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Arytmi Är Inte Bra?

September 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Isbjörnar dansar faktiskt också.

Polar bears do dance too.

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Upsetting Talent

September 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I was looking for something to play…

And I was thinking about the insanely tall crane, it must be well over 100 meters, it could be 120 meters. I was thinking about Jr.

How will I ever motivate him? Is it possible? Can I do that? Or how much can/am I permitted to lie? Or should I just lie. I truly don’t know.

I do know this: dance-of-the-polar-bear. That is raw artism (that is correct I made that word up right here and now = it is not a real word) by the brutally talented and very dearest friend.

I complained about the general track lengths (in my mind they were too short). Dance… is 6:46? That is completely acceptable…

Many words at play here. The title. It is E-dub.

Well, you never leave home without your smarty pants on do you?

– No, I seldom/never leave home without my smarty pants on.

Polar bear? What a majestic creature.

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If I Ask You?

September 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I ask you? Electro (what is it?) and you answer me “Electronic music”.

That will not do. That is not an answer. It doesn’t mean anything? Void. It may be an honest response, but it is devoid of meaning. It is upsetting. I don’t know or I don’t care?

Genre is not the question. I could have asked about Avishai Cohen Trio. It is jazz?

It worries me though. It is blank. It happens to be electronic music? Well, obviously it is electronic music by definition it is electronic.

That was not my question.

Apart from being the very best music in the World? You don’t have to like it. That is not the point. You do not have do anything, but I will fight you till death if you try to force me to do anything. That is democracy.

That is the idea that I am willing to die for. Arguing about that idea? Never, I can’t believe that I am arguing for democracy? That failure? The failure?

R Playing It Like That+

September 17th, 2017 Comments off

You (I) would think that it would be lost love or something like that?

Nothing of the sort. It is actually surpricing and in all honesty it shoudln’t be that.

Jonas? You are surpriced? Really. Now? You are surpriced by the music?

– Yes, I am surpriced as in “I did not see it coming. I could not forsee it. I did not know…”

It is not complicated. It is a fact.

R knows. I did not get that far into the set. R, 1:59:XX? I was asleep? My lord. Playing like that?

I don’t care. I’ll be like that. R. That is pure science right there. No really. Pushing it like that? And then… unreal bass pressure 1:59:59 what the hell?

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AT-Aliens, Atilanta Aka Atlanta, Georgia

September 16th, 2017 Comments off

A question about bass. And, no it never stop. Pushing that old school bass, same source. Roland pushiung that sound. Jr turned the dial down. I need to adress this subject:

Sub bass is unbelievable. Jr is upset. He is extremely unhappy. 21 Savage? My dad like it? I still do? My father is annoying. Indeed, I am a complete nuisance.

This is my music though. Long time I was a teenager then? It is not yours? True bass, searching for it? In the late 80’s. “Why are you dressed like that?”. “Why do you listen to that music?”

Well, bass music is eternal… I am all grown up now. Scarry grown up. As a matter of fact.

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A Playlist Out Of This World

September 15th, 2017 Comments off

There are things many things in this World that are special?

Given that there are more than 7 billion (that always confuses me… where I come from 1 000 000 000 is a “milliard”) humans alive it is not an outlandish statement?

Then there must be more than 7 000 000 000 things in this World that are special? Right!?

Concede. The metric system is superior. An “inch” is: 2,54 mm, a “mile” may be: 1609,344 m. An US “gallon” is: 3.78541178 l. An Imperial “gallon” is: 4,546099265 l. A “foot” is: 300 mmm. Etc. The whole thing is upsetting if you ask me and it has always been like that.

Why? It’s completly and utterly irrational. You say what know? So, we could not even pick the best system to measure things and decide upon that? Good luck with the rest. This is my stick and it is this long. No, I have an identical stick and it is this long. That is… stupid. Not even the electric system is standardised. That is just so sad.

Never mind that. The latest Roel Funcken mix; “Balakleya Prospan” is an example.

Half I know the other half I do not know. The existing parts? If I knew them all it would not be all that exciting to listen to would it?

So? DJing is not about the parts. The art is being able to assemble them. What more can I say? It just does not get any better.

The post-processing makes it even more impressive. The crispness and compression to reach the maximum bass? I am just trying to listen through the set.

That is craftsmanship. So, the statement: “Alla kan tralla.” Is true (not that I have ever questioned it). Meaning that every task needs a special skill. Every task.

Paint, draw, build, help, guide, write, drive or play it and then it makes a sound? Trust me, it is much, much harder than you may think it is… as is true for any task. To create something that you can play as loud as you could ever do? That is science my friend. As is mending a mind, a bone or drawing a chair.

– What do you mean? You simply increase everything until you get the desired result?

Well, no, sound and most other things does not work like that. Most things in the World are dependent on physic’s and it simply does not work that way. You can not just double-up.


Well, to begin with there are not that many things that work in a linier way, for example cars or aeroplanes will not go twice as fast if you double their power. And they are mechanical things.

Have you ever heard of “terminal velocity” or “gravity”? Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to leave earth or why it takes time to recharge your phone battery? Basic physic’s.

– No, why should that concern me?

Mm, the eternal discussion. “But, if…?” OK. Fine then first please build a vehicle that disproves the claims above and when you are at it why don’t you build a perpetuum mobile at the same time? Please do. The World, the people of the World desperately need one of those. An Eternal Machine.

Perfect round-up (not the semi-military version or the pesticide): Squarepusher/AFX – Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid. The clinical breaks. I have heard it before and I do own the previous track.

I did not know it was a Squarepusher/AFX track.

