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Collectors And Originals

May 31st, 2017 Comments off

”Collecting” is an interesting (it seems interesting to me anyhow) concept, because it may be the last black-and-white realm that still exists in our World?

Not plauged by ”maybes”, ”I percive it in that way” or my own personal favorite; the deconstructive backlash: ”everything is relative…”.

Well, no that is not the case and once for all that is NOT what the general theory of relativity means or ever entailed, but that is another story all together.

Is your collection complete [Y] or [N]?

To begin with: either you are or you are not a collector. There is no in-between, sure as in any other human undertaking there will be some foolish enough trying to bridge the gap. They all fail miserably, naturally.

I personally have never met anyone successful in that endeavour. You may succeed in convincing the one part, but how on earth will convince the other? It will always fail and it will be a doomed project.

What governs humans? I would like to write ”men”, because the word ”men” is more aesthetic and handles more easily in text. I.e. if I write ”men” in a general sense I mean people. But, sadly I do know that is not the case any more?

I have never made a difference between, men and humans? Why would that make sense to begin with? That in it is self is somewhat interesting… words.

In my view all collectors seem to have at least one thing in common, and extreme demand on details, and possibly ”object”, but that kind of detours from my original thought. So, what is this all about now? First off, I am a text book example of a collector. It would seem that I’m not alone, but that is not subject on hand.

The collection may never become complete, but that is not necessarily the most acute problem for the ”collector”. What? But, when will the collection become complete? Probably never…

I inherited some not new books. Among then an original from 1932, helas it has been redressed and it is a repress of unknown origin for now (it was made in the early 1930’s as far as I can tell). I have several copies of the very same book, issues from the 1960’s as well. That would be the issue I first read.

They’re books, printed paper, art of work, is it not the content that should count? Is it not sweet though? An “original” unaltered copy from 1932? Esentially a copy that no one has touched since 1932. Apart from being an object. Is that really a book? A paperback from 1932?

An original paperback copy of this publication from 1932? The paper back original? Well, do you have 50000 euro to spare? You will buying an excellent book, a groundbreaking piece of literature in French. However, hopefully, with a bit of luck you will find the very same text in your library or book store (if you happen to have one or if you can find one) for no cost or 5 euro?

It may actually be to my advantage that I can both read and write, in more than one language.

PS. English is not my ”first” language. My first language is Swedish. I guess that my second language is actually French. Do you know Swedish? No? Don’t worry almost no one does.

Finally, utterly and completely unrelated: a big thank you to everyone and all pushing the beats!

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Simply, Because It Is Like That?

March 10th, 2017 Comments off

No comment or the many imagined witty words? Hm, not this time around…

Or that was the original intent anyhow, intense like that? You will have to be whoever you be? That is your duty? “Me Show You” – D-Bridge are you f**king kidding me? Mother does not approve of poor language and I do try to avoid it whenever possible. But, Hellfire, this is so exceptionally good.

Bass? You need to like it though. 30 years and then some and it seems like it is actually true. One of my very first own albums was “Herbie Hancock – Future Shock”. My grandmother bought it in 1983 as a birthday present.

Well, the reason was “Rock It”, honestly what else could it have been? Then? At the age of 13? Later on? I could never really admit that I liked Front 242 (still don’t own a single release, but Somatic Responses will maybe suffice?), Yello, Propaganda, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Electronic Body Music, Jazz, Electro freedom and 101 Electric Tribe? In one word of sorts… it is still “out-of-this-World”. Too many words… again? : )

So, Agent Orange and his digital army is inside my machine? OK. But, I write fairly fast = many words per minute. Please improve your sistema? Work on the algorithms because it is extremely annoying and quite frankly it is just offensive. If you do not mind me saying so.

Get in the game will you? You need to improve your game. So, I cannot type? I have spent, literally a life-time doing so… please come on?

I know how fast or slow my machine is? Don’t insult me…

Moreover I pledge (again) to live and die for the bass.

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It Is Like That, What More Can I Say?

February 2nd, 2017 Comments off

This is rumour control. And these are the facts… Horizons Music and breaks are eternal. “Yearning VIP”, “Tell Me”, “In Search Of” or “Uno”? People, lively up, come on!

