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The Little One Said To Me

November 9th, 2017 Comments off

– “När ‘någon’ säger vad något ‘består av’, så talar inte personen om dess yta/area utan det personen menar och talar om är dess massa.”

– “Jorden består inte av 75% vatten. Däremot är jordens yta täckt av 75% vatten. (Du betyder att du har helt fel.)”

– “OK”.

Va? Vad i helvete är det som pågår? Jag tror faktiskt inte att jag kommer att klara mig undan den här gången.

Herremingud, det är hårda “bjud”!

Jag nämnde att vi nu faktiskt vet när de tyngre grundämnena bildas.

Det periodiska systemet.

– “Vilket grundämne är vanligast förekommande i Universum?”
– “Väte”.
– “Vilket ämne är enklast? Vilket ämne har lägst nummer i det periodiska systemet?”
– “Väte”.

Poetiskt nog… så är det när stjärnorna dör som bl.a guld och platina skapas.

I sammanhanget, sade jag att jorden (Tellus) består av 75% vatten. Mm, det var ett fruktansvärt och tillika gigantiskt misstag jag begick…

“Everyday is a holiday.” eller som man bäddar får man ligga?

Picture: Nasa. @ supernova = exploding star.

Approching 600 rather rapidly. This is post: 591.

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Winter Is Coming!

November 9th, 2017 Comments off

47th time?

I can and I did appreciate the different seasons.

I never ever cared much about autumn though. Actually I’ve never liked it. It is… just so depressing. ; ).

I do know some that really like it. Actually, I know (used to know) one who simply loved it.

It is not for me. It slows me down. I’m not made for the cold and being deprived of daylight.

And no, there is no beauty in it what so ever. The rapidly accelerating darkness, the cold and death (in any event hibernation) of nature?

15:38 my watch says, it is dark, cold (7 degrees Celsius*) and it started raining just now?

It will last for months and months. If I am lucky it may end in April, if I’m unlucky it will end in the end of May (it has happened before. I once saw snow falling the last of May…).

It is inhumane. No human should inhabit this place. It is not fit for humans.

Unforgiving and extremely brutal. No, it is not “exotic” in any way. It is extremely brutal. There is really nothing “nice” to say about it. It is terrifying. The sun disappears?

* Grad Celsius (°C) är en enhet för temperatur som har fått sitt namn efter sin uppfinnare, den svenske vetenskapsmannen och astronomen Anders Celsius. Den används för att uttrycka temperaturer på celsiusskalan.

Anders Celsius (27 November 1701 – 25 April 1744) was a Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician. He was professor of astronomy at Uppsala University from 1730 to 1744, but travelled from 1732 to 1735 visiting notable observatories in Germany, Italy and France.

He founded the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory in 1741, and in 1742 proposed the Celsius temperature scale which bears his name.

No, not Löfven, Åkesson, Lööf, Björkeson or the other clowns etc. “Anders Celsius”. He passed in 1744?


– “Vad? Var Celsius svensk?”
– “Ja, Anders Celsius var en svensk vetenskapsman och han dog 1744.”
– “Vad är 1744 minus 2017?”
– “Jag vet inte.”
– “Jo, det gör du visst. Räkna?”
– “273?”
– “Mm, ja (jag sade ju att du visste…).”

Unbelievably hard climate. The picture was taken exactly 15:38 UTC + 01:00, 2017-11-09, @ the 58th.

No edit. Looking at it? You would assume that the World is going to end? And in a sense it actually is. Every year. Five (5) months or more and it will get much darker.

It is harsh. Eventually even the rain falling from the skies will freeze. They say that Kung Bore will visit us this year.

The darkness or “You know nothing John Snow!”.

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The Small Pleasures In Life

November 5th, 2017 Comments off

A semi-funtioning WiFi-scanner.

A salvaged multi-function waste machine? As I may have mentioned the other one stopped functioning due to lack of software drivers and it did not have these capabilities (another manufacturer I might add).

Expering a choking amount of HW failures lately. “Fan Error”? The replacement has to arrive from Hong Kong. I’m feeling the pressure.

It leaves me with an uneasy feeling. If I can not trust my machines? Who am I going to trust?

I already declared a long time ago that I categorically denounce any notion of any kind of Deity.

So, what exactly am I supposed to be believing in?

WiFi enabled scanning is sweet though!

As always, you really do need to listen to the sounds of Rotterdam and yes, that would be Funcken I a, referring to.

