile” and the following three tracks. The conclusion is that you can’t help but to really like Transfolmer’s take on music, the lush, warm and bass rich yet fragile soundscapes. That would include October Man Recording’s general take on contemporary music as well. And by the time you get to read this text, this release has surely already been stored in the extensive OMR archives, but be sure to investigate nevertheless, because you’ll never know what you’ll end up finding.

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