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25 Years Or More

January 22nd, 2017 Comments off

It is not like I really needed any more arguments or reasons to go to the Bass capital of the World again (sorry all other contenders). Tate Exchange.

If You Have Ever Wondered…

January 15th, 2017 Comments off

What is the big deal? Why should I (self-proclaimed master of the Universe) be concerned?

Why should I be involved or take part in an obscure musical genre that happened to become global? Well, I will tell you. This and this reason alone is sufficient. The breaks.

Once again it is the mighty Seba. “Stasis” on SecOps025 that is that exact reason. The digital creative force that is actually moving our planet forward.

The individual artists/persons contributing to all and everybody, they are being robbed and looted everyday? Yet, they still contribute to us all and do so every single day?

If they did not do that we would all be stuck with “Så ska det låta”, “Gladiatorerna” or really scary clowns imaginary or not?

Including the prospect that one of them (a clown, who started out with a million dollars), will actually become the president of an entire nation? A clown equipped with nuclear weapons? That does not sound like a great idea to me… but, then again what do I know?

This is my hommage to my heroes, the true heroes: all artists, writers, painters, designers, inventors and creators of the World!

Please never give up? I humbly salute all of thee!

Music Festival: SoS 2011

October 20th, 2011 Comments off

This week the 18th – 23rd October 2011 you have the possibility to visit the Sound of Stockholm festival in Sweden.

“Sound of Stockholm is a new festival for improvised, new and experimental art music. The festival takes place a week each autumn. It is artist-driven and organised through a collaboration between 9 independent presenting societies along with EMS and the Swedish Musician’s Alliance.”

The week is filled with performances by well-known and not so well-known artists. The hub of events is the glorious Kulturhuset in the very centre of Stockholm. This Saturday, 22-10-2011 you should direct special attention to Ludvig Elblaus solo performance: King Of Infinite Space, pt 3.

The first part was performed at Audiorama during the Kulturnatten event in Stockholm and the second at the Flim Open Air Festival in Vinterviken this summer.

The project is based on one composition that is presented in three different ways in three different contexts. At Audiorama the original composition was used in a shortened but otherwise unprocessed form. At the outdoor Flim festival the original composition was multiplied and superimposed thus creating a compact, dense mass of sound. In the third and final part being performed at Kulturhuset; the original components will be disassembled and processed in order to construct a new integral piece.

Ludvig Elblaus’ set is one of three presented by Fylkingen on Saturday night. The other two sets are performances by: Axel Dörner / Jassem Hindi and Andrea Belfi.

Music Festival: Norbergfestival 2011

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

Today, Thursday 28-07-2011, is the start of the annual Norbergfestival: +80 artists, 4 stages during 3 days and it is all taking place in an abandoned iron mine a truly spectacular and unique venue. It is “The premier festival for electronic music in Scandinavia”.

Live Concert + Art Exhibition : The Schematics

April 27th, 2011 Comments off

This Thursday, 28-04-2011 you can once again explore the sonic world of ‘The Schematics’. They will be performing live at: Galleri Andersson / Sandström (GAS) in Stockholm, using the installation of German artist Wilhelm Mundt’s ‘Trashstones’ as a framework for their improvisation.

The quartet consists of: Katt Hernandez (Violin), Ludvig Elblaus (Supercollider), Daniel Karlsson (Guitar) and Erik Calälv (Bass Clarinet).

For more information and the possibility to obtain highly customised and limited records please visit: The Schematics.

Art Exhibition : Real Time

March 17th, 2011 Comments off

This Saturday, 19-03-2011 you can visit the opening of the ‘Real Time’ art project at the Svea Konst Showroom.

An exhibition displaying the work of Stockholm based painter Fabian Quaglia.

The main technique used is airbrush, but enjoying the freedom of mixing techniques and tools his work include digital 3D-models, animation and graphics as well as sculpturing and fabrication.

Take the opportunity to view some work by this talented painter.

Svea Showroom International Art Gallery
Skeppargatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden.
Temporal: 12.00-18.00 CET