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Marcus Wrangö, Glaptop [Blocc Records – BRCD0001H, 2003]

August 25th, 2003

wrangö_glaptopA nice album by Marcus Wrangö out on his very own label: blocc records. And as anyone vaguely familiar with his work would guess this is a minimal and electronic album, but not to the extent that the rhythm is lost. Wrangö has performed live at ED at more than one occasion and he performed live at this year’s Norberg festival. He also contributed to the Electronic Desert one-year compilation as well as the recently released Swedish Electronica DVD. The album entitled “Glaptop” stretches from ambient soundscapes as the introduction track “Vitamininjektion” through mellow soundscapes and cleverly constructed rhythms of “Torxmejsla” and the outstanding echo and bass filled “After field-a-village”. Then you get the minimalism, ambience and glitch of “Huvudverket” and the beatless and somewhat scary “Cheva Cnustrar” Rhythm is picked up again in “Millimjölk”, “Dumtitled” and “Fri Milssikt” still keeping it as minimal as it gets though. Onto decidedly more experimental “A” and “B” tracks, that leaves two tracks namely “C” and “D”. And the first of the two moves along steadily with beats, filtering and glitches en masse. D resumes the experimental trail of A and B and ends the CD. There are 13 tracks on this, to say the least, limited album, all with the distinct Wrangö take on things and all making it well worth getting a copy.

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