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I Encountered “The Persuader”!

October 20th, 2017 Comments off

The man is pure music. He is a regular man. But a undercover kind of man. Definig deep house when the term made sense. The 1999 album “Stockholm”? It was a classic. Now? It is unbelievable. Incredible.

Lesson? It may seem silly. Just do what ever you like before it is to late.

I have worked hard, but I have no legacy? My 100 000 hours are no where to be found in this World?

Music made, chairs constructed, or buildings erected (I do believe it is the correct word) they are more or less eternal? My work? Of texts “System Specifications”. They are a reference to something that does not exist any more (replaced) and I even if I wanted to I can not disclose even that because it is property?

You do understand what that entail?

The artist’s name? I’m just guessing. No, honestly I don’t know. I have never asked.I think I may have misspelled it again… so sorry if I did. Last time around I was corrected by an audionom (I don’t really like being corrected and at the the the title was not there.). Surely one of the best house music albums of all time. Alongside the other ones that I mentioned not long ago[***].

Again… I don’t “Vasastaden”. I don’t like that part of the city. I am a sothern boy. Even when I lived in the city, I lived on “Södermalm” for a decade. I do not miss it all (that’s 10 min away and I’m back to my roots, with grass and trees and stuff). This is where I was born and raised.

The album is funny in an other sense. The areas and songs correspond even today. I seldom listen to “Djurgårdsbrun” and “Norrmalm” is very energetic funnily enogh I don’t like “Kungsbron” either. I am a fairly convinced republican. “Mosebacke” is… dub and probably my favourite track (it is my favourite. I’ve already written it right).

Late/early? But exactly how does that affect you?

1.) Why do you even care? The clock says 05:50 and you say that you don’t care and still you get upset?
2.) So, you unlike all other humans have unlimited time? Interested. Not that I ever would want to live for an eternity. It’s just interesting to meet a human being that is actually bringing some news for a change
3.) If your are not passionate about something are you in fact alive?

I do want to leave. I always wanted to. I did not. I have not and now can not. It is another story all together.

Oh My God, That Man Is On Fire!

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Blast! I never ever doubted the raw talent.

Eminem? I am not an American. Still I’m worried and yes I do feel the pain.

Give me a f***ing break. Will you not? The man is on fire!

Now? Now?… Africa? Afrobeats. Globalism? Do you really understand what it entails? Nostalgia may be a way to control it?

That what you know? The “familiar”? I think I finally may understand why I am an incurable nostalgic. Simple, I can understand that which I know.

That is music that you will never hear. In a context that will be unknown forever. Overload. Mm, there’s “overstretch” and “overstay”. I forgot about “overload”…

“Neptizzle with Mystro” It is again… it’s just too much. No, I can’t keep up… “Reality” No, I can’t handle it. Jävla UK eg London! Please, please claim the republic!

The broken English? Mixed like that? It’s… I can’t… It is f***ing unbelievable. It is an interpretation of something that does not exist. The “West-world”, an interpretation of commercials becoming “reality”.

“Light me up!” (Africanism. The true origin of le tam-tam…).

Let the fire burn ever so brightly! Forever.

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Well, That’s Just Wrong

October 15th, 2017 Comments off that is just not… fair. What the hell is: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: rRoxymore”?

It is a random show. And you are telling me that commersial music is sounding like it does and that agent orange is in fact the president?

You are telling me that the people listen to and voted for it? The very thought is offensive to me.

How is that possible after all this time? Techno? The brothers from Detroit? House music? Early UK bass?

In all honesty it hurts my head, badly. Really badly. My head is hurting.

Plz, explain it to me (as simply as possible). What the hell is going on? Electronic music, old music is better?

Honestly. I did think that it would fade away eventually. It does not seem all that likely now? So, it will never end… “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” and the sounds from Detroit and the other stuff till the bitter end? OK.

1987? “1982” is probably more accurate, but “1987” seemed much more pleasing to the eye. In 1977? Well, then I listened to Elvis Y Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

“10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” The intro of this set? It actually makes me believe in humanity. Playing like that? Starting a set like that (is that important? Yes it is important.) and mixing like that?

UK, running the show as always. No joke business all that said, good luck with your Brexit cock-up. You must be joking!

Sant, jag är inte så “tuff” nu när jag dog: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers”. Over and done with. That’s it. There’s overstretch (in behaviour) and there’s overstay (in Babylon). This? “No comment”. Things I haven’t even heard 30 years later?