– So, is everything max sound wise (within safety limits naturally)? Yes, given current configuration.
What a deep disappointment… I still need power. I still need much, much more power.

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September 13th, 2017 Comments off

That would be the mighty R*.

Roel Funcken – Balakleya Prospane (DJ Set Final) a 02:30:16 rollin’ mix? Who, why, what and how is it even possible?

You need to get there in hurry! No time to waste. Incredible stuff. Compression out-of-this-World. Unbelievable.

Picture: A pre-piano by: Rhodes.

OK. 47:45 -> that’s it, I can’t handle more… Vraiment? C’est termine.

Honestly, I am about to have a fit / seizure / heart failure as in being in need of immidate medical attention.

Violent physical reactions. That can’t be… right! Right? Insane… what the hell is going on? The best I’ve heard in a very, very, very long time.

* For the record I do know there’s another reference in play (or is it “at”) here, but that would be “The R”. I rather not talk about him (R. Kelly). No need for more confusion in the World. So, I left out the “The” intentionally.

I feel… strange… my head hurts.

2017? There Must Be A World Full Of New And Exiting Things To Discover?

September 13th, 2017 Comments off

Right? I’m pretty sure that I am neither new nor exciting (well for the sake of the argument) in any case I am not new.

Always new “out-of-the-box”, but no I am not new. Interesting to see what upsets “people” these days. It reminds my of worried comments in the late eighties.

– “Are you sure that you will be safe walking out the door dressed liked that?”
– “Yes, we are sure, don’t worry there will be no problem. We’re just going in to the city for a “fika”.

Yes, we were fine in shorts, boots, oversized jackets including lacer belt, scarfs, various chains and ornaments and shirt or super-wide pants and the shiny shoes that you could not ever imagine (lacquered) or two tone brogues. Wearing your girl friends suit/jacket if it fitted you for the night?

Do you think we miss Prince and the Paisley Park days just a bit? Do you think that the “Gender” talk makes us a bit sleepy? See. It would seem that you have missed a bit of history and to be honest it does not impress (your 50’s – 1990’s porno-induced aesthetic is quite pathetic don’t you think?) all that much.

How, what gives you the right to say anything? Well, I lived at that time and I live in a democratic country. The problems we have now did not exist then. I did wear my then girlfriend’s suit and she did borrow my clothes. I did borrow my sister’s jacket. And it looked really nice.

But then again you don’t care about anything but getting attention? And that is the first time in history?

Was it fun? Hell yes! No, I am truly sorry there are no photos (you don’t know anything about the late 1980’s, scarry is it not?). Not true, there are some photos but they are on paper and they are fading fast.

It is an extremely hard choice to make. What the hey! Why would I ever? There are so many to choose from and then (not considering the D’n’B side). This is earlier, much earlier. Is it going to be Ae or AFX? Ask me tomorrow. Laying the foundation of all European electronic music. When I heard it/this first time I thought I was going to die.

“We Are The Music Makers” – Aphex Twin

I died then. If you don’t understand? No computer power? Push like that? Impossible album. Proto-UK-bass album. The thing with AFX? He may the inventor of D’n’B, the commercial inventor. What? Listen to early AFX.

You need to listen to Detroit Techno. The origin, where it all came from. Yes, Chicago/Detroit not NYC. Unfortunately, is not an alltogether European story.

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I Can Feel It, It Is So Very Close

September 12th, 2017 Comments off

It is so ever close, yet, it so hard to reach and it feels like…

My hardware is in place it has been for quite some time (and it have never sounded better), I know where to look for more music and the collection is large enough… that is three decades or more of collected music?

Yet, so many good people seem to be fighting it. It is an aspect that I have not yet to take into consideration. Why is that?

What is “it”? I wrote “it” is so close, but then “it” would no longer be it. More concrete? Bass/breaks. It is not that complicated to understand? More than 30 years?

I can’t and I will not compromise regarding that. I would have to… and I cannot.

A post [i].
A post [ii].

Stopping being a complete idiot? Another question altogether. Live the art of our contemporary World, today? I could do that. Breaks would have to be included.

Dolor – Metropoles – Gun City – 2016

“Metropoles” is probably the best track of 2016… “Gun City” could be the best album, but then again “best” does not always win? or you would have to be listening/looking/tasting/smelling or whatever your preference.

Who played it when I first heard it? Well, of course it was the R. Have I heard since? No comment.

PS. Who? One of the Rotterdam brothers. Never been there, Amsterdam I have been, as to many other places in Europe. But I have never been to Rotterdam or the US for that matter.

It Was Not The One I Was Looking For?

September 9th, 2017 Comments off

It will have to do for now. Actually it is one of my (many) favourite albums: If.Then.Else – (Pause) – Emanate Records – 2002.

I was looking for: Theorem – Ion – M_nus – 1999.

Why? Because I think it is partly based on samples from a nearby highway. That would be Detroit’s I-75 highway to be exact.

And it ties ridiculously nicely to one of the previous posts: The Eternal Sound/Noise. Suspiciously nicely one could object. “You know? For kids?” (ref. “The Hudsucker Proxy”, Cohen brothers, 1994).

No, seriously I was meaning to write “free association”. The album? Wow, classic, classic stuff. It is a master piece. I am compelled to mention: Aril Brikha – Deeparture In Time – Transmat – 1999, Theorem – THX – Experiments In Synchronicity – M_nus – 2001 and The Persuader – Stockholm – Svek – 1999.

Because it is like that, that deep, deep techno music. The kind that the brothers from Detroit make.

“Det var bättre förr, så har det alltid varit.”

Picture: It is close to the E4 highway. I normally don’t, but I do really like this one. It is very amusing.

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