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Well, That’s Just Wrong

October 15th, 2017 Comments off that is just not… fair. What the hell is: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: rRoxymore”?

It is a random show. And you are telling me that commersial music is sounding like it does and that agent orange is in fact the president?

You are telling me that the people listen to and voted for it? The very thought is offensive to me.

How is that possible after all this time? Techno? The brothers from Detroit? House music? Early UK bass?

In all honesty it hurts my head, badly. Really badly. My head is hurting.

Plz, explain it to me (as simply as possible). What the hell is going on? Electronic music, old music is better?

Honestly. I did think that it would fade away eventually. It does not seem all that likely now? So, it will never end… “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” and the sounds from Detroit and the other stuff till the bitter end? OK.

1987? “1982” is probably more accurate, but “1987” seemed much more pleasing to the eye. In 1977? Well, then I listened to Elvis Y Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

“10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” The intro of this set? It actually makes me believe in humanity. Playing like that? Starting a set like that (is that important? Yes it is important.) and mixing like that?

UK, running the show as always. No joke business all that said, good luck with your Brexit cock-up. You must be joking!

Sant, jag är inte så “tuff” nu när jag dog: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers”. Over and done with. That’s it. There’s overstretch (in behaviour) and there’s overstay (in Babylon). This? “No comment”. Things I haven’t even heard 30 years later?

I can assure you that it is not a question of nostalgia. The fact of the matter is that I was a much better person then.

1947? My grandmother was 36 years old at the time. Not that you would ever discuss a women’s age under any circumstance.

Words lost, and no I do not mean in translation.

Why Are You?

October 12th, 2017 Comments off

– Why are you welding the drill rods? I mean why are they not threaded?
– It is cheaper.

– Why are you constructing a completely new building without a cellar?
– It is cheaper.

– Why are you? Never mind…

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What Is That? The Brightly Shining Thing In The Sky?

September 30th, 2017 Comments off

The only functioning fusion reactor in our solar system?

Helios? It is our own sun? Old. Merging hydrogen atoms into Helium ones. They say that Gaia is 4 000 000 000 years old.

Helios is much older. Physics? If it is correct? Then time is affected by gravity? OK. That is a really strange concept. I’m not disputing it, far from. The consequences though… we basically do not know anything about physical reality (most don’t care, I do know that, but I do care.)

They are number one and two in the periodic table? The process produces insanely much energy? If merged they release extra electrons. Another thing that is not linear. Why is the World not linear?

8 light minutes away? You can feel the power. A sunny day you can feel the power in your face? Do you understand how powerful our sun is?

And they are almost countless (“almost”, I would not want to offend infinity). When I realised that every visible star in the night sky is in fact a sun (it could be a galaxy, that is not very likely they are generally faint and a lot fuzzier and since I live in the city I’ve never really seen that many stars/suns)?

That was… memorable.

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No, I Will Never Get A Personal Facebook Account

September 29th, 2017 Comments off

A long time ago… the year was 2006, if I remember correctly.

I was presented with the opportunity to join a new “thing” it was called Facebook***. It was by invitation only and it was American.

I was and I still am a fairly private person (it used to be called integrity, but I suspect that most people just find it annoying).

I did not fancy the idea. But, then again I got my current e-mail address on a bet/challenge. It is another story.

I declined (many thanks and much love K! It was not for me then and it is still not for me now).

Eleven (11) years later? They say… more than 1 000 000 000 users and the CEO will become the next president of the US? That is… bizarre if you ask me.

If you know me? Whatever account you see? It’s not mine. Alright? It will never be mine ref. title? It will never happen.

*** I might have the original invite stored on a disc somewhere. No, I am not going to post it. Come on!

But why? Well a corporation owning my personal data for an infinity? If you don’t know, Twitter (it is impossible to close an account) and Instagram owns your data forever. Forever? You don’t control your own data?

So? Well I find that unacceptable. In a 100 years? Do you really think that’s a good idea? Never mind what you posted. Corporations. What is the aim of a corporation? Feel free to convince me. I’m pretty sure though. A fair warning?

They own your data (you signed) eternally and it is a corporation = they will capitalize on your “private” data for an eternity?

Think about that for a second. That is insane or as the Romans used to say. Re tarde mentes (it litterally means a mind that is going backwards, hence “retarded” or “retardedad”). Forever, forever ever, forever ever. I say no. I don’t think so. My data is mine. Ultimately it is question of integrity and maintaining it. Am I in deep trouble? I probably am.

My community is getting completely destroyed. I was born and raised right here. I’ve spent my entire life here. I never managed to leave it and now it is being destroyed? It is quite painful.

