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July 14th, 2017 Comments off

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Vive la République, vive la France!

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Men Det Fungerar Ju Inte Så?

July 8th, 2017 Comments off

The World does not really look or work like that does it?

Your actions will ultimately have consequences? However, it does not really matter if you actually know what you are doing or not.

The outcome will be more or less the same. Every time. It always is.

Your experience or lack thereof is not really a factor that matters and that is regardless of your age. You may be 15 or 75 years old it doesn’t really matter.

It may be something to be learned here, a possible lesson. No one really cares about anything that you do, ever.

Except your mother and father (or your mothers and fathers depending on set-up. I once met a young boy that had no less than four mothers…).

Regardless, in all honesty they may be the only ones that actually do care what you eventually/ever try to do and if you don’t/didn’t get along with them? Then, I’m quite confident that you will be in somewhat of a turmoil.

Ah, the title? Approx. translation would be: “Well, but it doesn’t work that way?”. Why is the title in Swedish?

Because the writer has own interests. And the choice of the picture? Is there a reason for that as well?

Yes and it is known to no more than two persons in the entire World and it would be extremely strange and quite frightening if at least not one of them knew why it was chosen.

Note: This title and many others on this site, do not apply to the rules, as such they are not completely correct… “Men det fungerar ju inte så?” Notice the lack of capital letters? That is one broken rule appearing in the title and therefore it is not a correct Swedish sentence.

All the words exists and are spelled correctly (as far as I can tell), but it still nothing you would write, rather it is something you could say. Let’s not dwell (such a funny word) more on that subject.

Most or none of the titles you will find here are grammatically correct, so… please don’t copy-and-paste them, you may get in unnecessary trouble.

It is called: freedom. But, you would need to know the rules to begin with right? Before you attempt breaking them you would have to have tried to know them? You wouldn’t want to try breaking rules you do not know, right?

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Wish You Where Here

July 8th, 2017 Comments off

This album cover has always intrigued me.

I first saw it when I was a very young boy. Admittedly, I am not a young boy any more, but it still intrigues me.

The picture’s symbolism seems even more powerful to me today. I always found it peculiar and like a rather ill-conceived strategy.

I mean if you are literally on fire? Either you are not aware of the fact that you are burning or you don’t mind being on fire?

However, if you don’t mind burning what does that tell you?

I have heard this album more times than I can count. I could not name a single song by title and I certainly don’t own this album.

I was reminded of the cover just hours ago and realised that the title is provokingly apt in this exact moment or have been for some time now. I do believe it was originally released in 1975.

As I said, that was at a time when I was still a very young boy.

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I’m Sorry To Inform You That Your System Has Failed In A Catastrophic Way

July 5th, 2017 Comments off

Honestly? 84 000 arrivals in Italy the last six months and 2000 drowned trying? In six months?

30 000 have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in the past years? They’re sons, daughters, mothers and fathers they are real people. Not numbers.

“Why don’t they eat pastries instead”* or why don’t they take the air plane like normal people?

So, the ongoing migrant catastrophe has noting to do with economics or the distribution of wealth in a global sense?

They simply want to irritate and harass us or cause general problems?

Pause. Why would anyone leave everything? Their mother and father? What would make you do that?

Leave everything? You have no idea? Think again… what would make you risk your own life? You still have no idea?

I suggest that you think carefully before answering this one.

The people risking their own lives as well as their children’s, are doing so because of what… exactly?

It has been like this since the second world war ended. I’ve been fighting for my side. People are dying now as they have always done. Humanism or they’re not entrepreneurs enough to save their own lives? Please, explain that to a child in a way that makes sense.

What would you risk your own life for? Honestly? what would YOU be prepared to die for? It is not a hypothetical question. Every day people like you and me (but not you and me) take THAT decision. What is worth dying for?

Bad news for all believers in the capitalist system, Keynes and so-called social-liberalist or any form of political liberalism in fact. The mess caused by so-called liberalists, it is worse than anything else. The uncontrolled and global monetary market that is now run by machines? Algorithms programmed to be fast and maximize profit. It has already failed in spectacular ways.

It failed yesterday (2017-07-04/05) when the Amazon stock fell 80% and the market value of Apple was tripled for a short while… So? Why should that concern me? Well, if I had a machine and I bought Amazon and sold Apple, say 1 000 000 shares at the same time I would have made a lot of money.

And if I knew when to sell or buy I could have made a lot more. What is the current trading price for Amazon and Apple stocks? You do the maths…

Not so smart AI yet, they caused the crash in 2008 and yesterday 2017 “they” tripled the value of Apple and sent Amazon down 80%? Both are global companies and they are subjected to programs that were made by humans.

Have you ever heard of an endless loop? Regardless, they are bad and you really don’t want them. Why would you ever let anonymous programs control anything and let a lone a global market? I think that most people would never consider their own fridge or washing machine running under circumstances like that (random)?

But, the global market is OK? But have you considered that superior computing power (nudge, nudge Chi*na/*ndia) may push you straight out of the playground? Do you know what the 1000 feet rule is?

