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Ambition & The Pursuit Of Bass

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

Sometimes I wonder. What ever the f**k happened to us all? “Bicycle Race (I Want to Ride My Bicycle)” and I do got a bike.

Just like, it does not matter how many times…

Photek’s “Form & Function” will probably remain the very best dumn’n’bass album ever produced; for ever, ever and ever never.

Why? I can’t even describe how good it is. Future! If you can make anything sound like that? Then anything is possible. Unbelievable stuff.

Now. in 2017 I can hear the feedback (distortion/ground-failure) from (I’m guessing) pushing everything to the limit in order to get the right sound.

Today? It makes things come alive. It adds a “dirty” element to the whole composition. From the samples, from the cassettes and pushing everything to the limit in the pursuit of the ultimate bass.  Mind you, there was a time when  it did not get “cleaner” than Photek.

That kind of compression, the production is out-of-this-world… “Katten med hatten kan ditten och datten.” or “Kom igen, det svänger ju katten.”

It is incredible and the origin can only be one.

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Merak Is Not Feeling Well

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

And Alkaid already had a broken screen and even worse an US keyboard.

The screen? That’s irritating/annoying. The keyboard? That’s just plain upsetting.

It looks like… FF* broke Merak, if that is the case that’s not good, at all. Behaving strangely. I backed-up and cleaned the disk to gain performance not… this. It could be MS of course.

“Merak” and “Alkaid” are my machines. They are (almost) identical, in any event they are of the same make and probably year. However, they’re not clones. T510 and W510, please, don’t upset them.

My machines are named. They all bear names of existing stars in our galaxy.

What? Why? Are they all from the same constellation? Yes, madame/sir. Indeed they are. Mm, each and everyone; “Pechda” is on the network , so is, “Thalida” and “Dubhe” by the way. Maybe it is obvious but those are “Arabic” names and that is not a coincidence. Seemed to forgotten a thing or two.  And one or two more on the network. I like machines.

I need a new disk or rather Merak needs one. A faster one.

* No, it is not a dirty word. FF = Firefox, the web browser? You know, for kids?

On a completely different note. No, driving your truck at high speed at 04:30 does not impress me at all. It seems moronic to me. Nor does calling me at 07:30 in the morning. Simply to inform me that you have/will decided or have the intention to visit me at 10:00 o’clock the following day. That’s just… crazy/insane.

Honestly? Is that how “people” actually live their lives? Really? Maybe, just maybe. It is a hard read, however K.Marx did write it… a long time ago. So I’m not having any of that. I mean do you really want to be a slave?

“Men…? J****? Så kan du inte säga!”

Mm, I’m saying no. I’m telling you to read what the old man wrote.


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December 2nd, 2017 Comments off

The poor image quality? I apologise.

But, it is a “reflective/3D/metalic” postcard from the late seventies (1970’s). And it does not scan that well. It was sent to me a long time ago on one of my many birthdays.

The front reads:”STOCKHOLM”.

The back? It is private and for me to know, only. Junior is allowed to read it of course, but I don’t think he’s all that interested to be honest.

The title? It is not an actual word. I’ve made it up. It is word-play. “Snarka” means “snore”  in Swedish… the word for the vessel of eternal sleep is almost identical?

Hence,  “Snarkofagen”, which is (if you wanted it to be) similar to “Stockholm” (I mean if you tried hard enough it could be the very same thing).

–  “You know? For kids?”

“Snarkofagen?” The place were I dwell…

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Fab & Groove On

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

It’s just to good to be true. I mean come on! Many decades later. Just look/listen.

That is the definition of push/brotherhood.

Fabio & Grooverider? The absoulte heroes. Heroes all the way. Unreal stuff. They play and play and play… that is truly unbelievable.

Overdoing it? Just a little bit? That’s fine by me. I mean someone has to do it right? I’m loving it all the way and every single bit of it. Look at it.

It is brilliant. Unsurpassed. Playing the impossible.

Them be the proper original rude boys.

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One Hundred (100) Years Ago

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

WW1, fighting for you? Why?

30 years later my grandfather died of his injuries inflicted in WW2. He passed 1950.

Leaving my father without a father. Leaving my grandmother without a husband and leaving me and my little sister without a grandfather.

20 years before I came into this World.

It is history, it is my history. Have you seen the graveyards? Have you seen the endless rows of tombs manifesting lost lives in Evropa? The consequences of war?

They were fighting your War? Dying doing so. Why did they do that?

“Les Tirailleurs Sénégalais”, fighting fiercely till the bitter end on the muddy, cold battlefields of Evropa.

– Mon père étais Sénégalaise.

– Ah, un vrais Sénégalaise?

– Oui.

Immense fierté. Immense pride.



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They’re Alive!

November 30th, 2017 Comments off

So, the mechanical engineering studies actually had a purpose in the end?

Two (2) M2 2×20 screws,  nuts and washers (I did have to drill and cut the screws down from 20mm to 16mm).

Forced to buy 300 pcs instead of the 8 pcs needed. 50/300 = 0,16 SEK a piece. 8 x 0,16 = 1,28 SEK.

The actual hardware did cost a little more than that, so I’m a winner (gagnant?). A rough estimate would be 1000 times more…

The pieces were made in China. If there would be any doubt. Actually the whole ensemble was manufactured there to begin with.

Originally engineered to break. There are brilliant people spending their time constructing/designing objects to fail? Why do they do that? My view? It should be very well known by now.

