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May 26th, 2017 Comments off

Fab & Groove on 23/04/2017?

For once I actually have no comment. I have nothing sensible to say/add.

If you like/or is a drum’n’bass (alt. dumn’n’bass) fanatic?

Then you really need to listen to this set. Because this is litterally unbelievable.

Decades ago from the basement. “Everyone” listens to electronics today?

Yet, few seem to understand bass?

“Prototype”? My Lord… “Renegade Hardware”? I guess I will just have to respect/accept that, but the loss?

Oh my!

“Renegade Hardware”? Closing shop? I can not believe that, really? Renegade? I am in tears now.

Fab & Groove. Modern day heroes. Pushing on!

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Brilliant Tracks, Brilliant Design, Brilliant Name

May 24th, 2017 Comments off

Excellent, brilliant electro, in the purist way and from a “known” source.

“Obergman” and the way it is put together?

Surely, it can’t be anyone other than Ola Bergman? The Swedish producer and graphic designer?

Probably, the correct order is the opposite. I suspect that he his actually a music producing graphic designer rather than the other way around.

I’m not entirely sure if you actually have to make that distinction or what that really means.

All I can say is that if the music sounds like it does what do you think the graphics look like? And vice versa…

I am really not the one to make wagers (no really, I’m not), I actually in principle never engage in any kind of wager. However, I’m 100% sure that O. Bergman has indeed designed the “Quantum Eraser” cover.

I don’t know the exact meaning of the title, but I can guess (I guess we all can?). The “Brilliant Name” is reference to? Apart from the title you mean? Yes. That would be the label name: “Brokntoys”? What? Come on, that’s simply a… brilliant name. The kind of name that will make you slightly jalouse, I mean jealous.

The whole thing is just excellent and if you ever needed an argument, explanation or answer to the question: how much electro is enough? It has been answered.

It has been answered. Excellent, excellent magical and timeless stuff. Singing machines, machines that sing.

Bass And The Ultimate Sound Boy Killer?

May 16th, 2017 Comments off

I have seen speakers literally burn, once.

I’ve seen amplifiers failing, power cuts, fuses burn, turntables, numerous headphones and needles failing.

But, only once in my life have I ever seen speakers pouring smoke and dying.

Surely the set up was wrong to begin with. (It is basically impossible to set up any system like that, but it can be done.)

However, I have never ever seen anything like that before or after… It is not supposed to happen theoretically.

I did see it happen. Smoke and silence. A plume of smoke from the speakers and they all went dead silent.

It was (surprisingly) a very long time ago.

Actually there is another episode of bass exercise. It did not result in catastrophic failure, but it was really close. I could see and feel the floor boards move… again long time ago and another DJ.

Current affairs? DJ Youngsta pushing UK? And Plastician is… disturbing, all are things from London on It is unfair, it has always been unfair. The ultra cool stuff the ultra ruff stuff! The London sounds. The direction is always forward, Swamp 81? Biznizz. It is a fast forward moving World.

Music beyond, as always.

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Trans Europa Express

May 10th, 2017 Comments off

Plastician on DJ Youngsta’s spot 09/05/17?

Plastician is rippin’ it up (I would have written rinsin’, but that would have been quite silly and now it is…?).

Jokes aside, a terrific show, of course ”deep south” would bounce back, but there is so much more.

A hybrid is born (again!) it is from the US to begin with (or is it really?), but at the same time definitely and unmistakeably UK business.

Breaks born in the UK that returned home, slighty transformed and slowed downed by cough-syrup?

However, then again they all boarded the Trans Europa Express in the opposite direction?

Or, was that all a part of that ”Globalism” guy (surely a guy, upsetting that many people and behaving like that? It must be a guy, no?) everyone is talking about?

Nevermind, the upside is; I don’t have to ask anybody what to think about it (I never have done so in the past and I probably never will do so in the future, and it is a hugely successful strategy I might add…) and no one else should feel uneasy.

Because this is excellent bass music (I really do not like genres, so the one who cornered this “one”, may bask in all their glory)!