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They Say

November 4th, 2017 Comments off

that the late and departed Mr. M. Fisher has left something behind. Texts.

A last text… supposedly named “Acid Communism”.

If that is indeed true, I honestly don’t know what to do.

Until I read it. That is.

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The Plasticity Of A Young Mind/Why Words Are Important

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Q: – Do you know what the sentence: “A catastrophic misconception.” means in English?

A: – I do (Honestly, I should have stopped/terminated the whole thing right there. It is at least one of the deadly sines right?)

Claim: – There is nothing beyond a catastrophe. There is no level that supersedes it and if I may add it is a widely misused word.

Q: – But, what about “Inferno”? Is that not worse than a catastrophe?*

(What!!! and an immediate acute panic attack. It is a phrase that I do use. Seldom and in very particular circumstances.).

A: That is very good question (I could not be prouder, ever never ever). However, it is a question of faith. (Yes, I should have formulated it as a question, as it happens I did not. I stated it as a fact.) “Inferno” literally means Hell.

In all actuality I was not correct (I was wrong… again!). It is a much more modern word than I assumed.

19th century? Of course.

1834? That is yesterday. On an another note there can not be a more beautiful word than “Etymology”? Why the hell did I leave the Uni to begin with?

inferno (n.)
1834, “Hell, the infernal regions,” from Italian inferno, from Late Latin infernus “Hell,” in classical Latin “the lower world” (see infernal). As “a large, raging fire” from 1928.

infernus (feminine inferna, neuter infernum); first/second declension

1) of the lower regions
2) infernal, hellish

According to:


It is by far the “hardest” book that I own. Reading it is close to impossible. The typeset is simply rude. It is very small, it is very Gothic (and mixed, two versions and one of them is really harsh) and it is very 20th century. You know? At the time when people made an effort.

The best thing? It includes some of her homework. It is literally priceless to me.

The book says:

Infernus (A.: infer) “Nedre; lägre (belägen). [lower; positioned lower]
Inferne Adv.:(infer) Nedanför [below]

It makes sense to me. However, it also means that maybe the young one was right once again?

Picture? Well, surely it has to be fire? It is still burning. This is post number 521 and the picture is:

* There was (I do believe) an idea to make Latin the official language in our European Union. That would have been sweet.

A. Strindberg – Inferno – 1897. Fine? We are all done now?

* That is it. I do concede and my father would have laughed loudly. He was a huge fan of A. Strindberg by the way. Another story.

That’s it. I’m done. You win.

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What Is That? The Brightly Shining Thing In The Sky?

September 30th, 2017 Comments off

The only functioning fusion reactor in our solar system?

Helios? It is our own sun? Old. Merging hydrogen atoms into Helium ones. They say that Gaia is 4 000 000 000 years old.

Helios is much older. Physics? If it is correct? Then time is affected by gravity? OK. That is a really strange concept. I’m not disputing it, far from. The consequences though… we basically do not know anything about physical reality (most don’t care, I do know that, but I do care.)

They are number one and two in the periodic table? The process produces insanely much energy? If merged they release extra electrons. Another thing that is not linear. Why is the World not linear?

8 light minutes away? You can feel the power. A sunny day you can feel the power in your face? Do you understand how powerful our sun is?

And they are almost countless (“almost”, I would not want to offend infinity). When I realised that every visible star in the night sky is in fact a sun (it could be a galaxy, that is not very likely they are generally faint and a lot fuzzier and since I live in the city I’ve never really seen that many stars/suns)?

That was… memorable.

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Never Tell You

September 30th, 2017 Comments off

Classic stuff. Basic Channel, the Berlin supreme dub pressure. It is eternal.

And it is the actual title. There is no “I” in the title and it is “Tell” and not “Told”.
Just like it is spelt. Seen?

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A Life Trying To Understand

September 29th, 2017 Comments off

It is not my area of expertise.

I was thinking that there used to stand a tree there at some moment in time?

I know that mushrooms get to be much older than trees.

Alt. something really toxic stood there in the middle at some time?

Picture: copyright is my reluctant teenage son (I left my phone at home on that day, it happens quite often in reality).

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Being An Adult

September 6th, 2017 Comments off

Well, the reason why young children speak in a very loud voice is because they seek their parents attention.

If not their parents then basically anyone (living) larger than themselves. It is not that complicated.

If, however the parent (most likely male) mimic the child? It is an extremely bad idea (as is screaming in general), A grown-up? Why would you want to do that?