No, I never actually questioned that particular decision (mechanical engineering studies) in my life and I still intend to construct robots. My little one detests the mechanics/physics/science. My father did not like them either.

They’re alive now, repaired, saved and they’re back in active duty, they’re back to serve. Who? My trustworthy MDR-XB950BT headphones.  Japanese engineered Bluetooth headphones with built-in amplifier. I can push them. No distortion. I can push them beyond. Clean.

Completely unbalanced sounding and geared for one thing only and that is maximum bass. It does not have anything to do with high fidelity or exactness. They’re are played as loud* as is possible without distortion. It is a simple case of overstretch… I’m well aware of that and I’ll happily grant you that. I love it!

The reinstatement? First to be played? Erik Lundin – Suedi – RMH Records* – RMH008 – 2015.

This release distances everything else, this is by far the best Swedish hip hop album ever produced and released. It is a timeless piece of art right there. Best of the best.

Second to be played? Abd Al Malik – Scarifications – G!braltar – PIASL038LP – 2015. “Je ne dirais plus jamais, je t’aimes.”

Third? Lenzman – All For You EP – The North Quarter – NQ001 – 2016. “Greatful, as free as you want to be.”

Classic and arcaic drum’n’bass. “Grateful” that is a full two decades and some later. I can’t believe it. Did I actually miss my own life?

Fourth? Digital.

* Inte högt (frequency), hög volum utan starkt (loudness). Snart doktor L.E. har alltid rättat mig ang. det. Not “high” volume, but “loud”. The soon to be doctor L.E. have always corrected me on the subject. I feel… humbled and proud.


This Is How I Wear Them

November 29th, 2017 Comments off

This is how I wear my leather gloves (2017).

Why? This is how my father wore his leather gloves (1960), in fact these are actually my fathers’ leather gloves (they’re not from the 60’s though).

It is pure aesthetics, turned up at the end and tight around the knuckles.

Is it practical? No, not at all. Is it aesthetics and nothing else. It is not functional at all.

Do I shine my own shoes? Yes, I do shine my shoes/boots. Do I know how to tie a tie and iron my shirt and trousers?

Yes, I do know how to do that. Can I replace a lost button? Yes, I can do that as well. It is called sewing.

“Gentleman” is more than a mere word. Opposite argument is arguing about the basics of being “civilised”? That can not be a good thing in my World.

That being said. The whole “touching other people without their consent”? It just not progressing the way I want too. Honestly it can not be an actual problem? It is just stupid.

Shadow? Mm, that is my aluminium bat, it is resting in my hallway, always. Mine is black and little sisters’ is red.

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November 25th, 2017 Comments off

Txt? Maybe. One second. The uniform suggest one (1) an American soldier among an all British contingent…

The clip is one second long., exactly 1 (one) second long: 01:03:37 – 01:03:08.* It is featured in the critically acclaimed movie “Wonder Woman”. It has been praised for being groundbreaking in many aspects and especially in terms of equality? It is an American film directed by an American woman. The perspective looks the same to me.

It is fiction? Yes. When will you realise that it is not a question of privileged gender? When will you realise that the real question is another altogether?

Please, try a little bit harder. What about general human rights? Look beyond gender and tint (color is just not working for me). Words. 1970. My father was a grown man then.

380000 were sent from the US and 160000 Africans fought for France alone. The “Colonial” troops were close to a million (1000000) head strong. Men taking part in the first World War,  Africans and Asians, they were a very long way from home, fighting in a war that was not theirs to fight to begin with. One hundred years ago. Why did they do that? Why did they sacrifice their own lives in a fight that was not theirs? Codex.

A man called Léopold Senghor was one of them. He fought in the first World War for France. He survived and became the first president of the independent state Senegal proclaimed in 1960.

He was part of the Senegalese tirailleurs (French: Tirailleurs Sénégalais) infantry and president, minister, poet, member of l’Académie française etc.

* It was not my intention. I just watched the film and I did not do a frame-to-frame analysis. I simply made an observation, that’s all. No big mystery to be found. One second would be 24 frames or something like that. Equality?

The Future Lost In Parts III Or? Kaeru!

November 15th, 2017 Comments off

Since it, the future, that is, was actually rediscovered not all that long ago.

Temporally the discovery was made after this post was originally submitted of course.

Resurface – Kaeru – To Return

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The Future Lost In Parts II

November 14th, 2017 Comments off

My grandfather. (No, not the one that died from injuries in the second World War.). This is the other one.

I have a mother too, mind you. My mother’s father liked CPH (as any sensible and educated individual would do even if they happen to be Swedish) as much as I do.

However, the reasons may not have been quite the same.

In the early 1930’s he was a young chemist and then later on he became a brewer master.

I guess he became the first generation of the “Master’s of the Universe” in our century. He was a very stern, correct (as most in his generation I would imagine), but always a very fair man. He was an honest man, hard working and actually creating something during his lifetime. He gave many many good advices. He was a kind man.

Nothing like the “Masters of the Universe” of today. 55-85 year old men. Uneducated, no manners and way too much money. -Of course you don’t care where you park, if your car is worth 2 million SEK (200 000 EUR). Of course you will not care how you look or how you behave? You are the master of the Universe right?

It is simply put, disgusting.

The World of today? I imagine that it would be very hard to comprehend anything of it at all for my grandfather, as it would seem to be for anybody living today including myself.

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