I can say that it is electronic bass music at its finest so would more could you ask for? I can hear a murmur (not mine though) it is ”soft”. Sure, the tempo is lower auto-magically making it ”warmer” but the bass is not lacking?

Hey, that’s a lot like those Americans? They do many things right (not knowing anything about that really, I have never set foot there. My father told me specifically not to go.) and we are heavily influenced by the them?

It is not necessarily a bad thing (in all other senses it is extremely bad “Agent Orange”. It is as bad as it was unavoidable, but let’s keep it music first) musically and culturally (within limits ; )).

Perspective: “I haven’t played this in a long time… taking it back to… 2015, I think, yes 2015”

Conclusion: That is a really nice track, simply lovely track! And the same can be said about the show: Plastician at

PS. I just realised that a key figure or piece is missing. Yes, it would be the originator from Rotterdam… I was so happy to hear it that I forgot about the originator: Roel Funcken. He invented this style. That is: Rotterdam, Clone, DUB, and many others of course. Rotterdam? That would be Dutch harbour, you know Holland.

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It Just Pure Musical Pressure

May 7th, 2017 Comments off

“You know what they call us?”

Who is playing? DJ Youngsta. Where is he playing? At in the UK.

Eternal is the bass. The bass is eternal.

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You Still Don’t Understand, Really?

April 29th, 2017 Comments off

That is quite alright.

But, that will pose a gigantic problem to me. A big problem. You need to stop this nonsense right now or as the “Agent Orange” would possible say: “No, no ‘Bad Hombres’ causing huge, and I mean huge problemas” (OK, I made the very last bit up).

To simplify and possibly talking some sense for a change.

“Fab & Groove”, “DJ Youngsta” or “Swamp” at Can you imagine going from afro-pop (I am guessing 60’s, but it could be yesterday, or, what 60’s was/is or may have been yesterday/tomorrow) on to house, like in written-in-stones house onto whatever it is called nowadays “progressive” techno in three or five tracks?

I had almost forgot how brilliant it can be… never hear that, never (seldom) hear it played liked that? My music!

Thanks to my teachers. In particular: the-straight-up-and-down-techno-nose-bleed-guru-and-the-ur-unlocker. Always the DJ* of all DJs. Eclectic? The word did not exist before… “Music First”. Saying it and living it? It is not the same thing is it? Spectacular effort my friend. The soldiers! The bass pushing crew. The young and the old… The futurists, to all makers of beautiful stuff…

To do that, play like that? It sounds/looks easy? You need serious skills and you would have to be… a DJ (I wish). To me it is the core and soul of London. The London I love is musical. There is no “waiting for”. Go or be gone. The perfect moment to quote “Alla kan tralla”. If you by a chance do not master the language? Write a note and it will be translated as swiftly as possible. That is a promise.

It is amusing too: “Do you really think that I got issues?”. I don’t know the artist. I would guess American possibly the Green, Detroit or Chicago but I really don’t know… Nevertheless, that is funny, seriously funny techno fun-bits. “You got issues.” Ha ha, you think?

Every day… 24 hrs seven days a week. That is why the ones from there all have to leave. It is to intense. The pressure and in that context? Brexit? That’s just ridiculous… Claim your own state now! I would apply for citizenship…

We will need some irony? My father never set foot in the UK. As a matter of fact he became upset by the fact that I even considered venturing to Londinium in the first place. I did, but that is an another story all together…

Americans, they be rude. “You can call me that.” No, you may not call me that. You crazed dirty US techno freak!

And it gets even more serious. I’m fragile, I simply can’t be listening to this. I don’t know what it is and I probably should know. I do know that it is from America, it is electronic music and it is hurting me (wait, hey, wait I DO know… I know what this is. This is UR! It is the Underground Resistance! That means Detroit and that means massive trouble…).

No, not the ultra hard brothers… Detroit please have mercy? Sure, I slipped for a moment and yes I was not paying attention. But, only for a brief moment? “Minimal” and/or awards? That’s like letting a monkey dabble with nuclear weapons or loaded handguns.

It’s not even my first choice, musically (like there was something to choose from to begin with… it is unreal and I can not really say more).

I can say. You don’t want to mess with UR. Ever. Just, don’t do it.