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Upsetting Talent

September 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I was looking for something to play…

And I was thinking about the insanely tall crane, it must be well over 100 meters, it could be 120 meters. I was thinking about Jr.

How will I ever motivate him? Is it possible? Can I do that? Or how much can/am I permitted to lie? Or should I just lie. I truly don’t know.

I do know this: dance-of-the-polar-bear. That is raw artism (that is correct I made that word up right here and now = it is not a real word) by the brutally talented and very dearest friend.

I complained about the general track lengths (in my mind they were too short). Dance… is 6:46? That is completely acceptable…

Many words at play here. The title. It is E-dub.

Well, you never leave home without your smarty pants on do you?

– No, I seldom/never leave home without my smarty pants on.

Polar bear? What a majestic creature.

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No 44

September 17th, 2017 Comments off

It has been years. This is the time. Come on!

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Cassini Finale

September 15th, 2017 Comments off

“After two decades in space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is nearing the end of its remarkable journey of exploration.

Having expended almost every bit of the rocket propellant it carried to Saturn, operators are deliberately plunging Cassini into the planet to ensure Saturn’s moons will remain pristine for future exploration.”

“The Cassini mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency [sic!], what would it be otherwise? European Deep Soul Society and Agency) and the Italian Space Agency.*”

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of Caltech in Pasadena…”

Picture: “This image of Saturn’s rings was taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on Sept. 13, 2017. It is among the last images Cassini sent back to Earth.”

So, they year is: 2017/09/15? I was sure we would have reached the stars by now. We don’t even have working AI? I am deeply disappointed. The other “believers” en masse? No space ships? Not even an intelligent machine by now?

And either your contribution is “landing” a spacecraft on Saturn after 20 years in space or your “contribution” is manifested at a Tube station in London in rush hour? Seems like a discrepancy to me. A choice as far as I can tell…

Then, “Avbryt” = cancel the latter… and for God’s sake pull yourself together.

*I don’t know that for a fact, but it seems strange that the Italian Space Agency is not a part of the ESA? Given the rest it is probably true.

Pictures of other planets? It fills me with Awe, I do believe it is the (English) word. It is a picture from Saturn.

No, I don’t think you understand. The picture is actually from another planet in our solar system. This is a picture from Saturn. It is not a digital rendering. It is an actual picture of another planet.

– It doesn’t look anything like a cat?

No, I guess it doesn’t, simply because it is a feature of a planet called Saturn?

– Why are there no cats or people falling over in this boring (still) picture?

It is a picture of a neighbouring planet in our solar system and we have visited it, explored it and taken photographs of it!

– I still can’t see any cats or people hurting themselves?

The beauty of this picture is overwhelming and incomprehensible to me. How is that even possible? In space?

So, exactly how many things do you personally own that have lasted 20 years or more? Think hard now. Then answer me this, how many of your belongings have spent any time in space?


September 13th, 2017 Comments off

That would be the mighty R*.

Roel Funcken – Balakleya Prospane (DJ Set Final) a 02:30:16 rollin’ mix? Who, why, what and how is it even possible?

You need to get there in hurry! No time to waste. Incredible stuff. Compression out-of-this-World. Unbelievable.

Picture: A pre-piano by: Rhodes.

OK. 47:45 -> that’s it, I can’t handle more… Vraiment? C’est termine.

Honestly, I am about to have a fit / seizure / heart failure as in being in need of immidate medical attention.

Violent physical reactions. That can’t be… right! Right? Insane… what the hell is going on? The best I’ve heard in a very, very, very long time.

* For the record I do know there’s another reference in play (or is it “at”) here, but that would be “The R”. I rather not talk about him (R. Kelly). No need for more confusion in the World. So, I left out the “The” intentionally.

I feel… strange… my head hurts.

The Eternal Sound/Noise

September 9th, 2017 Comments off

…of 100 000’s of them passing everyday? 24 hours a day everyday? And it never ever stops.

The 19-century stuff? You do understand that it is not a viable means of transportation.

The “One man, One car” concept? You do understand that private motoring is a completely unreasonable practise?

And in all honesty it has been so from the very beginning 100 years ago or so. Fossil fuel? Adding lead (extremely toxic to carbon based lifeforms) and then combust it. Really?

Are you going to change it? Not likely. The eternal sound/noise of 100 000’s of them passing every day… 365 days, 7 days, 24 hours, decade upon decade.

Five o’clock in the morning on a Sunday? Spring, summer, autumn or winter it doesn’t matter…

That my friends is the sound/noise of the future lost.

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What Happened?

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

That is the question and this is dedicated to those who (may) know.

Picure: PrtSc.

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