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They Say 14 to 16? I Have Never Seen A Brighter Light

November 17th, 2017 Comments off

OK. But is it necessary to light up my kitchen 24 hours a day?

I’ve never seen a stronger man made light in my entire life.

Currently it stands seven floors tall. The pace is quite impressive.

An outer wall for one floor takes one day to complete. Precast concrete partitions, stairs and floor/roof takes a bit longer. Basically they build one floor every 24 hours? That’s impressive!

It does make me wonder about the quality though or as my very first teacher used to say: “Fort och illa kan ingen gilla, sakta och väl kan ingen slå ihjäl.”.

Will these buildings last? Even 20 years? Bricks that are fake? Is that the architectural fashion these days? Bricks? And the actual roof that will eventually/possibly top it? Many questions. Few answers.

The light? 24/7. When I was young, when I was a boy? People did not work on Saturdays or Sundays and they did turn the lights off. That was when I was a young boy. Mind you.

Is it a beautiful building? No, I do not think so. Why? You’ll have to ask me why.

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48 Hrs Is A Rather Long Time

November 16th, 2017 Comments off

I must confess that I’m a bit tired after all…

Picture: 48 kHz / 48 hrs. Is it farfectched and outlandish?


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My Family?

November 16th, 2017 Comments off

I say double R.

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Murphy’s War

November 16th, 2017 Comments off

In the event that you have not seen this film?

Then, I truly believe that you should. I did know an even pair of Murphy’s, a very, very long time ago.

Actually it was the very first time I visited the fair London, UK. If there ever was a Shangri La…

No, it is not regret and the events are not interconnected. It is life.

I was a teenager back then and that is literally 30 years ago.

However, you all have the possibility to say something: Yes or No, at this very moment?

Read Mark Fisher. I’m honestly sorry.

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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. V

November 15th, 2017 Comments off

Four became five.

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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. IV

November 15th, 2017 Comments off

That was the plan…

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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. III

November 15th, 2017 Comments off


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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. II

November 14th, 2017 Comments off

My grandfather. (No, not the one that died from injuries in the second World War.). This is the other one.

I have a mother too, mind you. My mother’s father liked CPH (as any sensible and educated individual would do even if they happen to be Swedish) as much as I do.

However, the reasons may not have been quite the same.

In the early 1930’s he was a young chemist and then later on he became a brewer master.

I guess he became the first generation of the “Master’s of the Universe” in our century. He was a very stern, correct (as most in his generation I would imagine), but always a very fair man. He was an honest man, hard working and actually creating something during his lifetime. He gave many many good advices. He was a kind man.

Nothing like the “Masters of the Universe” of today. 55-85 year old men. Uneducated, no manners and way too much money. -Of course you don’t care where you park, if your car is worth 2 million SEK (200 000 EUR). Of course you will not care how you look or how you behave? You are the master of the Universe right?

It is simply put, disgusting.

The World of today? I imagine that it would be very hard to comprehend anything of it at all for my grandfather, as it would seem to be for anybody living today including myself.

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The Future Lost In Parts. Pt. I

November 14th, 2017 Comments off

This item depicted belonged to my beloved grandmother. My heritage.

It is a part of a series called the “World Life Found.” and I recollect them clearly from my childhood as it was yesterday in 1976. A very different World.

Since I am still the “eldest”, I got to choose first, there was no hesitation on my part whatsoever. Why? Well my two favourite land living animals are hedgehogs and wolverines. And polar bears, so that makes three. I really like polar bears. They are fierce and majestic and they will be extinct soon.

Of course I like the big cats and all the other animals too. But my favourites? I did just tell you.

I have not seen a hedgehog in many years. I used to see them frequently here in semi-town, ie. where I live. Now? They’re gone. Actually, I used to see all kind of animals. Deer (rådjur), hares, I actually don’t even see any rats longer (well… not the small ones.).

Almost all of the birds are gone, no bees, bumblebees or butterflies? Maybe a fly or two. Not even flies?

When did you last see a butterfly? Honestly? How many bees, bumblebees or butterflies did you so this summer (2017)? The birds, small ones the swallows? They’re all gone. It makes me really afraid.

I do miss the hedgehogs. They make the most amusing and loud noise when angry (it is a small animal, the smaller the greater noise?).

They lack habitat and food? No habitat = destruction. Darwin said so. And somehow the principle doesn’t apply to humans? How can that be? Decide quickly. “Natural selection”, think about it. The hedgehogs are gone.

* Little sister chose the frog (“lövgroda”, I do believe.). A very symbolic creature in Japanese culture I might add. She might know or not know that, I haven’t asked her.

As far as I know “Kaeru” means both “frog” and “return” in Japanese. It would seem to be an extremely contextual language. Much more so than any language that I speak.

Why would I know that? Well, my great aunt gave it to me as a gift, a little porcelain frog (it is sitting in my window ail) from Asia explaining exactly that precise thing. “Kaeru”.

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It’s 09:35 And It’s Somewhat Grey Today

November 12th, 2017 Comments off

However, it’s not unnormal for the season and no, no one will be seeing the sun here today.

It is cold normal.

I never liked it… I do like the metric system.

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