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Fab & Groove, Again, Really? Come On Man…

April 28th, 2017 Comments off

Yes, once again. Fab & Groove on the mighty, mighty and equally relentless

Yes, I’m afraid it has to be said once more. I do apologise and I am in fact truly sorry.

Where? At: and that’s it, really. You got proper science right there.

You’ll have to be able to perform though… play like that. Deliver and withstand the pressure decade after decade…

It is similar to standing very close (or too close) to the fire. It is unreal and now I can understand (not really) why it is so hard to understand.

It’s just… very hard to explain. I guess, it is the same thing as always; feelings and memories. Nostalgia and future at the same time? Is that the definition of a contradiction? Well, yes it is the definition.

It’s like wearing a full snow-suit in Brixton (no photographs to prove it (pre-mobile), but it happened and you just have to trust me on that)? I remember that I had a hard time getting a cab that night and I was flustered… Go figure?

Admittedly, I was stretching it a bit (I did not wear a face mask* at the time, but I have done so at other occasions why? Well, the obvious answer is Altern 8), but in the end it was all OK and an excellent night out.

Today? Not possible, so something has been lost. In translation/process and I for one miss it. A lot… I am bored to death.

I do believe there is a word designated for all that. The thing missing in my life. And that word is: Freedom!

Completely unrelated I never really had any reason to question the directionality of time. However it is not given (if you think about it). And I’m not going to this “time” (amusing is it not?) either.

Because, to men, women and children it is unequivocally directional (already derailing, so why not? If the concept of time is so hard to comprehend. Then the extreme mathematical interpretation of “reality” seems more and more plausible. The “World”, our world that is, is in fact a 2-D hologram projected upon what we experience as the “real” 3-D World+ I’m not skilled enough in mathematics, but based on pure emotion… it do all makes sense to me.).

* Did you…? Yes, I did wear shorts in the middle of the winter (and it was cold as h*ll…). Were they knee-long? Yes, of course they were but still extremely chilly.

Mm, I think I am done. This will suffice… for now. Worldwide. Now?

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Angels Fall On Your Head?

April 14th, 2017 Comments off


But, what does it mean? Surely, if angels fell on your head? It would be an undesirable thing?

It is Poetry by be the musician “The Vizier Of Damascus”. Angels falling on my head? No, I don’t like the sound of that. Angels are fierce and supernatural entities.

Mm, I don’t know or rather can you misunderstand it? Anyhow the track is called “Lectures”.

“Read your history. Clowns wearing gowns and frowns in my ghost town”? Apart from being pretty smart, true and harsh. It is also quite frightening.

That is an odd 20 years ago? “Clowns wearing gowns and frowns in my ghost town”?

Why not read up on a bit of history? Well should we not? It’s not going to happen is it? 20 years ago. And the misery of the World is not related to the lack of historical knowledge?

I have heard that story before… in a different language “Les phantoms”. Way back when I was a little boy and I can assure you that it is well beyond 30 years ago. My father told me more or less the exact same thing.

I did say that I like the track “Lectures” a lot? “Angels Fall On Your Head?”…

That is… simply poetry.

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It Is Truly Indescribable / Unimaginable

April 14th, 2017 Comments off

No, not even I will attempt trying that. However, if you happen to not know? You know nothing. This is the very source. The orgin of everything (musically at least). Seriously? 1962? Clearly it was made by people who believed in something? What happened I wonder. The push? Unreal music. You need to believe to be able to play like that? Either you know or you do not know. The man died 1965? I was not even born then. Denial? OK. But, I say music first. Again. Tributed to the one and only DJ Krazy. Damn.

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Closed The Shop

April 14th, 2017 Comments off

Who closed the shop, exactly? Well, DJ Youngsta (don’t be lazy, you will find the set) closed the shop. Is it UK? Mm, yes naturally it is UK.

Is it excess? Yes. it is the definition of excess. There’s just no way around this set. I don’t know what to say. Shop closed.

“Dreader Than Dread” and “Digital Dread”?

However, that is not even funny. If you ask me. Not in my World it is not. Destroyed. Again.

And then there is the mighty “R”. The master. You know or you don’t…

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