Do you really think that parenting is a question of mimicking a child? A grown man screaming at a small child and “connecting”. Well, that is simply terrifying.

If that is indeed the case. Let me ask this simple question. Where do parents/adults originate from?

“Vadå? Slappna av, men du vet inte allt eller varför bryr du dig så mycket?” They are all relevant questions.

The answer will remain the same. I do care, alot, if no other reason because I have a child of my own. And the future is (discutingly) dependent on everyones behaviour and of your very own actions.

“Climate” or Gaia’s temperament, is an excellent example according to me. Actions do have consequences even on a global scale. It has never been so cold as this summer on the 58, it has never been hotter in continental Europe, no one living has ever seen so vilolent storms, ever?

And yet there are quite a few talking back. Apparently two more hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic. That makes four in less than two months. Not counting the ones in Asia.

I could not care less about my own generation’s faith. The young ones? Well, I am confident that you can guess the rest of my argument.

Are there further questions?

No, my profession does not involve children in any way. I work with words and machines. Being a parent it is not that hard. Do you believe so? Maybe you your priorities are not correct?

No, there is no excuse in this World for bad parenting. None, not society nor self-upbringing. Honestly, no one wants to hear about it, failing to recognize the basic concept concerning children.

They (yes, I do believe they are a collective in a sense) are the only innocent beings in this World. Every child is pure and has the potential of becoming an extraordinary human being.

Unrelated: my kitchen fan is producing an unreasonably loud sound. It should be a fan revolving at a constant speed. It is not revolving at constant speed at the moment and it is producing loud recurring sounds. Not unpleasant, but not optimal for being a kitchen fan.

Picture: from the fridge, the child that I care for.

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September 5th, 2017 Comments off

The battle of the settling of being? “Well, why, do you even have to care about that?

Well, I can not just write/say “soul” can I? That’s simply not true. In modern terms since the 1500’s. Descartes and ongoing since then.

And I am not a man of the clerk am I? And I probably never will be. If you are religious well then it is very simply. And the rules are clear. So, I am clearly not addressing you.

The complexity and beauty of this uncomprehension of our World?

Most people believe in an immortal soul. Great news. Most of them believe in nothing or maybe in monetary things. That is just swell.

The discussion that has been taking place a couple of thousands of years or for ever if you prefer that…

If it is calculation then it can be reproduced. And then it will be reproduced. If it is not then is it something we can not do on purpose. Why is that important? It depends.

Are you are interested in the mind? Are you interested in how self-awareness emerges? Music, art or science? To me it is a fundamental question concerning humanity.

The maths genius ending up in prison, there are so many species on our earth very few compose, play piano, bass or any other instrument. And very few try to exterminate the other. Why is that?

Surpass. But, “Pinzin Kinzin” is made by humans. We still managed to kill 200 000 000 humans in 100 years? In wars. That is in Europe alone.

And now another religious war? Like 500 years in Europe was not enough. I am willing to fight. I have a child. Again? You must know about the wars in Europe. Please don’t.

Pick up a book or go to the library if you have one? I will fight till my dying day for democracy.

If my father was alive… He would have been horrified. You call yourself Africans and musulmans? You are a disgrace (Vous étés un Honte) and your mothers will never stop crying.

Technology will always be supreme (when everything burns, it was meant to be right. **** will).

Fine. So, technology is given to who by whom? Where does technology come from? It is destiny? Fire from the sky above? If kidnapping young girls is a plan. Well, then fire from the sky can be a plan?

Then, I say fire from the sky. You are supposed to ride or walk there if you can and be close to God. You have never been there. You have not even tried and you have never given a tenth. You have not even tried being a human. So you are condemned and you will be punished. Since you have not even tried you will be punched harder. Rightly so. You are worse than the non-believers. You desecrate the name of the Almighty.

My grand grand father erected the first Mosque ever (there is a reason why the other is called “Le Grande Mosque”) and now I have to experience this? You can go there, it is not that far? You want to make peace with the Almighty? You are welcome to confess in the Mosque that my ancestor built.

Please stop missuing the name of the Almighty.

Picture: It is a white square with a black frame. Black and white? Void. Fire from the sky? In the eye of the beholder, right? You know, freedom, you know freedom of speech and democracy and all that? Like jazz music? You remember?

I’m genuinely afraid that one of these days I’m going to wake up in a fascist state. Where I can’t express myself, read or write whatever I want. I wake up, I can’t speak and the text above is prosecutable. I worry. I worry about the of the future of coming generation.

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