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Simulcast, Television Street [Simulcast – N/A, 2005]

December 17th, 2005

DSCN3460“Television Street” is the title of the self-released eight-track CD by recording artist/ VJ Simulcast hailing from Australia. It’s a classic take on sampling with beats inspired from the old school. “Television Street” sounds a lot like a very well mixed set by a DJ completely submerged in the activities on a late eighties dance floor. However it is made with a lot of love and refreshing lack of respect as far as the use of samples goes. I think that this style of music actually had it’s very own name invented by one or more members of the British journalist body and at the time in question they called it: Big Beat. The name has apparently recently been reused to depict another style of music, but that’s a different story altogether – imagine that, even British music journalists take to recycling. The CD is printed and comes in a jewel case with matching inlay. It also contains a video displaying the visual side of Simulcast’s work. If you’re curious about the days’ that passed or you are eager to reminisce or if you’re looking for someone to light up your dance, look no further.

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