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So, Looking For The Future Are You?

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

“Let’s get future! “That’s UK for you.

No, no, no that is overstretch. Young? Music is… the future. I’m not sure I want to hear it. Production is… not good.

Is it the future? No doubt (it has already happened). The compression is terrible, the production is not much better… concede. You will be crushed.

Them don’t care. And be assured you will not stop them.

Is it “good” music? Don’t insult me. My God. Is the word? Rail-roared? Them are going to run you over like a run away train and it is going to hurt. UK Afrobeats and Afro-swing from Nigeria?

I never got that, why was Stockholm involved in the discussion to begin with? Close to 50 years spent here now. The other little one tells me it is time for Exodus. That we should return to the motherland and I can’t argue with that.

Says it is time for Exodus…

I love my city. I just never understood it. Honestly? NY, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, LA and San Francisco? Really?

The largest embarrassment? “The Capital of Scandinavia.”. What the hell? Stockholm? We can conclude that it is not Oslo. It could be Helsinki. But in fact it is Copenhagen, it is certainly not Stockholm.

No, I really don’t think so. “The Capital of Scandinavia.” Come on, “fashion” / “style” and Stockholm? That is not what I see on a daily basis.

UK Afrobeats and Afro-swing from Nigeria? Got that did you?

Africanism*. My father said many things… Ha ha. He said: “Le future appartient…” I do believe he was correct again…

*As far as I know it is my own invention. What does it mean? If you know me? Then the meaning of the word will not be a mystery?

“Fire upon them!”

No, You Can Not Rob The Poor

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

It can not be done…

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The Plasticity Of A Young Mind/Why Words Are Important

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Q: – Do you know what the sentence: “A catastrophic misconception.” means in English?

A: – I do (Honestly, I should have stopped/terminated the whole thing right there. It is at least one of the deadly sines right?)

Claim: – There is nothing beyond a catastrophe. There is no level that supersedes it and if I may add it is a widely misused word.

Q: – But, what about “Inferno”? Is that not worse than a catastrophe?*

(What!!! and an immediate acute panic attack. It is a phrase that I do use. Seldom and in very particular circumstances.).

A: That is very good question (I could not be prouder, ever never ever). However, it is a question of faith. (Yes, I should have formulated it as a question, as it happens I did not. I stated it as a fact.) “Inferno” literally means Hell.

In all actuality I was not correct (I was wrong… again!). It is a much more modern word than I assumed.

19th century? Of course.

1834? That is yesterday. On an another note there can not be a more beautiful word than “Etymology”? Why the hell did I leave the Uni to begin with?

inferno (n.)
1834, “Hell, the infernal regions,” from Italian inferno, from Late Latin infernus “Hell,” in classical Latin “the lower world” (see infernal). As “a large, raging fire” from 1928.

infernus (feminine inferna, neuter infernum); first/second declension

1) of the lower regions
2) infernal, hellish

According to:


It is by far the “hardest” book that I own. Reading it is close to impossible. The typeset is simply rude. It is very small, it is very Gothic (and mixed, two versions and one of them is really harsh) and it is very 20th century. You know? At the time when people made an effort.

The best thing? It includes some of her homework. It is literally priceless to me.

The book says:

Infernus (A.: infer) “Nedre; lägre (belägen). [lower; positioned lower]
Inferne Adv.:(infer) Nedanför [below]

It makes sense to me. However, it also means that maybe the young one was right once again?

Picture? Well, surely it has to be fire? It is still burning. This is post number 521 and the picture is:

* There was (I do believe) an idea to make Latin the official language in our European Union. That would have been sweet.

A. Strindberg – Inferno – 1897. Fine? We are all done now?

* That is it. I do concede and my father would have laughed loudly. He was a huge fan of A. Strindberg by the way. Another story.

That’s it. I’m done. You win.

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October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Almighty. Worshipping the Sun makes sense to me.

The other stuff? Does not. A man? Any man or woman for that mater, walking this earth and in fact being a God?

Honestly? Why would a God have a gender to begin with and if that would be the case surely it would not be male? That’s simply ridiculous if you ask me. A catastrophic misconception. The father…

Helios is pure physical power and billions of years old… Helios is older than our planet. Yet, a teenager in a cosmic sense. How about some humbleness for a change?

I think that the ancient Egyptians got that right (and no, I am not going to comment the contemporary version. Why? It is simply to depressing and moronic.).

“Pyramids are all so shiny. Egypt, Egypt.”

* In other parts of the World this text would probably cost me my life. Apart from me liking to live it is a fairly strong argument for democracy and freedom of speech. I think [sic!].

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Why Are You?

October 12th, 2017 Comments off

– Why are you welding the drill rods? I mean why are they not threaded?
– It is cheaper.

– Why are you constructing a completely new building without a cellar?
– It is cheaper.