I can assure you that it is not a question of nostalgia. The fact of the matter is that I was a much better person then.

1947? My grandmother was 36 years old at the time. Not that you would ever discuss a women’s age under any circumstance.

Words lost, and no I do not mean in translation.


October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Almighty. Worshipping the Sun makes sense to me.

The other stuff? Does not. A man? Any man or woman for that mater, walking this earth and in fact being a God?

Honestly? Why would a God have a gender to begin with and if that would be the case surely it would not be male? That’s simply ridiculous if you ask me. A catastrophic misconception. The father…

Helios is pure physical power and billions of years old… Helios is older than our planet. Yet, a teenager in a cosmic sense. How about some humbleness for a change?

I think that the ancient Egyptians got that right (and no, I am not going to comment the contemporary version. Why? It is simply to depressing and moronic.).

“Pyramids are all so shiny. Egypt, Egypt.”

* In other parts of the World this text would probably cost me my life. Apart from me liking to live it is a fairly strong argument for democracy and freedom of speech. I think [sic!].

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October 8th, 2017 Comments off

“- What can be said in one sentence takes you at least 15 minutes.”

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KAAR 1 – 20 Yrs

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines – Kanzleramt – KAAR 1 CD – 1997

“…A funny way, I’m human made.”

It is now two decades old, shy of a month. That is quite unbelievable.

I actually recall that exact day. If it was not the same month, it can’t have been that much long after the actual release date (hey I said that I remembered the day, I never said anything about the date.).

It it still one of my favourite albums of all time. I had been looking for it for such a long, long time. I did not know where to look for the music at the time.

What? Ah, Yes, it is purist electro with a capital E. You know the: life-transforming-or-is-it-art-is-really-going-to-f**k-you-up-my-friend? kind.

“Basic Level” = = 3.

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The Weather? Is A Bit Peculiar?

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

If it gets one degree colder right now the snow will start fall in early October then again sometimes it snows in April?

So what! (that would be Miles), well it has been the coolest (no, not cool in the Miles way) summer in record? I am old, but I’m not that old.

Our climate system is a closed system (outside it there is a vacuum). I learnt this in my teen’s. It is the basis of the chaos theory from the late sixties.

There are “simple” system’s that can’t be formalised (it is not a good thing according to me). The prime example is the weather. I am and always been a Positivist and will remain so. It will all have to be formalized. It is simply a question of computing power. The universe is made up of information not matter.

I have noted that there was a signifiant raise in the municipal church vote this year’s election? Statistically that is nothing but astounding, Historically? The state does not support you, the politicians fail, the people turn to what? I’m sceptical I don’t think it will help us.

Historically? Religious based anything are not favourable to humanity. Renumber the 100 year war and all others. The current wars? Spilling into our beloved Evropa? The coming civil war in the admired US of A?

So much aggression in men… always and all time. Even wearing underwear in the hallway? I did, try but that not did not really work out. Jr. sound a sleep so, no harm done). All and done there is still something called experience. What? What do mean? A conscious being twice in age will know more. (No, I am not going to define a “conscious” being, there are several reasons.)

PS. The most boring and saddest thing I ever have seen. A man in his twenties telling me something. I fell sorry for him standing in his underwear and being upset.. No life… no dynamic. “Do you mean programmed?” – No, even more boring that. They are a void. There’s simply nothing… There is not even some to dislike.

Nothing (it is sad, modern-post-politic-zombiez, “Det ska löna sig att arbeta” (it can’t really be translated, but the people do seem to believe in that statement: “It should be profitable to work”). And is a viable statement in 2017?. When you ancesters most likely toiled in the factory +12 hours a day six daýs of the week and starved?

I don’t know. All I have to say [sic!]. There’s this book* written in 1867.

“It should be profitable to work” That is the slogan to win the next election. What does that even mean? Well, honestly it means absolutely nothing.

That is exactly what has going on the past 30 years in Swedish politics. Last time around, it lead to quite dramatic changes or did it. The politicians serve their own interests and the we need a r******** ? They’re no longer serving Us, the people. And that is actually their only task.

*That is one hard reading. Actually it is close to impossible to read and that only adds to the irony. My father always claimed that it was the biggest literal betrayal in all of human history.

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