“We do not know what happened?” That is most likely true. But not comforting. It must be a third-party supplier. NASDAQ? I imagine we are talking about extremely complex system and probably self-adjusting systems. But, having them (the systems) controlling the global economy and the ones in charge are saying: “We don’t know.” Does not seem right to me.

It would seem to be “systematic”. If your coffee maker gets to hot or if your phone catches fire? You would consider malfunction?

The programs running the global market are no different as far as I know. I have never seen one up close. I’ve heard of them and I have met people that work with them. Ghost programs.

This is not CERN. They (real scientists) are looking for evidence in the physical World (something) to confirm a hypothesis to support a well-formed theory.

Economics? Do you realize how dangerous the current practice is? Less than 8% now control all of the Earth’s resources. The experiment and try to increase their part. In context… “Agent Orange” has a “plan”, but the richest man on the planet is in fact Mexican?

There are people, individual people that has wealth that far supersedes many nations. What would you do? Gain superior processing power. And that would be cheep. AI? You don’t think it exists?

That would be the place to look and it is the perfect place. Modern economics, the thing that is said it is all non-physical. Or as my late father once said: … it was online in this text and I regret that now. It is simply not a question of wheater it is trough or not.

* I don’t believe that it is an accurate quote. Marie most likely never said that (given that her own life was at stake, and that she seems to have been quite intelligent it seems unlikely that she did not know and you could easily imagine that she had other priorities), however it fits my textual context.

You can retell this story as many times as you want. And you may call it whatever you want. It does not matter the outcome will be the same.

An entire economy based on work-based taxation, in combination with furious automation and an increasing ageing population? Stats is not my strong subject… but.

Please remember, I am in need of urgent assistance. Maybe that assistance is: “Africa is a road.”? You know like in the song? Could that be it? Some say it is higher situated and the flood will not reavh that far.

What, will I tell my son and my sister’s son tomorrow or in ten years time? I happen to believe that “We did not know” will just not do it…

Am i supposed to say: “I’m Sorry, I did not know what was happening and I did not know what it woould lead to.”? To the next generations and the nextone? Knowingly depriving them of their future(s)?

That must the first time in human history. War is one thing and there is no gurantee of life or living. But habitat has always been just that. It changes, however destroying your own habitat. I do not have absoulte proof, but that must be the first not only in human history, a first full stop.

The concept is and has always been uncomprehensible to me. It is litterally like setting yourself on fire although you know you can’t not put out the fire and you don’t want to die in a firery blaze.

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“There Is A War Going On” Pt II

July 4th, 2017 Comments off

One generation to see it born and lost.

There could be many, from the 40’s (possible), the 50’s (maybe) the 60’s (not impossible), the 70’s (surely) and the 80’s (impossible).

What does it all mean?

Well, we have had jazz, true hip-hop, electronics and 200 years of classical music and if that was your flavour US, Germany and UK or 14:th century music? We had a functioning society. You know culture and craftsmanship? What the French calls Artisane.

Does this look like professional work to you? Does it look like something that you would pay for? Well, if you are living it you are paying for it. That is your money. no, I don’t know much about actual road work but it still does not look very professional to me.

Aside a public toilet that has been in construction for a year or so (it will probably never be functioning and that is a good thing), alongside a restaurant of sorts… If you ever wonder where/what your taxation is funding…

Taxation on work has doubled in comparison to that of capital the last 20 years in Sweden, that may have been a great strategy in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s… but in the 10’s? You may want ask yourself how much tax do automata really pay?

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“There Is A War Going On” Pt I

July 4th, 2017 Comments off

You see the strange signs around the words in the title?

Well, they are double-quotes. Strange-looking, shuld I use single or single and double? There are rules for writing and citing.

“There Is A War Going On” is a citation from a song. Whenever you make a citaion you should always state the source. I know for a fact that it is Mobb Deep.

This is from a Mobb Deep song… you would know that.

Hm, I wonder quietly, how much wisdom can you draw from teenagers, really (The song is from 1995, if one of the members died in 2017 at the age of… you can do the math?). Age or subraction are not the subjects. I believe that at 1995 they were about 18 years old. Work hard, and even if you have talent… the bad man (illustraed by Agent Orange) seems to win. Again, Moob Deep and DJ Premier… could be the best, ever.

A great man said not long ago that his advice was: “Try to be useful (to somebody) and try to be kind.”.

The picture? Well, there is no one (I hope) that is actually contesting that hip-hop was invented and is coming from there? And there is no one (I hope) that actually does not understand the symbolic meaning of the fact that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people to the American people?

To liberation and declartion of freedom (the ideas of them in any case)? Last but not least that the structure was designed by the greastest engineer of his time and possibly of modern times Gustave Eiffel?

That is not the same thing as constructing the talestet standing structure in the World.

Let’s all remember how precious those rights and freedoms really are? The right to express yourself freely. The fundamental principle of equality among humans (still men but that is another topic) are?

Let’s not forget the grave responsibility that inevitably accompany those rights? The future generations? The system has a a name and that name is democracy. No other system invented by humans will get close.