– Why are you? Never mind…

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I Finally Mounted My Time Lapse Camera

October 11th, 2017 Comments off

I know for a fact that they will construct three houses reaching 14 stories just opposite my kitchen window.

However, I’m far from sure that the apartment owning people on the hill were informed a year ago though.

It is a text book time lapse moment. The crane is there, new batteries are installed, kitchen windows are newly cleaned, a day or so set-up and then they stopped construction.

Well, not altogether but more or less.

We can become neighbours. If you can afford 34m2 @ 3250000SEK/€328000?

I almost forgot, you’ll get the added bonus of living 10 meters from the busiest stretch of railway in Sweden.

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The Last Show?

October 10th, 2017 Comments off

There is no edit. It is a “none-true” picture. I prefeer the “real” world,

Kill the breaks? You are trying to kill the UK-breaks? Sucvsess, picture will be black…

Actually I will change it now. You are trying to kill the breaks? Why would you do want to do that?

I took a photo and uploaded it directly. So? It is was beautiful. It was a picture of our moon? Reflecting the light of our sun.

Details? iPhone 5S. No editing. The image? No, it is not the picture I took. Hardware.

But, where is the actual picture? I will need to find it. It is close by. There is no time too waste.

Tracks? Just ask me. Junior tells me… “- I don’t have time now, my boys are waiting for me.”

My pride and joy. I can hear him laughing, being happy, being funny and teen? It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard/seen in my entire life. “My life” as Mary sang once upon…

The most beautiful thing I ever heard/saw, in my life.


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Tillbaka Igen (II) ?

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

Är det dem igen? Är det desamma som startade andra världskriget? Är det samma människor som tog min farfars liv? Om så hur är det möjligt?

Anti-demokrater? Motståndarna som tycker att våld är en politisk lösning? Alla anti-demokrater gillar ju det, våldet.

“Vapenträning”? Det hela är ju mycket imponerande men jag gjorde min “värnplikt” i 10 månader… då tjänade jag staten.

Det var inte för att få ett tillfälle att ta ett fotografi, inte för att tramsa omkring på gator och torg eller störa hederliga medborgare och/eller religiösa sådana.

Den enda och enkla anledningen var pliktkänsla. Varför? Därför jag uppfostrades så. Jag uppfostrades att älska mitt fosterland.

Jag tjänade staten mot min vilja. Vem är det som är patriot?

Jag och mina kamrater tjänstgjorde på nyårsafton och jag förde befäl då? Vi hade ett litet fyrverkeri och vi hade ansvar för kansernen då.

Ni? Är jävla pajasar. I 10 månader tjänade jag staten och era pajaserier imponerar inte på mig.

Ni skämmer ut Sverige, Moder Svea och Patria. Ni får oss att framstå som en pajasnation? Jag gillar inte det. Jag spenderade inte 10 månader i statens tjänst för att en grupp clowner ska skämma ut mig, mitt land, min nation och patria?

Jag ledde min grupp och jag löd mina befäl, jag lydde order. Det gjorde jag för patria.

Ni kan försöka att lura vilka ni vill. Jag är extremt stolt över att jag fick tjäna vår stat. Vad ni (era bidragshelveten) håller eller bidrar med är oklart? Jag har ingen aning om vad det är men snälla sluta med det omgående.

Regemente? S1. Signaltrupperna. “Utan samband ingen seger.” Jag har burit den riktiga uniformen och jag gjorde det med stolthet.

Nazism? Förstår ni ens vad det andra kriget handlade om? Förstår ni att er rätt, rättigheter och existens handlar om det? Det är ju patetiskt. Ni utnyttjar rättigheter som ni själva förnekar? Ni missbrukar samma “rättigheter” som de religiösa/fanatikerna?

Ni lever på bidrag från staten = medborgarna och ni kallar er själva för patrioter? Ni får ju gå omkring och säga “Hail Hilter” med normal samtalston på sjukpension hela dagarna i ditt hem men du får INTE vända dig mot staten, vara våldsam eller bryta mot någon av de många stiftade lagarna.

– Vad menar du? Jag menar att det är precis samma regler som gäller för alla andra. Varför är det så svårt att acceptera det? De gemensamma lagar och regler som vi har kommit fram till tillsammans. De vi har grundat vår civilisation på. De som de facto utgör demokratin.

Men har ni någonsin tjänat staten? Nej, det har ni ju inte gjort, ni är sorgliga. Är jag rädd för er? Nej, därför ni är patetiska pajasar. “Patrioter”? Ja, just det ni är för obildade för att ens förstå vad ordet betyder.

OK. Men sedan? Jag menar när våldsamheterna är över, efter det att ni har dödat alla som utgör problem? Hur ska ni transfomera/förvandla (de båda betyder “ändra” och “ändra” betyder “ordna” eller fixa som har sagt länge i storstaden.) “ert” Svedala till det bättre? Allt “dåligt” är utrotat. Det är nya friska tag. Vad är planen? Alla andra är utrotade? Det finns en plan eller hur?

