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What Is That Other Brightly Shining Thing In The Sky?

October 7th, 2017 Comments off

As far as I know it is still quite a mystery.

Our moon is too large and it is only its size that controls our planet’s rotation and stabilizes it. In fact our very existence is dependent upon it.

You know the, the laws of gravity? Newton did explain those things, so did Leibniz by the way.

We have a moon? You have heard about the tides? Have you ever seen them? The tides? It’s quite impressive thing.

That is, the moon moving the oceans on earth. Have you ever tried to move anything? That’s gravity for you. Moving the oceans…

Finally: we all know that our moon doesn’t shine at all, it reflects the light coming from the sun. The reason why it is so bright? It is closer than anything else.

Helios. (Please see below… )

I just took a picture with my stupid phone? Do you look at the skye? Ever? It looks exaktly like that. No tricks… I just took a picture of the skye?

You want to follow a differnt road? OK. I am not interessted. I spent my life-time doing something completetly different. And I will pursue it.

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