There is no way a totalitarian system could fulfil that for even a close majority and that has been tested and proven numerous times throughout history. Totaliritism has never worked and it will never happen.

The statue? There’s an exakt replica in much smaller scale (no I don’t know the scale!) on one of the many bridges in Paris. It is simply fantastic!

Picture: is from by Moe, Nov 25, 2015.

I liked the picture. Gnostic? No, that I am not. But, we all live in same World right? I Did changed the colours a bit. Never been in the port of New York, so I couldn’t have taken this picture. My grandfather was there in 1947, but I’m quite positive he did not take this photo either.

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You Say What Now?

June 30th, 2017 Comments off

Digital Dread?

“It is the flip to Fashion Dread.” Did you happen to read: “Fashion Dreads” (scroll down)?

Come on! D-bridge is on f**king fire and so am I it would seem. Burning that is.

You have got to be kidding me…

That’s digital global culture for you right there. “Get a grip”. Do you think that you can actually catch up and keep the pace?

Good luck with that. New and strange times ahead. It is all changing now. Much faster than anyone can imagine.

I do believe that that the “singularity” is approaching, it is close. It may be here already. It makes things fuzzy. Much harder to analyse and understand, in other words much “stranger” (to understand “the moment” is virtually impossible for a human being).

More or less like my Bluetooth headphones that I am wearing right now that were manufactured in China.

It could only lead down that logical path. Machines were needed to create digital sounds. It makes perfect sense now… It is obvious that they’re going to take full control.

Finally, if you are genuinely interested in your own future I humbly suggest reading Willam Gibson’s novel “The Peripheral”. The answers are there.

“Do you know what they call us?”

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Is It The 1000:th Time?

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

London… crushing it musically. Again? It is in fact ridiculous. I wonder, why do I even bother?

Yes, it is the same station and the same DJ destroying everything and everybody in the bass camp (and, yes it still matters very much to me).

Bass to cover the entire World and my entire life! The Bass that have kept me alive. It is relentless 24/7, it is so impressive! Every day? 24 hours a day for decades? How is that even possible? Have mercy upon my soul!

Looking for the future beat.

But, the one I want, she does not want me, and the one I did consider is getting married and the ONE? Well, I will never ever have her! Never. Det är inte mitt val. Now, that is just ridiculous.

Det är larvigt men att vara människa är rätt larvigt.

It has been made much too complicated. Machines are not that complicated, they are understandable. All rationally based systems are basically understandable and possible to analyse… time is not a factor. Important. It may take a lifetime or longer. Time is not important, that is not the reason why.

“Do you know what they call us?”

I’ve come to realise that I really don’t care for heights and 294 meters is just that.

Apparently my father did not like heights either. We never discussed the topic.

The cross is up there and the view is spectacular, it is a view to die for.

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Every Body Dies, It Is Dedicated To The Fallen

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

So, The Prodigy from Mobb Deep has left us?

It makes me sad, there are so many lost now. ODB, Guru, Prince and now The Prodigy?

Mark Fisher the writer took his own life? That is completly unacceptable as far as I know he was a father of two too.

Do I need to remind you that Babylonia = Systema B is not a theory, it is a real construct.

It is destroying people and other stuff. Mark Fisher the author? No, I can not believe that, I do not want to believe that is true.

My generation? Is dying, literally. The albums are easily on my top ten list of albums ever… and that is a crowded list. Trust me. Then again it is DJ Premier. So Gangstarr and Grouphome are there as well…

There are so many people missing now, I’m missing people and I’m feeling sadness. They are the fallen.

The photo? Mine and that is the south of France… and if you would ever want to find me, that is the place to start looking.

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Fashion Dreads

June 8th, 2017 Comments off

It is a state of mind and not a look…

Firstly “Fara Dreadlocks” does not have anything to do with this text apart from having lovely locks, running shop in Dakar, being online and the fact that I really like the colours in the photo, especially the green.

For the record I am not a Rastafarian, but I have known and do know some who are. Personally? I believe in hard science. Deity and all that it entails is simply not for me. I believe in science and nothing else.

I have an album named “The Radical Monotheist” and it is a really good album. However, my album would be called: “The Radical Positivist”. I truly believe that science alone will/could save us.

That said, I do try hard to respect all belief systems as long as the system in question does not harm the general population (humanity). It is quite disturbing to watch the level of ignorance that exists in the World today and the fact [sic!] that it seems to increase rather that the opposite.

The current economic system* is no less a “belief system” than any other conjured by man, it does not in my view fill the minimum requirements of being even slightly scientific. It never was and it never will be. Why? It is in its very definition based on human emotions or at best intuitions. Emotions and intuitions? Does that sound scientific to you or anybody? What exactly happened 2008? Apart from history repeating itself?

No (If you happen to know please explain it to me in layman’s terms.)? It is because it is the opposite of rational thinking.

Look around? Does it seem reasonable or rational to you? The thing you are seeing right now? That is unguided human behaviour.

* So, economics and history are “non-interesting” subjects… and we ended up in this mess because of what actually? Someone will have to clean up this mess in the end.

“Do you know what they call us?”

Image:, Dakar, Senegal.

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