Ska ni prata med bankerna då? Eller ska ni “döda” dem också? Globalt? Hur ser lösningen ut? Räcker det med alla bruna eller är det fler som måste dö för att lösa “problemen”?

Mm, av någon anledning så måste Israelerna dö också och de flesta av dem är inte bruna? Det är lite oklart varför men ju fler som dör ju bättre eller hur? Nazism är så fräsch. I princip så ska alla dö? Det verkar konstruktivt.

OK. När ni har dödat alla vars fel det är att Svedala inte utvecklas som vi vill? Vad är nästa steg? Ni ska lösa Sveas problem? Alla andra är döda? Men sluta tramsa och SNÄLLA gör det då! Lös Moder Sveas problem.

Men kan ni verkligen göra det? Jag känner stor tveksamhet.

Är du Nazi? Sluta med det eller så kanske du måste… göra som alla vi (jag) andra som vill leva i en demokrati. Respektera den och sluta missbruka den. Det gäller alla som gör det. Tanken har aldrig dykt upp att ni tycker att det är lite märkligt att alla de “andra” (extremisterna) inklusive de religösa resonerar på exakt samma sätt som ni?

“- Men vi har ju rätt!”. Jag glömde ju bort det såklart. Förlåt.

Men vi (demokraterna) har lagar och regler. Vi använder inte våld för att lösa våra konflikter nu för tiden. Därför att det är barbariskt.

Om ni bryter mot våra lagar? Det kommer att bli kostsamt för er alla och ni kommer att hamna på de statliga institutionerna. Det är enbart en tidsfråga. Ni blev slagna för länge sedan och erkände et totala nederlag? Varför vägrar ni att acceptera att anledningen till att ni förlorade då inte har förändrats? Överhuvudtaget.

Patria! Du säger till mig att du handlar som du gör därför att du älskar ditt land?

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When You Know That You Are Indeed Watching The BBC

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

A Nile Rodgers* interview on HARDtalk.

That is brilliant journalism. Being well-informed and asking relevant questions. And maybe most importantly letting the context of discussion have its place.

What is the most important factor a candid discussion? well, it is time.

A question will always be shorter than the answer…

* Nile Rodgers. It is America in a nut-shell. Have you ever heard about a group called CHIC?

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The Weather? Is A Bit Peculiar?

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

If it gets one degree colder right now the snow will start fall in early October then again sometimes it snows in April?

So what! (that would be Miles), well it has been the coolest (no, not cool in the Miles way) summer in record? I am old, but I’m not that old.

Our climate system is a closed system (outside it there is a vacuum). I learnt this in my teen’s. It is the basis of the chaos theory from the late sixties.

There are “simple” system’s that can’t be formalised (it is not a good thing according to me). The prime example is the weather. I am and always been a Positivist and will remain so. It will all have to be formalized. It is simply a question of computing power. The universe is made up of information not matter.

I have noted that there was a signifiant raise in the municipal church vote this year’s election? Statistically that is nothing but astounding, Historically? The state does not support you, the politicians fail, the people turn to what? I’m sceptical I don’t think it will help us.

Historically? Religious based anything are not favourable to humanity. Renumber the 100 year war and all others. The current wars? Spilling into our beloved Evropa? The coming civil war in the admired US of A?

So much aggression in men… always and all time. Even wearing underwear in the hallway? I did, try but that not did not really work out. Jr. sound a sleep so, no harm done). All and done there is still something called experience. What? What do mean? A conscious being twice in age will know more. (No, I am not going to define a “conscious” being, there are several reasons.)

PS. The most boring and saddest thing I ever have seen. A man in his twenties telling me something. I fell sorry for him standing in his underwear and being upset.. No life… no dynamic. “Do you mean programmed?” – No, even more boring that. They are a void. There’s simply nothing… There is not even some to dislike.

Nothing (it is sad, modern-post-politic-zombiez, “Det ska löna sig att arbeta” (it can’t really be translated, but the people do seem to believe in that statement: “It should be profitable to work”). And is a viable statement in 2017?. When you ancesters most likely toiled in the factory +12 hours a day six daýs of the week and starved?

I don’t know. All I have to say [sic!]. There’s this book* written in 1867.

“It should be profitable to work” That is the slogan to win the next election. What does that even mean? Well, honestly it means absolutely nothing.

That is exactly what has going on the past 30 years in Swedish politics. Last time around, it lead to quite dramatic changes or did it. The politicians serve their own interests and the we need a r******** ? They’re no longer serving Us, the people. And that is actually their only task.

*That is one hard reading. Actually it is close to impossible to read and that only adds to the irony. My father always claimed that it was the biggest literal betrayal in all of human history.

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